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These observations were made while carrying out the experiment that as the three different rods were placed above the bunsen burner, no changes were made until a couple of minutes had past. The wax that was placed did not melt but therefore just melted from the middle and to the edge of the wax until it was dropped onto the folio. The table as presented above shows the measurements results that was taking during the experiment.

It shows each of the metal rods trial one and two and also the average time for each of the sticks. The graph of final results above shows the measurements of each of the three metal rods including the black one, gold one and the silver and the average time it took for the wax to drop out of two trials. The data was not valid because the differences between the trials were large. The silver values between trials was 15.69 seconds and the values between the trials for the black was 37.50 seconds. The only metal stick that showed reliable data was the gold one due to the small difference between the trials. The difference between the values for the gold was 1.

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33 seconds. Discussing Patterns and Making ConclusionThe data that was collected shows the time it takes for each of the waxes to melt. The experiment observes the heat conductivity of silver, gold and black. This is shown through this experiment by timing the amount of time it takes for the waxes to melt by the heat conducted by the different metals. The data suggest that the silver metal stick was the best heat conductor. This is because it took the shortest time, 109.96 seconds by average, for the wax to melt due to the heat conductivity and quick heat gain by the metal stick. The black metal stick was the worst heat conductor because it took the longest time, 337.

95 seconds by average, to melt the wax. This means that the metal stick does not gain heat quickly so therefore, the wax did not melt as fast as the other metal sticks.Validity of HypothesisThe prediction that was made was that if the mass of the metal stick increases so will the heat transfer because a heavier metal stick conducts heat better due to the increased number of molecules. This was the prediction because if the metal stick is heavy, more molecules are closer to each other and when the first molecule is heated, it will pass the heat onto the next one faster because there is less distance between the molecules. Heat energy in the metal form is transferred through conduction since the object is a solid. The collected data above does not support the made prediction because it doesn’t have the information that was expected.

This is because the expectation was that the lightest one would be the worst heat transfer out of the metal sticks but it was actually the best. The metal stick that expected to be the best heat transfer was the second best one. The thinking behind this is in light objects (solids) the molecules have more space to be able to spread the heat onto each other so they will have a greater speed and so that is why the lightest metal stick was the best conductor.

The hypothesis stated that if the mass of the metal stick increases, then the heat transfer will increase because a heavier metal stick conducts heat better due to the increased number of molecules. The data collected by this experiment does not support the hypothesis because it shows that the silver, which is the lightest metal, conducts heat the best. According to the hypothesis, the gold should be the best heat conductor because it has the greatest mass, which also means that it has a greater number of molecules compared to the other metal sticks. By theory, the gold should be the best heat conductor. There might be flaws in the method of this experiment that affected the data that was collected. The hypothesis does not need to be refined because the belief is that the method was the flaw of this experiment.

The change that would be made for next time is to improve the method and make the experiment more valid and reliable.Validity of Method & Improvements The method did not allow to answer the research question because the data was not reliable. The method of this experiment had some flaws which affected the data collected.

One flaw was that the heat (a controlled variable that should not be changed) added to the metal sticks might have not been controlled and kept constant throughout the different trials. This may have caused that different amount of heat were added to the metal sticks, which then affected the measurement of heat conductivity. If different amounts of heat is added, then the time it takes for the metal sticks to heat up and wax to melt can not be measured. The heat added to the different metal sticks should be kept constant throughout the whole experiment. The independent variable of this experiment was the different types of metal sticks, the dependent variable was the heat conductivity, and the controlled variables were; the amount of flame, length of metal sticks, where the was will be positioned, and the amount of wax. All other controlled variables were kept constant however, the heat played an important role in the experiment and since it changed, it largely affected the data that was collected. The method could have been more reliable if all of the controlled variables were kept constant since the method collects relevant data for the experiment.

There is one independent variable, which is the different types of metal sticks, and it is changed throughout the whole experiment, which helps to collect data to measure the dependent variable, which is the heat conductivity. The strength in the method was to keep the same amount of wax throughout the experiment, and the same length of the metal sticks. There are still improvements that could be made to the method in order to collect reliable data for next time. The first improvement is to increase the number of trials.

This is because it can collect enough relevant data to see the trend (pattern). It is difficult to see if there is a trend when there is only two trials for each metal stick because there is nothing else to compare to. One data point can be wrong and then the overall average will not be accurate due to the wrong value in one of the trials. Another improvement is to test the metal sticks at the same time.

This way, it can be seen when the first wax melts off completely. Timing the wax is not reliable because the timer can never be started and ended at the exact time. The third improvement is to place the metal sticks at the same time because in this case it can make sure that the same amount of flame is received to the metal sticks.

Extension This investigation can be extended by measuring the heat conductivity of other metals and maybe even other materials. This could be interesting to see how different materials can conduct heat. This could also be extended by investigating electrical conductivity which is about how different objects or materials can conduct electricity.


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