There North and South States had many

There was tension in America. There was tension between the northern and southern states. The states had differences on issues over slavery in America, the new President Abraham Lincoln and states rights. These tensions grew and grew until the Southern States pulled away and formed their Confederate Country. After that more tension continued until finally the American Civil War began.

The North and South States had many similarities but they also had many differences.  The Northern States, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, were a place of big cities, factories, and farms that produced goods and food.  There were opportunities for the population to go up because of the many jobs available. The people in the North were working in the factories in the big cities.

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 The South had very few big cities and factories, and there were also very few train tracks that ran across the south. In the South farmers grew many different crops and  many depended on sugar, tobacco, and especially cotton to be their income. In these Southern states they depended on their slaves to do the labor in their fields and also for their way of life.  By the 1800s the slavery started to split the country into two. In the North many people came to say that slavery was wrong. States like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania made laws to  say it was wrong for the people to own other people. Northern States such as Minnesota,Iowa, and Wisconsin did not let slavery even start from the beginning.Slavery caused a major division between the Northern and Southern States.

These groups had different kind of views about the morality and necessities of the people. The people in the southern states supported slavery.  They used slaves to do their house work, and field work. The people in the North felt differently about slavery.

They did not want the slavery to spread to the western people, and this would depend on who would have more power in the U.S government.The fall of 1860 many Minnesotans were putting their attention to politics. The politicians and the voters jointed together in the Northerns states to elect Abraham Lincoln as the President of the United States of America. The Southern states were shocked because Lincoln’s name was not even on ten of the Southerner states’ ballets. They felt Lincoln was against slavery and against the south.

They thought his election was the beginning of the end. Sso they decided they did not want to be part of the United States.  Eleven States left the United States and formed their own country called the Confederate States of America.

. The confederates did not want to back down so they fired on U.S troops. The South and the North and also the Union and the Confederacy were at war. Abraham Lincoln did not think this was ok….So the Civil War began.On April 12, 1861 the Battle of Sumter began.

The South’s General Beauregard sent Major Anderson a message that he would fire shots on Fort Sumter in one hour if they did not surrender.  Anderson  would not surrender so shots were fired.  For many hours they battled  until Anderson realized he could not win and surrendered.  No one died in this battle, because Anderson did everything to keep his men safe.  Now that the Civil War had begun, new laws and plans were put in place.  On April 19, 1861 Abraham Lincoln announced the Union blockade.

The Union blockade was a plan to stop the southern states from getting weapons, supplies, and goods. This plan was called the Anaconda Plan.  General Scott felt the best supplied armies would win the war, so he came up with this plan to surround the southern Confederate States like a snake to keep the ships making deliveries to the south out.  The Union used over 500 ships to patrol the south and east coast to keep large shipments out of the south. The Anaconda Plan was in effect throughout the entire Civil War.  Now that the war had started there were many battles fought.  The battles were fought on land and sea.  The Battle of Bull Run was one of the first land battles.

 The Union attacked the Confederates to capture the city of Richmond, Virginia.  Next, the Union attacked and captured Fort Donelson which opened a route for their army into Northern Alabama. In March, the Battle of Monitor and Merrimac happened.  This was a naval battle and the ships were a new kind.

 Instead of being made out of wood as in the past,  they were made out of a hard iron. The ships were more durable and withheld the canon shots. These two ships survived the battle. In April, the Battle of Shiloh was fought in Tennessee.  This was the largest battle in the western part of the country.  Then the Battle of New Orleans happened.  This was an important victory for the Union because New Orleans is a port city.

In late June six major battles were fought in seven days near the city of Richmond, Virginia. Finally, the Confederates have a victory.  The Battle of Antietam was one of the first major battles to take place in the north.  The battle took place in Maryland and is known to be one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.  There were over 23,000 injured and 4,600 deaths.  At the end of the battle the Union Army pushed the Confederate Army off of their Northern land.

 In the cold of December the huge Battle of Fredericksburg was fought in Virginia. The battle had hundreds of thousands of soldiers involved.  The Confederates won. In the 1800s life was difficult for many Americans. People worked hard both in factories and on farms to support their families. When the Civil War started in 1861, life got even harder.  Families were split up because fathers and sons went off to war and the women were left to take care of the homes.

 Many women had to find jobs outside the homes to support their family.Other women served as nurses in the army helping the wounded soldiers.  Most of the war was fought in the south.  People lived in fear all the time because the soldiers could come through their land and home at any time. The ports were also blockaded in the south so little food and supplies could get through to the families.      By early 1865 supplies were very minimal for the South and the Confederate Army was small, hungry and low on supplies.  General Grant and the Union Army surrounded the Confederate Army in Virginia.

 General Lee saw he had no choice but to surrender. The Generals met on April 9, 1865 and discussed their terms of surrender. The Confederate Soldiers were treated very fairly.  Abraham Lincoln wanted to treat them fairly so they would not rebel again.

 The terms were that the Confederates had to turn over their guns. They were then to return home with their mules and horses and were also given food. It took a few months for the remaining Confederate Generals to surrender.  Finally on August 20, 1866 President Andrew Johnson signed a document that the American Civil War was over.   The American Civil War was the deadliest war in American History.

 Many people lost their lives for standing up for their belief in human rights just as the Constitution states that “All men are created equal”.  Abraham Lincoln supported the Union Army but when the war ended he treated the Confederate Army fairly.  Sadly five days after the surrender of the Southern Confederates States and the victory for the Union States,  President Lincoln was assassinated.


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