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There you are, walking through Best Buy and there is a bigfancy display saying, “This is the fastest, thinnest, lightest laptop in theworld! You are going to love it! It’s the best of the best!” When I see this, myeyes get big with excitement. It’s new! It’s shiny! However, is it the bestoption for my/your business needs?The answer is probably not.

Over the years, as technology has improved and allowed us totake our array of devices and combine them into a single compact package, thelines have blurred a bit between business and personal devices. We take ourwork laptops home and stay up late, finishing those final reports for themeeting tomorrow. Then we peruse Facebook for a bit; possibly order those fewitems from Amazon. What you did, without even noticing, is combine your worklife and home life just a little bit more. By the end of the day, you’reprobably thinking, “Sure, that laptop at Best Buy seems perfect for work, itcan handle everything ELSE I do.” However, what is the difference between thatand the laptop your company provided?Durability: Themain Windows device manufacturers (HP, Dell Lenovo, etc) have specific Businessmodels that are tested for durability.

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For example, HP Business PC models aretested under MIL-STD-810G test procedures. These tests were created by the U.S.Military and include pressure, temperature, humidity, fungus, sand/dust, vibration,noise, shock, quite a few more.

This is to ensure the devices can take quite abit of a beating, much more than your standard consumer machine. Warranty: Theaverage consumer laptop / desktop / tablet warranty is 1 year, limited. WithBusiness-grade PC’s from the main manufacturers, you have many options for yourwarranty. With HP, Dell, and Lenovo, you can opt for onsite support, specifictechnician level, specified repair time, accidental, and other specialcoverage. This way, you are protected and have minimal downtime when thingstake a turn for the worse. Most business-class PC lines have a 3 year supportoption, which is a great sweet spot to protect your device from defects anddamage.

Support: Thismay be the most crucial part to consider. There are two factors to considerwhen thinking about support: I.T and vendor. I.T support will be your local I.

Tcompany (like JMARK!). If your new device falls under the best practice of yourI.T company, it will mean this device will be simpler to manage and support,which results in you getting faster and more valuable service. On the vendor side,if your new computer’s hard drive fails, it will be much simpler for your I.

TCompany to work with HP, Dell, or Lenovo to repair or replace parts. Thisminimizes any downtime you may experience when a part on your device fails.  There are numerous variables to look at when purchasing anew device. After all, this is the device you will most likely be using 5 daysa week (or more) for the next few years. Take these three items into accountand you will be on the right track to a successful experience.

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