There beautifully written and illustrated by Shel

There are many reasons why books are beingproduced such as entertainments for many children and adults, a great messageabout teaching life values, appreciation and direction for certain things.

Bookswith fewer texts and colorful pictures may be beneficial for mindfulness becausefrom picture to picture as the leader interacts with the book their imaginationis filling in the missing them. Especially children age 4-6they focus more inthe pictures than the texts.  The Criteriafor The Star Award has two expectations. First the book must provide a lessonto learn from and have a great moral for the readers age 6-12.

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Second, theillustration must be unique in colors and texts that catch reader’s attention. Thenominees for the Star Award are “The Giving Tree” beautifully written andillustrated by Shel Silverstein and “An Awesome Book of Thanks” by DallasClayton. In “The Giving tree the author Shel Silverstein is trying to teachchildren not to be selfish and also to focus more on what you need than whatyou want. And in the other book the author is trying to teach children toappreciate everything you have in your life.            The Giving Tree by Shel Silversteinis mainly about a relationship between a boy and a tree. In the beginning theyhad a good relationship. Then the boy grows and becomesAyoubi2demandingand not valuing the tree.

The moral of the story is that the boy was neversatisfied or happy who took everything from the tree but the tree was happy whosacrifices her everything. This book is mostly for children age 5-9. It has a good moraland fewer words have been in every page with black and white pictures which isa great way to build your child’s literacy so that way your child can imaginestuff.

AnAwesome Book of Thanks is a beautifully written by Dallas Clayton it is a bookthat to talk about giving thanks/appreciation and being grateful to each other.The illustration is bright and tons of colors are used.  A great message to be thankful foreverything.  Dallas uses a lot of colorsand drawings that may seem unimportant thing but for kids who are 4 to 6 thisis a great feature. A positive moral that children can learn from this book isto appreciate every little thing they have got in their life.

            Thewinner for the Star Award is “An Awesome Book of Thanks.” This book has greatmessage for children to learn from. A meaningful book that tries to teachchildren to thanks to as many things as possible. This book teaches children tobe thankful for everything you have in your life such as your family, doctors,animals, foods etc.

An Awesome Book of thanks has such an incredible positivemessage not only for children but also for adults.


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