Thematic U.S Constitution Essay

Based on a number of important principles the U. S Constitution aimed for prevention of the abuse of power. The people did want the government have too much power. Americans were afraid of their rights not being protected.

These principles were according to which state or organization is governed. These principles are written down in different documents which go in the constitution. There were many principles from the U. S constitution. One of them is federalism, federalism in the U. S constitution was divided power between the central governments and states.Federalism is a system based on democratic rules and institutions in which the power to govern is shared between national and state governments, creating a federation.

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The constitution came up with amendments and the Tenth Amendment specifically is made for those powers not to be delegated to the United States by the Constitution. The national and state government has different powers. Some of the examples that the national government does is they have provide an army and navy also make treaties and conduct foreign policies, they make laws that are needed to start these powers and etc.The state government is different, they conduct elections, establish local governments, use powers the constitution doesn’t pass on to the national government or that the state doesn’t use.

They also did share powers like collecting taxes, built roads, established courts, and many more. Both governments didn’t allow discrimination and provided equal protection for everyone. The Bill of Rights controlled only the federal government. The states, because of this could offer or choose not to offer the protections by the first ten amendments.

After the Civil War the federal government fixed that the southern states shouldn’t be allowed without guarantees. The states that had succeeded had to guarantee black suffrage and the running of the Fourteenth Amendment which was equal protection in their new state constitutions before they could be looked at in the national government. There was also another principal called checks and balances. Checks and balances mean that the idea that not one branch of government can do something without any other branch of government being able to look through that action and maybe deny it.The legislature can pass a law, but the President can veto it or not pass it, that veto power is a check against the power to pass laws. The legislature can pass a bill over a presidential veto, As long as there are enough votes. The Legislative Branch is given the powers to make the laws.

It has the following checks over the Executive Branch, examples are they can override presidential vetoes, may remove the president through impeachment, senate approves treaties, senate approves presidential appointments.The Legislative Branch has the following checks over the Judicial Branch, examples are creates lower courts, may remove judges through impeachment, senate approves appointments of judges. The Executive Branch is given the power to carry out the laws. It has the following checks over the Legislative Branch examples are veto power, can recommend legislation; can appeal to the people concerning legislation and more. Theirs many more of checks and balances between all the branches and are very important still today.These checks are able to regulate power between all the branches and rights of people preventing abuse of power. This system was meant to keep the three branches in balance.

The three branches have achieved a workable balance with no one branch holding all the governmental power. Therefore today these principles are still in effect but may be different because of the different government we have today. No government or anyone has all power because it’s not right. Also because the U. S Constitution it prevents the abuse of power and never over rights that.


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