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Unlike The Odyssey or any other heroic poem narratives, Their Eyess Were Watching God has a different position of what a hero is. In this novel, Hurston writes a narrative about an Afro-american adult female named Janie Crawford whose pursuit is to happen her individuality and desire as a human being to be loved and appreciated for who she is. Her quest to carry through those desires is non easy since she has to get the better of so many obstructions and challenges in her life. A high quality that her Nanny posses over her to find Janie s ain life when she was a adolescent and being a beautiful accoutrement to the glorification of Joe Starks are some of the experience that she encounters. She besides has to do some forfeits. And yet, merely like any other heroes, at the terminal, she returns to her place with a triumph on her custodies.

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Janie who continually finds her being defined by other people instead than by herself ne’er feels loved, either by her parents or by anybody else. Her female parent abandoned her shortly after giving birth to her. All she had was her grandma, Nanny, who protected and looked after her when she was a kid. But that was it. She was even incognizant that she is black until, at age six, she saw a exposure of herself. Her Nanny who was enslaved most of her life-time merely told her that a adult female can merely be happy when she marries person who can supply wealth, belongings, and security to his married woman. Nanny knew nil about love since she ne’er experienced it. She regarded that affair as unneeded for her every bit good as for Janie. And for that ground, when Janie was about to come in her muliebrity in seeking for that love, Nanny forced her to get married Mr. Logan Killicks, a much older adult male that can offer Janie the protection and security, plus a sixty-acre murphy farm. Although Janie in her bosom ne’er approves what her Nanny forced her to make, she did it anyway. She convinced herself that by the clip she became Mrs. Killick, she would acquire that love, which turned out to be incorrect.

Nanny s biggest error is that she ne’er consults with Janie about what she wants in life. Janie s 2nd hubby, Joe Starks, is a repetition of Janie s sadness in matrimony. At first, Janie looked at Joe as a adult male who would offer her an flight from her loveless matrimony with Mr. Killick. She saw a promise of her a new life style, adventuresome and merriment. But Joe, as with Nanny, was so haunted with philistinism and position. His success in re-building Eatonville to go a comfortable town made him the city manager of that town. Peoples acknowledge his attempt to acquire the power and wealth he has earned. They envied him because he was non merely affluent and powerful, but besides he has a beautiful married woman, Janie. As with the adult females of the town, the

y envied Janie because of holding a great and successful hubby. However, Janie was non happy. Joe s success was non her success. He took all the credits for himself and ne’er shared them with Janie. He even treated her as if she were of his trophies that he had captured, and put alongside his other ownerships and displayed them to the common common people. In add-on to that, he frequently insulted and humiliated her in forepart of everybody. Because of these Janie eventually stood up for herself after she could no longer transport the humiliation Joe had done to her. She defied her hubby, who would so decease with a broken spirit.

With the decease of Joe Starks, Janie who is a really attractive and affluent widow starts her new life with a new sort of freedom. She shortly entered into the most rewarding relationship of her life with Tea Cake who merely can offer her his guitar, his vocals, and occupations in the sludge of the Everglades. But that was plenty for Janie to happen a greater felicity toiling as a bean-picker and life in a migratory workers camp than she had in her esteemed house in Eatonville. Unlike Joe, Tea Cake s self assurance is non combined with aspiration ; and unlike Joe, he can openly show his love for Janie. He accepts Janie for who she was unconditionally and ever encouraged her to populate for herself and helped her to happen her self-respect and her true voice. In add-on, Tea Cake was able to give Janie her dream of love that Joe ne’er understood.

Except God, nil else is ageless. And for Janie that means her two old ages of felicity with Tea Cake is a forfeit. A hurricane hits the town of the Everglades-and the universe of Janie, Tea Cake, and those of the migrators were destroyed. In the battle for life, Tea Cake still saved Janie and the Canis familiaris that Janie wanted him to salvage. Unfortunately, by making that he had to give his ain life. The Canis familiaris spot when he tried to salvage it and it infected him with a serious unwellness subsequently on. A physician came and tried to salvage his life. Yet, it was excessively late. Equally hopeless as he was and in the rage of his unwellness, Tea Cake struggled with Janie as he threatened her with the revolver. She defended herself with the ripple. His handgun and her rifle fired at the same time. Tea Cake fell frontward and buried his dentitions in Janie s forearm, as she caught him.

Life is a journey. Some people complete it and return place, others do non even take the first measure. Women live in a dream, they tend to bury what they don t want to retrieve and retrieve what they do non desire to bury. Janie ever dreamed to love, be loved and appreciated for who she was. Having been married for two old ages with Tea Cake fulfilled those dreams. With that, she returned to Eatonville.


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