The wells. 3. Compare the groundwater quality/chemistry

The aim of this work is to evaluate the groundwater quality of Lafiametropolis and determine if any, the nature of contaminants in the area.

To achieve this aim, a number of objectives were outlined which are asfollows;1.      Determinethe physical and chemical characters of the groundwater. 2.

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      Evaluatethe effects of proximity of solid waste dumpsites to water wells.3.      Comparethe groundwater quality/chemistry obtained with world guidelines and determinethe suitability of the waters for drinking/domestic purposes.4.      Todetermine the suitability of groundwater for irrigation purposes.1.

4  Significance of the StudyA good understanding ofgroundwater quality of an area is important in determining whether the resourceis suitable for human consumption or not. Proper and frequent monitoring ofgroundwater resources is required for sustainable use and protection againstpossible contamination; this can be achieved through continuous qualityassessments and water management practice. In Lafia metropolis, geochemicalassessments of groundwater will in a long way aid in understanding howanthropogenic (e.

g. indiscriminate dumping of solid wastes, waste waterdischarges, etc) and geogenic activities affect groundwater quality.Application of groundwater quality assessments in the location also has greatimportance since it can be used in determining hownegative impacts may be mitigated and also, in evaluating the efficiency ofwater conservation programs.1.5 Scope of the StudyThis researchwork focuses on assessing the quality of groundwater resources of Lafia municipalusing shallow water wells (hand-dug wells) and deep water wells (boreholes).Three major dumpsites were used as reference points for this research work, allof which are seen in the community where the Emir palace is located. This studyexamined the nature and characteristics of solid waste dumpsites in the area aswell as the impacts such dumpsites have on water wells around them.

1.6 Study Area1.6.1 Location and Extentof the Study AreaThe study areais located in the ancient city of Lafia which forms a part of the Middle BenueTrough of North Central Nigeria. It lies between Latitude 8026’00”to 8035’00” and Longitude 8026’00” to 8035’00”as shown in Fig 1.

1, part of Lafia Sheet 54. The entire study area covers atotal area of 272km2.


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