The Weakness and Strengths in Dubai Essay

The short story “Us and Them” by David Sedaris shows different aspects about the relationship between two families. Sedaris was pointing about the people who don’t have TV in their houses, and how their life’s it looks like without TV as in Tomkey’s family who don’t believe in TV and his family, and he described his neighbor as his new TV show .The simple thing of not watching TV is presenting that the family should be much closer to each other as in Tomkey’s family, and better than the author’s family, which is a really good thing to have a good relationship between the families, and it can affect how that family respect the existence of their relatives. Also, every different family has their chance to do what they like, certain families decide to try and keep up with other families, in this case having a television, but other families like the Tomkey’s decide that they need not follow this social approach.What he didn’t realize was that since the Tomkeys didn’t have a TV, “Well, it’s a boat trailer,” Mr. Tomkey said, they entertained themselves in other ways like taking a boating trip and having real conversations amongst themselves at the dinner table. Both the third grader and the two Tomkey kids belonged to a family; the families just had different ways of doing things.

Furthermore, the author was cruise because Tomkey’s family don’t have a TV and he thought they are weird.Then he started to hate them because they took his candy, but at first he was pitied them and treated them as though they are missing out something. And it was really funny when the Tomkeys put on their door “Don’t be Greedy” about the candy, however this exactly how was the author facing about the candy when Tomkey’s family came in the second day of Halloween, and his mom told him to bring what he earned from the candy. Also, They ate their dinner late because they didn’t know what it was supposed to be like. They talked during dinner about their own lives because they didn’t know they were bored.The main ideas that I got out of this story were when the narrator, concerning the Tomkeys says “they had no idea how puny their lives were, and so they were not ashamed that a camera would have found them uninteresting. They did not know what attractive was.

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.. ” which, to me, is indicating at the large picture of how TV is effective in our social mannerisms. The other main idea was how TV is a good distraction from a real life, therefore very attractive. A good conversation during dinner can be even more of a building block for a good family relation.

It seems like the more acceptable things are on TV the more acceptable they are in society.The Television now is the central source of communication in the world today. Many people go online to see the news, reading newspaper, and magazine, and became important thing in each house.

People today get lost in television shows; they let their mind go stupefy for hours at a time, taste whatever comes on the screen. In my opinion, I think that the TV it doesn’t affect anything about my choices in my life because I don’t really rely on watching television, and follow everything on television. On another hand, I believe in TV because I think it’s a good opportunity to watch the world or the news, and how the world is improving.

Also, to learn about many new different cultures, and education programs. But sometimes I feel the TV can distance the people or families from each other. Also, the TV gives you the chance to be fat, for example , when I was fifteen-year-old, I was watching TV a lot with eating food which is make me fat, and I was gaining weight a lot, so I decided to not watching TV, and eating in front of it. And it takes my attention about not studying my homework. This is everything that I can talk about television, and explain how the television influential in our life.


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