Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The we had as a group. By

The we had as a group. By

The major learning experience that I took away
from the assignment is that if time is managed well and the work is delegated then
this will reduce the amount of stress and increase efficiency. “Unresolved
process conflict can transform into more harmful conflict”. (Kristin J. Behfar, 2011). I do wish I had
spoken up and been opinionated against certain ideas that resulted in the minor
conflicts that we had as a group. By being forceful of certain ideas that I was
sure of, we could have minimized the disputes that we faced as a group. Sadly,
this did not happen and shall be implemented by me in the future. I most
importantly learnt that no group is dependable upon any single person and through
dedication and hard work anything can be achieved. This resulted in my group
unable to speak English at the beginning had delivered a well-spoken
presentation at the end. I do believe that in future group assignments I will
be able to judge the dynamic of the group and provide a plan that should most
ideally suit the group and at the same be open to a discussion on the said
plan. I am glad that we had carved out member roles and stuck to them as this
laid out a string foundation for our group.



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It is worth noticing that my group did not
have any major altercations throughout the assignment. We rather faced small
hiccups throughout the project that we overcame with ease as a group. The group
characteristics was positive throughout and everyone knew their purpose in the
group. Although, it was not ideal or smooth, the development of the team as a
whole towards being a functional unit was the most impressive. To see change unfold
in front of you was a proud moment. I do believe that now I will be more organized
and efficient in group activities. Although we ended up scoring B+, it was the
learning experience that mattered. This group assignment is sure to lay down a
solid foundation for all future group related endeavours I participate in and
for that I am grateful to have been a part of this group.