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The 2 countries involved in the Nanjing Massacre was China and Japan. The historical event of the Nanjing Massacre during WW2 took place in the city of Nanjing in China. The Nanjing massacre started exactly on december, 13, 1937 when the japanese took over the city of Nanking.

The next coming 6 weeks would be when the Nanjing Massacre took place. Throughout those 6 weeks, thousand of civilians and military soldiers were brutally killed.  Until this day, there are still different historians and scholars who disagree on the numbers or deaths and casualties of the Nanjing Massacre. Even the japanese and chinese governments disagree on the numbers. Different estimates show that around between 200 to 300 thousand people were killed total including both civilians and soldiers and another estimate of 20 thousand women were raped by the japanese. The japanese were later convicted of war crimes and the japanese leader that was responsible for the crime at the nanjing massacre was executed. During the battles and war between China and Japan, China moved switched its capital from Peking to Nanjing.

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After the capitol change, the population of Nanjing changed from around 25,000 to over 1 million people. This was because the amount of refugees moving to the capitol to seek refuge from the japanese army after being invaded. So the motivation of the japanese invading and taking over Nanjing was just to help their goal of taking over China.

And obviously the motivation of the Chinese fighting was to defend themselves and their country. Different pieces of evidence such as photos and videos can help get a better look of what the massacre was like. I have different examples of these in the box on the left.

There are only currently 108 survivors from the Nanjing massacre that are still alive today. But do to a man named John Rabe, a lot more people were saved during the Nanjing Massacre. John Rabe was a businessman who was from the nazi party in germany. John Rabe was the elected leader of the Nanking safety zone which sheltered an estimate of 200,000 chinese seeking refuge from the japanese.

Most people that were helping to establish The Nanking Safety Zone decided to vote John Rabe as leader because of his rank of being part of the German Nazi Party. SCOURCES : .org, Facing History.

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