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The second amendment of the constitution states that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” this basically states that any American citizen is legally allowed to inquire  a firearms licence and purchase a gun. The right to purchase firearms has been controversial for many years, due to the fact that over the past few years there had been several mass shooting resulting in hundreds of deaths.

Many people believe that the right to bear arms is in our second amendment and people should keep it intact, others argue that it has become a safety hazard and a change needs to be done.  The right to bear arms should not be legal in our society, it’s resulting in many deaths, by making the second amendment illegal to citizens, we can end the vastly spreading deaths due to shooting in our society. There are people who are  Ignorant about the history of the second amendment. According to James Madison who originally proposed the Second Amendment shortly after the Constitution was officially ratified the “second amendment was a way to provide more power to state militias, which today are considered the National Guard.” Previously the second amendment was not intended to allow any citizen to purchase a firearm as easily as it had become these days. It’s very shocking that anybody could purchase a gun claiming to use it for protection but over the past few years that has not been the case. Being armed these days increase the risk of mass shooting which results in many innocent people being injured or killed.

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order now state that “The Second Amendment’s intent for individual Americans first came into question in 1822 in Bliss v. Commonwealth.” Bliss was carrying an armed weapon and was convicted and fined but he argued that the right to bear arms was his right, but the jury, judge and other in the courtroom argued otherwise. The second amendment was officially ratified in 1791, but these days in the modern world or 2018 it has been evolved in many negatives ways, the second amendment was initially intended for protection for the people but over the past few years and many lost lives later, that doesn’t seem like the case.

  The negatives of owning a gun far outweigh any positives. How many people have to die, until our government realizes that firearms are destroying our economy, our safety, and only resulting in death to many innocent lives and ruining the lives of their loved ones, family, friends, etc. According to “year after year, nearly 100,000 Americans are shot or killed in gun-related incidents.

” That is the equivalent of a war—one waged in US communities and homes on a daily basis. Also, many people lack the knowledge to understand that  on a typical day in the United States, “33 people are murdered by guns, and another 50 die in gun-related suicides.” By restricting firearms or making them illegal the change would bring light to a safer society where civilians don’t have to worry about people carrying firearms. Recently in sandy hook elementary in Connecticut, there was a tragic school shooting which resulted in 20 first grader to be killed and 6 adults. Innocent first-grade children were killed by firearms.

This represents the cruelty that could be done by guns. According to national review “Unfortunately, however, it’s very common to see the requirements of our Constitution being completely disregarded — even by our elected officials.” This means even certain power in higher power, who have the voice to make a don’t often do not do what’s necessary in order to get reelected. Certain people in society may argue that the right to bear arms is not a need, want, or a privilege, it’s a right. Also, many people state that if we don’t have the right to bear arms then how will people protect themselves. Also, many people could argue that by making guns illegal it could affect hunting and hunting is a big part of certain people lives.

In life, it’s all about perspective. And many people see guns as a way to ensure safety while others may view guns as a way of violence danger. In life people walk the same path but walk it with different shoes, this means there will always be a different side to the story.

People have the right to believe and stand for whatever they think its right. The right to bear arms is a strong topic and towards many people, it might have saved their life and they will stand by the second amendment. The right to bear arms has been a very controversial topic in the united states. The second amendment states that any citizen has the right to bear arms but many people are screaming for a change.

Carrying a gun should be illegal. Citizens of the United States could argue that purchasing a gun has never been easier. By allowing people to freely carrying a gun this means decreasing the safety of others.

People need to look at the second amendment not with the constitutional lenses but with the personal perspective and by what occurs in our nation due such as the widely spread of gun violence. 


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