Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The viewers because there is one child

The viewers because there is one child

The advisement grabs the
attention of the viewers because there is one child holding an assault weapon
while another is holding an egg. The background is a classroom with the agenda
on the board and on the side, is a behavior chart and posters on the wall below
the chalkboard with the desk facing the front of the classroom, it is just your
normal classroom. The thing that your eyes can’t stop looking at is this huge
assault weapon being held by this little girl which makes this image take a
turn into the conversation of gun control in the United States. The other child
in the image is holding a Kinder egg which is banned in the United States
because the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) felt as if that some kids would
sallow the toy inside. The words that you see in the Ad is that “ONE CHILD IS
provoke a thought in the viewers heads about the gun control conversation,
which is the point if the ad.

            The subjects in the ad is two little kids; one boy and
one girl and one is Asian, and one is Caucasian. This ad plays heavily on
stereotypes because the Caucasian girl is holding the assault weapon because
the majority of the mass shootings that in the United States are done by
whites. There are two other advisements done by Moms Demand Action, the other
images are very similar because both the backgrounds take place in a school;
one is in a gym class and the other is in a library. In both of those images,
the Caucasian child is holding the assault weapon and that plays a role in the
stereotype about school shootings in America. The reason why only one race is
holding the weapon is that other stereotypes, for example, if the African
American child was holding the weapon the stereotype that black people are
violent would be very prevalent. In the ad that I am focusing on the two
children have two different attitudes, the Asian child looks more innocent and
it because he is holding a Kinder Egg versus the Caucasian holding the weapon,
she looks eviler because of what she is holding.  If they switched what they are holing their
attitudes would have changed.

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            The two objects in this Ad that the viewer should be
focused on is the Kinder Egg and the assault weapon. The Kinder Egg tells the
story of innocence because it is something that can’t do any real harm to you.

Even though the FDA says it can to little kids because of the toy hat is inside
but the packaging it comes in is too big to the sallow whole and it is banned
for that reason to keep a child safe. Those are the only objects that are in
focus because they are meant to grab your attention to the fact that an assault
weapon is legal because it is meant to protect kids, but a kinder egg is banned
because it can cause harm. The kinder egg is meant to represent the items in
America that are banned to protect kids and their safety, and the assault
weapon is meant to represent items in America that aren’t banned to protect
kids, but it ends up doing more harm than protect them.

            The lighting in the picture is very dark to set the tone
of what the ad is trying to portray. The background is dark which is meant to
put more focus on the subjects and the objects they are holding. The subjects
have a spotlight on them to put the focus on them and not the backgrounds. The
lighting works really well for the ad because it really sets the tone that is
needed for the discussion that comes with the topic. The colors in the ad are
like to be expected but something unexpected is the shirts that the subjects
are wearing because they bright compared to the background and it is supposed
to bring more attention to the subjects and what they are holding. The focal
points are mainly the huge assault weapon that the girl is holding and the
kinder egg that the boy is holding and in the desk, there a single shoe and
that represents all the kids that have been killed in these shooting. That
represents the killings because when the aftermath pictures come out there is
almost always shoes and other items just laying around.

            The audience that this is intended to reach is parents
and lawmakers because those two groups are the main ones who can change these
laws about gun control. The parents are the main group that this is supposed to
effect because the parents would picture their own kids in those events that
have happened and ask for stricter gun control laws. The lawmakers are the ones
who can pass the stricter gun control laws do this is supposed to show them how
crazy it is the ban something that is not causing harm to kids but not to ban
something that has killed hundreds of kids. It is very effective because it
makes the viewer think of the ridiculous things that are banned but things that
do harm aren’t banned and the kids holding the gun makes you think of needing
stricter gun laws.