The use of grants and partnerships in expansion Essay

No any new venture could come to a realisation without support. The same thing applies when a new venture wants to last ; without support, it is hopeless. Support is the most of import thing when it comes to the realisation of a new venture. Without support, how a concern is traveling to run? This is the ground why support is religiously of import for an enterpriser to get down up a new venture.

How are they traveling to acquire the support? and where are they traveling to acquire the support from? are fundamentally the inquiries they may inquire. Le CruiseTM as a new concern venture besides needs to believe carefully and see the appropriate support. There is a demand for grants from the authorities, every bit good as the importance of partnerships in constructing the concern. Expansion program is besides one of the critical considerations for a concern to turn one measure further. Besides, issue scheme besides really of import to be considered to give the confidence for the stakeholders.

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Beginnings of Support

Basically, there are many beginnings of support ( Kaplan, 2001 and Barringer & A ; Ireland, 2007 ) :-Sources of Funding-The suited beginnings of support for Le CruiseTM could be from concern angels and through bootstrapping.

Business angels are those private investors who invested their ain money straight in the start up stage of a new concern venture ( Kaplan, 2001 ) . Business angels are typically those people who have high income and wealthy, good educated, and besides have a success experiences as enterprisers. They are besides willing to put for a little sum merely.

But the thing is that it is difficult to happen concern angels because most of them remain unknown. Normally people will look for concern angels through referrals ( Barringer & A ; Ireland, 2007 ) . Business angels are ever the best option for a new starting motor / enterpriser in the early phase of making a new concern venture. For the investings they make, concern angels normally want a return in term of equity interest but some of them still prefer to acquire a place in as one of board members ( Kaplan, 2001 ) . In Le CruiseTM instance, a concern angel can acquire every bit much as 35 per centum per twelvemonth in return for an investing of S $ 1.5 million they make, with the liquidness event of 5 old ages. As reported by a local newspaper, The Straits Times, Singapore ‘s Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Lee Yi Shyan, point out to the emerging pool of both rich people and advanced organisations in Asia, and that the conventional investors of household, friends and saps can no longer back uping in today ‘s concern universe ( Li, 2010 ) . In Singapore there is Business Angel Networks, South East Asia ( BANSEA ) who promote development of the community of concern angels in Asia ( Leong, 2006 ) .

Furthermore, Singaporean concern angels tend to put more frequently in the retail and cordial reception industries ( Singapore Angel Investors, 2009 ) . Business angels are the really first option that will come out when it comes to funding affair ( Singh, 2007 ) . Singh ( 2007 ) argues that ‘every penny is counted, so it is of import to handle every dollar you raise as your ain ‘ . The other beginning of support is through bootstrapping. It is a manner of get downing a concern with a small support by avoiding external funding to acquire the things done ( Gianforte and Gibson, 2005 ) . Bootstrapping can be done by purchasing a used thing alternatively of acquiring a new 1.

As the chief plus of Le CruiseTM, the sail bought from Poland that is traveling to be usage for the operation is used earlier, so that the company can acquire it with a lower monetary value. One of the motivations people chose bootstrapping over the other beginnings of support is because bootstrapping demands lower costs ( Landstrom et al, 2007 ) .

Entree to Grants

Singapore Government provides grants to back up many sectors of Singapore industry. The company, Le CruiseTM, will be able to use for the grants as this sector of industry is continuously turning. Le CruiseTM, which runs in Food & A ; Beverages sector, is possible to entree these grants below:Food & A ; Beverages Capability Development Programme ( CDP )This grant launched in March 2007 by Spring Agency Singapore, with the S $ 12 million allocated financess, for the little and average endeavors ( SMEs ) in the Food & A ; Beverages ( F & A ; B ) sector with 30 % – 100 % of local shareholding. This grant aimed to promote the growing of new and original F & A ; B constructs, merchandises and processes indispensable to Singapore ‘s mission to go a culinary centre in the part, and besides to develop the capablenesss of little and average endeavors ( SMEs ) in the F & A ; B sector which will increase the degrees of efficiency and services. The grants are used for the invention undertakings which engage developing new and advanced nutrient packaging, one-of-a-kind eating houses and world-class nutrient constructs.

Up to 70 % of the modification costsA for enterprise-level undertakings ( Singapore Government, 2007 ) .Local Enterprise and Association Development ( LEAD )This grant launched in November 2005 by Spring Agency Singapore supported by International Enterprise ( IE ) Singapore and Restaurant Association of Singapore. With the purpose to give fund and assists the industry associations who lead to board on undertakings which will give important benefits for the industry as a whole. Equally much as S $ 50 million has been allocated to back up the undertakings lead by industry associations. The fund can be used to develop well-trained work force. Furthermore, Restaurant Association of Singapore has built the Singapore Culinary Institute which will develop preparation plans for F & A ; B sector. This will besides assist to promote the image of the F & A ; B industry and pull more people to come in the industry.

The grant aimed to increase the capablenesss of F & A ; B concerns by beef uping the concern and direction capablenesss with the use of IT, stigmatization, franchising and internationalisation ( Singapore Government, 2005 ) .Customer-Centric Initiative ( CCI )The grant launched in June 2007, to promote concerns in the industry to increase their service quality. It is a portion of the F & A ; B Capability Development Programme ( CDP ) .The instigators are the Spring Agency Singapore and besides National Trade Union Congress ( NTUC ) . There are many protagonist companies, such as Singapore Workforce Development Agency, Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore National Employers Federation, and besides the Restaurant Association of Singapore.

The purposes of this grant are fundamentally to better service quality, client experience, and besides the satisfaction of client. All Registered F & A ; B concerns are welcome to this grant, particularly companies who need a Singapore Service Class enfranchisement. Up to 70 % of the modification costs located for this plan ( Singapore Government, 2007 ) .

Expansion Plan

The company has an enlargement program which is traveling to Indonesia, specifically to Batam Island. The enlargement program is expected to come to its realisation in the following 3 old ages. The considerations here are because Batam located near Singapore, which is the chief hub of the concern, so it is easier to command the operation.

In add-on, Batam is one of Indonesia ‘s countries which are rich and celebrated for its seafood. So, it is possible for the concern to run at that place. Peoples can happen seafood eating houses, stables, even street sellers at every corner, which is why Batam Island has been considered as the ultimate seafood Eden for some tourers ( Batam Island Restaurants, 2010 ) .The other consideration is due to Indonesia ‘s Rupiah currency, which is cheaper than Singapore ‘s Dollar ; the operating costs in Batam will be lower.

With the strategic location, Batam Island offers inexpensive land labour, and low edifice costs ( About Batam, 2009 ) . For the pricing affair, the company will offer below Singapore monetary value for local people, but still the company will do money from the pricing scheme. So, for its enlargement program, Batam Island is the best pick to enter.


As explained in the concern theoretical account, the company builds webs with several abroad companies which besides provide the same dinner sail service, for illustration: Tristar Floating Restaurant Co. , Ltd. in Thailand, Watertours in Hong Kong, and besides with Danga Cruise 8 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The partnerships are besides with the providers where the company gets the seafood from including the other ingredients, and besides the fuel used for the sail.

The partnerships will go on turn every bit long as the company spread out its concern. For illustration, with the enlargement program to another state, the company may see to spouse with local company to run its concern. Le CruiseTM has an enlargement program to Batam Island Indonesia which is expected to come to a realisation in the following 3 old ages. With this new topographic point, the company should seek for new partnership with local company to supply the seafood, and the other ingredients, and besides the fuel. For the seafood provider, the company may spouse with Nagoya Fish Centre Batam. While for the fuel, the company may see partnership with PT. Pertamina.

Exit Scheme

There are assorted issue scheme can be considered for a concern. For illustration, amalgamation, terminal of the term ( expiration ) , sale or purchase of assets, consolidation, coup d’etats, disintegration by stockholders, disintegration by creditors, and disintegration by board of managers. Merger happens when two company ‘s boards agree to blend one concern unit into the other, and so the company that is integrated into the other ceases to be.End of the term or expiration is typically triggered when a specific period of clip has over and done or a peculiar event realized. The event could besides be a combination of factors such as certain net incomes achieved, market portion gained, merchandises developed, understanding attained with client, or many other possibilities.

Sale or purchase of assets happens when the assets of a joint venture are sold to another company or to persons. Consolidation is fundamentally similar to amalgamation, when two or more existing organisations unite and organize a new organisation, but the original corporations cease to be as the new corporation acquires the assets, rights, benefits, duties, and liabilities of the original corporations. Coup d’etats happen if the stock of the joint venture is publically traded ; it is possible that the corporation could be taken over by an person, a group of persons, another corporation, or merely about any other legal entity that decides to aim your corporation. Coup d’etats can be advantageous to the bing stockholders, particularly if the investors looking to take control are willing to pay a premium for the stock. Dissolution by stockholders can be done any clip by any stockholder, particularly if the stockholders can non make an understanding on anything or hopelessly deadlocked on a peculiarly critical organisational issue. Dissolution by creditors can be done by request to the tribunal to fade out the corporation, particularly if it is determined that the corporation is insolvent.

Dissolution by the board of managers can be a declaration from the board of managers ; nevertheless, it has to be approved by the shareholders ( Wallace, 2004 ) .For Le CruiseTM, the appropriate issue scheme is coup d’etats, because the support beginning is fundamentally from concern angels. As mentioned above, coup d’etats can be advantageous for the stockholders, particularly when the investors are looking to take control and willing to pay a premium for the stock offered.


No any new venture could come to a realisation without support. The same thing applies when a new venture wants to last.

As the beginning of support, concern angels are the really first option that will come out when it comes to funding affair. Besides, the company has an enlargement program which is traveling to Indonesia, specifically to Batam Island. And the partnerships will go on turn every bit long as the company spread out its concern.

The appropriate issue scheme is coup d’etats, because the support beginning is fundamentally from concern angels. It is advantageous for the stakeholders particularly when the investors are looking to take control and willing to pay a premium for the stock offered.


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