The Unexpected Collapse at Dewan Perdana Felda Essay

KUALA LUMPUR: An unexpected collapse was happened during a Health Seminar programme in Dewan Perdana Felda at 9 o’clock this morning. That incident happened when the director of Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Dr. Mohd Azman Abdullah, was speaking. Just shortly over a moment when he started to speak, the ceiling caved in, injuring him. When the ceiling had caved in, there were many students from schools all around Kuala Lumpur inside the hall. As a result, all people could not go any further.

According to a passer-by, Mohd Fahmi, at that time when the incident happened, the rain was coming down in torrents.It was an absolute deluge. It was a sudden very heavy fall of rain and he could not see anything because of that heavy rain. Suddenly, he heard a big crash from the hall. He wondered to himself what was happened inside the hall. Not long after that, all people came running out of the hall.

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Another witness, who was one of the students inside the hall, Siti Hawa said, she saw drops of water fall down onto the speaker’s paper from the ceiling. At that moment, she felt that something that was not good is going to happen. She wondered, how could a big and grand hall like Dewan Perdana Felda had a leakage on its ceiling.Unexpectedly, the ceiling caved in, together with the debris. The audience became panic and ran away to get out of the hall. Some of them were screaming out for help as if that was the end of the world. With everyone ran away all around the hall, the situation became chaotic.

The authorities asked all people inside the hall to calm down and get out from the hall as soon as possible using the back doors. They asked the students to get out in a line and ensure that all of their friends were not trapped inside the hall.They did not want another problem to come out.

From the incident, there was no immediate news of anyone died. However, four people got minor injuries excluded the speaker, who sustained badly injury. He was the one who being trapped by the ceiling. The people who sustained minor injuries were the one who sat in the front row at that function. Because of the minor injuries, they were treated by the emergency medical officers at the scene. For your information, the speaker was the director of Hospital Kuala Lumpur. He was a married man.He has five children, which are two sons and three daughters.

Just after the incident, he was brought to the hospital to get treatment. The authorities informed about the incident to his wife after he had arrived the hospital. His wife was very shocked and without thinking any longer, went to the hospital together with their youngest daughter.

The doctor who was the one responsible to his condition said, there was a lump of blood formed as it dries in Dr. Mohd Azman’s brain. As a result, he was in a deep unconscious state.That state usually lasting for a long time.

To make the situation became better, the blood clot have to be removed as soon as possible over a very careful surgery by the professional surgeon. From the report that had been lodged to the police, the main contractor which came from a local construction company, was fully responsible for the incident. It was stated on the report that there were many causes that leads to that incident. The main contributing factors behind the ceiling collapse in Dewan Perdana Felda were serious engineering flaws and shoddy workmanship.The engineer had done a mistake that makes the ceiling not good enough and not function as it should.

The quality of the labourers was also one of the causes of that collapse. Besides that, there was also a suspicion that the materials used to construct the ceiling were inferior. This was because the roof was not able to stand that much water off quick enough and consequently caused the ceiling to cave in. This obviously shows that the materials used were inferior and have a low quality. Lack of expertise in the key project management team was also one of the suspicions that it was one of the causes of the incident.There was a rumour that said, the project management team that involved in the construction of the hall did not have the necessary skills to manage a project like Dewan Perdana Felda.

However, the police officer asked the people not to believe on any rumours until their team had finished their investigation. Inspector Ahmad said, if it was true that the contractor was the one who caused the incident to happen, their team will not hesitate to ask them to pay all the costs for the reconstruction of the ceiling.In addition, the repair works should be taken by a specialist contractor. He did not want the same thing to happen again. Based on the incident details, there were many things that we could learn. Some of them we could apply in our life, and also, some of them we should avoid from doing it. Firstly, we should do any jobs with full of responsibility.

When people asked us to do something, we should do it sincerely and honestly. We should not only hope for the high returns. There was no good in doing that.When people gave us any jobs or projects, it means that they trust us. If we were responsible enough, we were willing to be blamed if something bad happened to our jobs. That was responsibility. Honesty was also important in doing any jobs.

If we were honest, people would assume that we were a person who can be trusted. Once people had been cheated by us, forever they would remember that and they would never trust us again. Being a good person was not a difficult thing, but also, being a bad person was an easy thing.

It was all depends on us.


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