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The majority of college students in the USA receive public benefits such as  living grants, public loans, and tuitions. Because of this college students are able to get through their college education without worries. But some people who are worried about their student Debt, have complained that they want a free education for college and universities. Free education means different things to people,like having grants that cover your room and board without you having to pay a single penny. But you cant have free education.

With free education it’ll be impossible to get a good form of education. Have you thought where the money to cover this would come from? Taxpayers. They already pay substantial grants and scholarships awarded to students. It’ll be a burden for them. Not to mention the government would raise taxes or cut services from somewhere else. This doesn’t solve the problem but causes another.       It’s selfish to do this because a small group of people decided  that they wanted to go into an upper level of education.

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Not to mention that making education free for everyone would allegedly mean that your giving more money to students from families who are rich than from poor ones. Let me put it this way, the wealthier your parents are the greater the chance you have that you are going to be attending college ,probably at an expensive four-year institution at that. Meanwhile the poor kids who do attend college tend to go into a two-year Community College, which are cheaper, and are a less selective four-year colleges.So some would argue that making education free would open up more doors to a larger number of students, well that’s not the case.Making students pay for Education doesn’t limit their options or needs. Students could get scholarships, apply for federal aid or to get student loans to pay for their tuition and maintenance.

The system we have already have already allow students to succeed on their career paths before they start to pay back the money they owe.In my opinion,I think it’s important to keep the system we already have, and make sure students know that they have to fulfill the responsibilities,which is studying and knowing how to spend their money wisely on their education. I believe that by making education free it would only cause other problems to rise up rather than fix any.


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