The Treatment Of Youth Gang Members Criminology Essay

Should Convicted Youth Gang Members Be Treated Like Other Juvenile Delinquents, Including Status Offenders? Harmonizing to the National Gang Center, “ there is no individual, by and large accepted definition of a “ pack. ” State and local legal powers tend to develop their ain definitions.

The term “ street pack ” is frequently used interchangeably with “ young person pack ” every bit good as “ condemnable street pack, ” with the latter explicitly denoting the component of condemnable activity found about universally in gang-related statute law ” ( National Gang Center, 2011 ) . There are different types of packs, for illustration: There are Delinquent Youth Gangs which are considered as groups of immature persons, juveniles, who “ hang out ” and make everything together. The group will place themselves with similar vesture, manus signals, or colourss.

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They have engaged in delinquent Acts of the Apostless or unwanted behaviour such as hooky, position discourtesies or minor hooliganism. Their behaviour frequently warrants the attending of the local jurisprudence enforcement, occupants and the school system ; but they have non reached the degree of perpetrating serious offenses. Traditional Turf Based Gangs are when groups of immature people, juveniles and or grownups, who have a known name and leader or leaders who identify themselves through vesture, manus signals, and colourss. Turf Based Gangs normally associate themselves with a district, which they defend against rival gang members. These pack members have engaged in such Acts of the Apostless as hooliganism ( graffito ) , assault, and in some instances homicide. Then there are the Gain Oriented Gangs which are groups of immature people, juveniles and grownups. They are similar to the Turf Based Gangs because they besides have a known name and a leader or leaders.

The persons within this type of pack repeatedly prosecute in condemnable activities as a group or separately for the exclusive intent of economic addition. Gain oriented gang members will prosecute in discourtesies such as robbery, larceny and the distribution and sale of a controlled substance. Last, is the Violent/Hate Gangs which are groups of immature people, juveniles and grownups with a known name and a leader or leaders. The Violent/Hate pack members jointly engage in condemnable Acts of the Apostless of force towards groups or persons, which is considered to be their primary motive. Geographical sod, stuff and economical addition is secondary. The discourtesies that The Violent/Hate packs commit are serious assaults and homicide.

Youth Involvement in Gangs

The 2004 National Youth Gang Survey issued informations gauging that 41 per centum of young person pack members were juveniles and 59 per centum were immature grownups age 18 or older ( Snyder and Sickmund, 2006, p.83 ) . The age of rank for Youth Gang members is by and large between the ages of 12 and 24 ( Hess, 2010, p.200 ) . There are many grounds why young person articulation packs. One ground is the socio-economic background of the person.

Other grounds could be for attending, desiring to experience a portion of something, peer force per unit area, fiscal addition, the feeling of being loved and accepted ( something that they may non experience at place ) , and for protection. Children hunt for credence and attending from packs who show a false sense of love by giving the child street position and an individuality of their ain. In return the kid shows complete trueness to the pack to the extent of disinheriting biological household members. Many parents have no hint that their kid is affiliated with a pack. To battle the turning job of young person pack ‘s parents must go more involved with their kid ‘s twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities.

Parents must educate themselves on the warning marks of pack activity. Parents should hold an in-depth treatment of packs and the rough worlds of populating a life as a pack member, for illustration an extended felon record, prison, and decease of friends and household.

Juvenile Delinquents and Status Offenses

A juvenile delinquent is a individual who is under age, which is normally below the age of 18, who is found to hold committed a offense in provinces which have declared by jurisprudence that a minor deficiencies duty and therefore may non be sentenced as an grownup ( Farlex, 2011 ) . However, the legislative assemblies of several provinces have reduced the age of a condemnable duty for serious offenses or for repetition wrongdoers to every bit low as 14.

Status discourtesy is an discourtesy committed by a juvenile that would non be a offense if committed by an grownup. Some illustrations of position discourtesies are, hooky, running off, curfew misdemeanor, incorrigibility or jeopardizing wellness and ethical motives.


A convicted young person pack member should non be treated like a position wrongdoer or juvenile delinquent.

( Hess, 2010, p.200 ) states “ belonging to a pack is non illegal in this state ; nevertheless, many of the activities that packs take part in are illegal. ” “ Gangs commit shots, assaults, robberies and other violent offenses ; prosecute in extortion and other felonies ; traffic in drugs ; and by and large terrorise vicinities. Convicted young person pack members are cognizant of the offenses they commit and some consider it as a manner of life. These offenses are well more serious than position discourtesies or delinquent behaviour. I feel that wrongdoer based standards should be the factor which control the decision-making procedure, be it the determination to straight register or reassign a juvenile wrongdoer to adult tribunal for prosecution or the determination as to what countenance should finally be imposed if a juvenile wrongdoer is convicted. Gangs actively recruit rank in their early-to-mid teens to transport out violent and flagitious offenses as a manner to turn out themselves to gang leaders and to increase their single standing within the pack ‘s hierarchy.

Because many provinces mandate lesser punishments for violent juvenile wrongdoers than grownups, gang leading frequently have juvenile gang members perform violent offenses towards others because there is less of an ability to prosecute them. While I strongly believe intervention, rehabilitation, young person pack bar enterprises and after-school plans are of import tools in turn toing America ‘s pack job, the ability to supply fleet enforcement of violent juvenile wrongdoers is necessary to maintain our state ‘s communities safe.


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