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The voices of history and tradition are presented in the towns outdated idea of the  ‘code of honor’ which is  continuously projected through various characters throughout the book. According to yourdictionary code of honor is defined as “Certain rules by which social intercourse is regulated among a social group, and which are founded on a regard for reputation.” The honour code in the book Chronicle of a death foretold is a cultural and communal rule which has to be followed in order to keep up a family’s reputation. Honor in the book is dependant on gender and if someone breaks the code they suffer. Marquez really emphasizes this social construct of gender importance and the value of virginity. For the people in the town a man’s life is not as important as a woman’s virginity, gender definies and controls a person.

This importance of virginity is seen in the phrase They taught her old wives’ tricks to feign her lost possession, so that on the first morning as a newlywed she could display open under the sun in the courtyard of her house the linen sheet with the stain of honor (38).  “Stain of honor” shows that taking a woman’s virginity was a honourable and important task. As Angela was already deflowered, which Bayardo finds out later on, she commited a social crime: She broke the honour code and presented herself as lacking the honor of being a wife. Following the books honour code her family’s reputation was now ruined and the only way to gain it back was for her two brothers, name and name, to kill the responsible individual. “So he put the knife in his hand and dragged him off almost by force in search of their sisters lost honor”. “Dragged him off almost by force” shows the social responsibility that was now on the Vicario twins hands.

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In order to gain back Angelas honor and return her virginity, they had no choice but to kill the guy responsible – Santiago Nasar. The phrase “Dragged him off almost by force” also suggest the unwillingness the Vicario twins felt. They were under a lot of social pressure to murder Santiago Nasar. Honor is a important aspect in the book and in order to uphold it, it becomes acceptable to kill a person.

Honor killings though were supported by the code of honor and therefor backed up by the people of the town.  “the lawyer stood by the thesis of homicide in legitimate defense of honor” (55). This phrase is from the trial scene in the book, where we can clearly see the influence of cultural on the towns rules. Usually authorities are Shows the towns support to these values and traditions.


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