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The economy of theBalochistan is mainly based on the production of Natural gas coal and otherminerals, Balochistan has been called neglected province, where the majority ofpopulation lacks amenities and basic human rights including water, food andshelter, since in mid-1970’s .There has been a constant drop in the share ofBalochuistan GDP has dropped from 5 to 3 % approximately.Balochisan has thehighest poverty rate, infant and maternal mortality rate and in comparison tothe other 3 provinces, it has the lowest literacy rate in the country, povertyhas increased in Balochistan since Musharaf took over and by the end of histenure has been increased by 48 % to 50 %,Agriculture is less inBalochistan due to under develop cannel system as compare to other 3 provinces,as only the source of extraction of water for civil community is tube wells andpeople leaving in mountainous areas of the province mainly use karez system tofulfill their water needs.

Balochistan is an semi-Arid area and there are mainlydrought spells annually.Comparison: whereas theother 3 provinces fulfills their water needs through monsoon rain falls andthrough Indus river system along with its tributaries ,Balochistan is highlydepended on the western depressions , snowfall and rain in the winters only.Whereas the federalgovt has mainly prioritized the other three provinces for fundings andestablishments of high quality institutes and schools due to the % of population,Balochistan has been very far left behind in the education system of thecountry.Balochistan having  more than 51 % Pakistan total land, it has a %population of only 6 % that’s why the incentives announced by the mainlyrelated to health and other amenities doesn’t apply to the population limit i.eas of a plan by a federal government, an area of not more than 1100 people, thegovernment is not responsible for providing basic utilities ,such aselectricity, water and telecommunications which is against the fundamentalrights of the citizens. Despite of that, Gender equality is major challenge inthe Balochistan,where women participation in the provincial assembly is  slightly improved,but far behind, as compareto the other Provinces, although the present government is more promisinginterms of taking steps towards women empowerment, as the very first time  a women speaker and Additional advocate generalhas been appointed to fill the Gender Gaps, thus the Governments needs to takefurther measures to make the women part of the mainstream process interms oftheir participation in Police and other formal sectors, Balochistan has around40,000 personnel’s in Police department, but only 200 Womens are part of thepolice department and part of constabulary, it may be because of  the non-conducive environment,where women arerestricted to chair the key positions in the Public sector, as where we willhardly see any women in the bureaucracy, In Balochistan civil secretariat,there is no dedicated washrooms and place for their prayers, where Balochistanis far behind  while providing basicnessities to the women, those are more than 51 % of the entire Population.

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Many programs have beenlaunched in Balochistan since decades to combat poverty with the manifesto andslogans (No Poverty). Many Jobs opportunities have been created in remote areasof the province, but also have remained largely unsuccessful due to the noncooperationof provincial governments.Many anti-famineprograms have also been launched with the cooperation of various NGOs andgovernmental authorities, in both enti poverty and enti hunger programscommunities including UNDP have been contributing largely to the funds requiredfor the execution of these projects.Balochistan is enviablerich with minerals ,such as gold,Copper and coal.

A start has been made by theresources development corporation. In addition to the saindak gold –copperproject,The Pakistan mineral development cooperation is also operation 3 coalmines in Balochistan.The number of industries innovations and infrastructureare less in Baloshistan due to its rugged and dissected terrain. The cost of constructingthese building are very high there is also lack of will and interest by BalochistanGovernment.

  Health sector has mainlybeen a major issue in Pakistan overall, but in compression to Punjab, Sindh andKPK,Balochistan has very Low standards of Good health and wellbeing most of theaverage income and well income families prefer to be operated in high standardhospitals with experienced and recommended doctors in the other provinces incomparison to the amateur doctors .Policts have been appealing in the provinceas most of its government body mostly consists of feudal and tribal chiefs. Itis stated that the initiation investment through CPEC to Balochistan mayimprove the living of the poor people.The Aims of theBalochistan SDGs Support Unit will add to the objectives of almost all theother sectors. Further, SDGs have been set to achieve comfort of mankind allaround the world and will comprehend intervention in social, infrastructure andproduction sectors. Balochistan Comprehensive Development Strategy aims atraising socio-economic status of the people of Balochistan giving due attentionto cross cutting sectors like environment, and technology for empowering peopleand gender.

However, SDGs cover larger   


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