The together with economies of scale will

The renewable energy technologies are already vanguard, together with economies of scale will continue to abridge their cost and attract investment.

The imminent step for me as a research analyst is to focus on a pro-active planning to public model frameworks on integrating Distributed Energy & Storage System, Power Economics, EV Utility operations is needed.”Prospective Experiments to enhance sustainable future”. In Storage System, I have a plan to develop a strategy for profit maximization and disruptive effects of energy storage on grid management, which prevents the effects on operators.

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Likewise, a framework to take decision for surplus battery power in the disruptive effects of adding energy storage to low voltage network. For temporary demand, the analysis of shifting power usage patterns could simply displace peak demand and cheaper to pay. For EV Utility, the EV charging in variable electricity costs and battery degradation is curtailed by estimating energy capacity, SOC, and daily depth of discharge; From which EV charge profiles are differentiated. Economic studies on grid-tied customer-owned solar power generation and optimized dispatch in Microgrids.I first felt the thrill of seeing the research works of “Dr. Sathesh Ranade” in the sphere of Power System Economics, Optimization of Power System operations. This unique research stream makes me for the ECE a prime destination and specialized curriculum that provides courses related to Power Markets, Optimization Methods which cater to my domain of interest. The experimenting environment in ECE will envisage developing in my own methods on stochastic optimization process.

On my career plan, I envision to frame economic solution for household Consumers by turning them into potential producers in the way of reaching self-sustainability. And I also strive to work with “UN Energy” and “Bloomberg” based on synergy, vision and resources to deal with everyone for the global cause. I truly believe it the fact, life is getting greater with digitalized, decentralized and decarbonized grids. Which is why it being necessary for me to come to CES, ECE and to do Power & Energy” specialization and further intended me to follow this up with the Ph.D.

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