The to stay at the company.This comes

The case presented astory about the relationship between three coworkers in a software company.

Once a meeting, Brad, a CEO of the company, and Elizabeth, a top salesperson,grow fond together and go on a date. Everyone in the office knew, and her boss warnsher to stop that romantic relationship. After months, they started apart beforeBrad goes on a date with Claudia, an Elizabeth’s colleague.

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This made Elizabethfeel uncomfortable to stay at the company.This comes to thedilemma question “Should Elizabeth stay at her company?” It may be a difficultquestion for Elizabeth because she may not want to coordinate with that couple.Since there will be many colleagues are observing her reactions to them, shemay feel pressure from the internal environment, people in the company.

Itwould affect to not only the feeling but also the quality of work. As Elizabethbegins to consider her career options, there are both advantages anddisadvantages. She did love her job,colleagues and company.

It’s a good opportunity to stay further to ensure thatshe is a self-directed person, and able to separate between work and privatelives. Their romantic relationship cannot ruin her life. She can show them theability to cope with adversity and to respond or react them wisely. Another reason is shemay not suit with new company. It is a step back to start the new career, forthe new job, at the new workplace, in the new culture, and with the newcoworkers. There are so many things to cope with, and she may get lower salarythan the amount she got. It is a huge risk to compensate the job she loves toanother new one.

However, staying wouldmake Elizabeth uncomfortable. If she really does not want to work here anymorebecause of B&C availability, she is better to leave so. She may get anopportunity of growth and productivity. As she is talent, it is not toodifficult to get offer from great companies.

She would be happier to work thereif the organizational culture suit to her. The company’s cultureand company’s policies should be carefully considered and followed by everyonein the company, especially the managements. Moreover, the extent in which theleadership acts professionally also should be taken into consideration.Behavior is the first thing people can see and judge the personality.

Themanagements should act like a role model for the below-leveled employees. Whenyou are the top position, everyone is having eyes on you.


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