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The real definition ofobesity according to Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary (2012) is having excessbody fat meanwhile overweight is defined as heavy excess body weight for aparticular height from fat, muscle and bone.

Usually people are using body massindex or BMI as a tool to measure both overweight and obesity. Malaysia known asAsia’s fattest country which has increase the rate of BMI which is more than 25(obesity). The latest statistic shows that the percentage of obesity aboutnearly half of its 30 million populaces (IzaedahwatiMohd Isa, 2016). The increasing pattern of obesity among youth in Malaysia areoverwhelming. The reason of increasing obesity among youth are complex and itis causes by many factors including genetic, biological, behaviour and culturefactors.

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Usually obesity will occur when a person consumes more calories thanthe body burns out. For an example the normal active man requirement about2,500 calories a day while 2,000 calories for woman to preserve a healthyweight (Nhs.Uk, 15 June 2016). If the individual consumes more than that, itwill cause extra fats in the body and lead to obese.

  However, the percentage of a person to has achance to be obese will increase depends on their genetics. If a child has oneobese parent, the chance for them to obese is 50% meanwhile if both of theirparents are obese, the percentage will increase to 80% (Bjorntorp P.Rosmond,2000:10).

There are a lot ofreasons why obesity among youth. It may cause by poor eating habits, a poordiet and lifestyle or maybe lack of physical activities. Each and every problemmust have their own solutions. There are also a lot of ways to overcomeobesity.

The solutions might come with help from their own family, the societyand the government but not to forget, the most important is they need to helpthemselves first. Obesity is not a joke. People should not take this issue forgranted. It may lead to a lot of dangerous dieses such as diabetes, highcholesterol, high blood pressure and heart attack.


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