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The main wayswhich BFGym can use to foster the task culture is socialisation ;the managementat BFGym can slowly implement task culture by selecting certain employees whoare feeling unmotivated, then they can slowly branch to all the other employeeswhich will normalize the task culture.,Citation 2:First, the culture must be valuable: it must  enable a firm to do things and behave in waysthat lead to high sales, low costs, high margin values, or any other way addfinicial value to the firm.  Theemployees at BFGym can work together with each other to deliver to diffrenctclients or classes of customers the required training to help them get fit.Task culture also is easily adapatable as since all the employees are working toone goal they can easily adapt what trainings they are going to teach the classto help them get fit. Task culture also allows the employees to come up withcreative  and innovative ideas which keepthe employees motivated which will mean they start to enjoy work even more whichreflect on the consumers of the gym as they will enjoy coming to the gym andeven can refer friends or families to sign up the gym.The reasonwhy task culture is more suited to be the most dominant culture in the gym isbecause task culture tries to create the idea in employees minds a social andphsylogical enviroment in which employees will try to come and focous onreaching goals and objectives Role cultureis not the most approiate culture to have in a gym.  The most appropriate culture to have in a gym istask culture.

Citation 1: “Role cultures are slow to perceive the need forchange and slow to change even if the need is seen”. BFGym need to change therole culture if they want to compete with other high performing businesses theywill need to implement a system which allows the rotors and the schedules to beeasily changed which is why I would say the most fitting culture for a gym wouldbe task culture.The dominantculture at BFGym is role culture. As the employees are assigned jobs or taskswhich are suited to their specialities. BFGym uses role culture as they have alot of customers to deal with since they are located in the city centre ofBirmingham, since there are a lot of customers using role culture provides thebusiness with stable environment.

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The employees at BFGym are given instructionswhich are then formalised into schedules and timetables. This usually  ends up as a routine for the employees.However since these are set by the managers the employees are set with definedroles which end up not requiring a lot of creativity and innovation.  


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