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The the truth, and the truth that

The Bear by William Faulkner and To Build a Fire by Jack London are the two interesting stories written on different perspectives. Both the stories were written on the ancient times where war, hunting and expedition is famous. The bear reflects an aggressive war, without any purpose. Whereas ‘To build a fire’ by Jack London symbolizes the relationship between human beings and nature.

The Bear by William Faulkner insists on the search for the truth, and the truth that does not exist because we are human. I believe William Faulkner in the stories ‘The Bear’ wants to express American society and its lack of values; he lived in a time of wars and his stories reflects the hatred and perseverance of winning a battle without even having a real motive, but the same to win he goes for the human side, and values human values. He considers that one of the most serious consequences of the global crisis has been the lack of communication between people. Faulkner dominates and conceives the horror and anguish of the life of his country and the time in which he lived. Faulkner is difficult to read. “the old bear solitary, indomitable and alone, widowered, childless, and absolved of mortality—old Priam reft of his old wife and having outlived all his sons” (Faulkner, 3). The bear shows strength, but also patience.

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The story ‘Bear’ exhibits useless heroisms of dogs and hunters, cowardice, calculated ambitions, primary passions or, simply, pure and hard stupidity, fear, generosity, fatigue, play. It overestimates Europe, puts it at the highest levels, as a pride as a role model. Reflect that we humans are the ones that destroy each other. As Faulkner (1990) inscribes, “They had looked at each other, they had emerged from the wilderness old as earth, synchronized to the instant by something more than the blood that that moved the flesh and bones which bore them, and touched, pledged something, affirmed something more lasting than the frail web of bones and flesh which any accident could obliterate.” (Faulkner, 17) This use of the blood that the evil had brought to destroy the evil, just as the doctors provoked the fever to remove the fever, the poison to kill the poison. It focuses on the life of the adolescent who matures before his time. The narrative is executed by the same as from his memories. William also used a sense of superiority in the whites. He says that What I did not understand was the real age of like because at first, I saw how ‘flashback’s’ came up but in the end, I mentioned an age of 21 years and then an age of 80, that puzzled me, there are so many characters that I deviate.

In the story ‘To build a fire’ readers discover a portion of the anticipated components; however, the individuals who expect an epic and quick paced narration will be baffled. Short story, practically moderate, rare characters, calm in the plot, we would even set out to state that brushing naturalism in its subtle elements. “The Yukon lay a mile wide and hidden under three feet of ice. On top of this ice were as many feet of snow. It was all pure white.” (London, 64) A man, an adventurer, and his puppy, take an exploration along the Yukon River, solidified, tremendous and deceptive, under extremely outrageous conditions that fixation on below zero degrees, achieving incomprehensible levels, that sharp and forceful icy that consumes and Bush. The work is equipped with just two extra protagonists: Nature and fire. The primary, we have just said it, intense and unappeasable, ubiquitous, and not quietly not surprisingly, but rather yelling at us, tossing us in the face his frigid puffs of icy demise.

What’s more, not all that much. No different pointless component; just the contemplations of a man who is moving from trust, silly, to the sentiment encroachment that is forced as he goes on his way to the camp where his associates anticipate him. Hard musings, neither relaxed nor sweetened, affirming the exact reality of every minute, decrease any admission to wistfulness. There is no place here for epic, for sacrifice, for significance; we are confronting the negligible battle for the survival of a being that tries to simply that. That is the manner by which hard, that reasonable.

Moreover, in the story ‘The Bear’, The place where they have cited “It was of the men, not white nor black nor red” (Faulkner, 20) in the middle of the story shows partly unbiased racism and a confusion is thus introduced. He wrote a story about the growth in the maturity of a young boy in the South in the seventies and eighties of the last century; about primitive hunter of science; about the civilization against nature, about the destruction of modern man to the earth, about the injustices of slavery, in a disorganized chronological order with the meaning of the value of life. Memory emerges in the story as it gives concrete reality. The narrative is based on the memory of Ike which can be considered to be the ‘main character’ of the story goes from here to there in time. old bear is presented as the symbol of immortality.

On the other hand, in the story ‘To Build a Fire’ special mention should be made of Nathaële Vogel’s illustrations, which are correct when expressing the game that is established between the four characters that we have previously indicated. Especially successful in facing the man-dog relationship, far from what we could expect, marked by strength and self-interest. We are not therefore before a work of consumption for teenagers, not even before a novel of adventures more, but before a short and stark story that will find better reception among the adult public than among young people who will be confused by its crude approach. “When he had recovered his breath and his control, he sat and thought about meeting death with dignity” (London, 78). To Build a Fire can also help us discover an author, Jack London, who deserves to better understand the reason for his tragic end. If life is as cold as this story presents, it is not so unbelievable to choose to abandon it.

The short stories ‘The Bear’ and ‘To Build a Fire’ has its own perception and its own plot of story but has given moral values to the reader. The meaning of ‘The Bear’ is that it is a personification of the search to understand the meaning of Time in human existence and the approach of aggressions by us rational animals. Whereas in Jack London story ‘To build a fire’ the author has highlighted naturalism, this story provides educators the opportunity to make the message of this story in class discussion and future tasks.