The the subject who learns through action,

The two theories of learning mentioned are Behaviorism and experientiallearning. Learning theories are theoretical structures that help to understandways that the knowledge is acquired and treated.

 The behaviorist theory defends the use of strictlyexperimental procedures to study observable behavior and denies any possibilityof using subjective methods such as introspection. Its theoretical foundationis based on the fact that a stimulus is followed by a response, which is theresult of the interaction between the organism that receives the stimulus andthe environment. External observation is the only possible one for theconstitution of a scientific psychology.  Constructivist was inspired by constructivist psychology, itis based on the fact that in order for learning to take place, knowledge mustbe constructed or reconstructed by the subject who learns through action, thismeans that learning is not something that can simply be transmitted.

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So although learning can be facilitated, each personreconstructs their own internal experience, so that learning cannot bemeasured, because it is unique in each of the subjects that are the recipientsof learning.The principles of constructivism as follows: –         The subject constructs knowledge actively,interacting with the object of study. –         New knowledge acquires meaning when it isrelated to prior knowledge. –         The social and cultural context of the personinfluences the construction of meaning.

–         Learning involves participating actively andreflectively. ADVANTAGES Promote autonomy in students. Generate participatory interaction, planning and evaluationprocesses. They are flexible and dynamic and adapt to the needs of thegroup.It allows interaction and co-participation in the learningprocess between students who are in distant or remote geographical points. It fosters the development of thinking skills, interdisciplinaryand cooperative work.

DISADVANTAGES In the processes of teaching and learning, students must bereduced to a subjective construction of something that is in the process ofceasing to be, of ceasing to exist in the immediate future. The above affects the preference of the constructivists tostudy the problems and not the contents. It hinders the organization of a massive education plan andevaluation, since each student is organized with their own rhythm of learning.   


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