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  The most popular types of social media, Facebook and Twitter have changed into a brand new direction along with news feeds coming up as videos, this then results to vulnerability of these new formats. News is going through changes, and a single one of them is the fastness and the bulk of viewers who have the opportunity and is ready to get a grip of writing by using their smartphones and any other device, which then delivers the next point which is the size of people which are able to read the news, by having the space to access social media such as Twitter, Facebook, You-tube and Snapchat. How the world changed social media written by Daniel Miller said  ‘Studies of social media specific platforms including books and paper devoted to one platform such as Facebook and Twitter, it is important to understand twitter as a platform’ (Miller, 2016) pg1 The amusing change about this is adjustment, the impact it has had for journalism and journalists overall. ‘Who’s the reporter’ is the type question the viewers ask and want to know, and now what the people are more interested about asking is ‘Who was this advertised by’. News teams and companies have come to the understanding that to be able to grab the reader’s thought they have to publish through the social media, by going about it in that way they stand a better chance of the readers becoming more aware of the things


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