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The world of agriculture has changed in many many ways from the 1900s to today. The Population has changed insanely since the 1900s. According to the population in 1950 was about 7,800,000 people lived in texas, and in 2016 there was about 27,900,000 people living here. The population almost quadrupled in size And that only in Texas.

Population in 1950 for the unites states was about 152,000,000 and in 2010 the population was about 308,000,000 in the unites states. The population is doubling form the 1900s to now! Who knows what the population will be like 100s of hears from now.According to the world population in 1950 was about 2.

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55 billion and now in 2011 it is about 7 billion. Its amazing how much a population can grown in 50 years. Population growth has affected agriculture in many ways.

The more people being added to this society means the more and more land they are taking up to build homes, which affects animal population, and food growth. The land being taken up stops food production because we don’t have land to farm crops, and raise animals, if we can barely feed the amount of people we have on earth now, how is 100 years from now gonna help when we have more and more people coming to this world. That just means farmers have to work harder and faster then they already do now. With more people added to this earth means more cars need to be produced which causes pollution in the air.

All we wanna do is just throw our trash in beaches, lakes, and rivers not thinking it will damage us but it kills fish and aquatic animals and you may think “oh one fish that died wont hurt us” ur wrong cause it just leads on a chain reaction and gets all fish sick and killed. That one salmon youwanted for dinner is gone now cause people don’t wanna take care of our world. Also littering and pollution can lead to getting us sick by all the chemicals getting into our water system that we drink. I think with the population growth it allows us to get more on our farm done, by giving us more people to get the farm done faster. This also means we have more people take 


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