The Techniques That Allow Kia to Meet Aida Essay

In 26/9/2012, the Senior Marketing Director in South Korea has asked the Junior Marketing Director in UK to write a report about the marketing strategies of KIA Motors Corporation in UK. The aim from writing this report is to emphasize the effectiveness of using sports sponsorship for achieving AIDA criteria. For this purpose little research was performed to find out the information required. This report had to be ready by the end of September, 2012. FindingsThe investigation in to the brand profiles of KIA Motors Corporation in UK revealed that KIA has met all of the AIDA criteria. To begin with, KIA has sponsored high profile sporting clubs in order to attract the attention such as, FIFA for the World Cup finals, Surrey County Cricket Club, number of major clubs in Europe and appointed Rafael Nadal a famous tennis player to be its world ambassador. All of these sponsors have positive effect on KIA’s popularity. Also, KIA has focused on two interests.

The first one is that KIA’s created a ‘Fun’ image of their vehicles.Second, the company combined with sports marketing. As a result, this has created a very positive image of KIA. Moreover, KIA has created a desire for its products through public relations by enabling consumers to interact with the company by using Facebook blogs and YouTube. Furthermore, it encouraged consumers in the field to participate in competitive games. For example, Stick Cricket game, KIA Catch, T20 games where they win prizes.

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Lastly, in the side of action KIA hopes to successfully market its product.Conclusion In the light of the above mentioned findings, it can be concluded that KIA’s emphasize well the effectiveness of using sports sponsorship for achieving AIDA criteria. Recommendations It is therefore recommended that KIA should complete using sport sponsorship because it has gained a lot of benefits and impress people. Besides, it reached out to large number of people.

Therefore, the company should sponsor more popular teems and games in order to increase its popularity and attract more people.


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