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In March 2011 Bas Lansdorp together with Arno A. Wielders founded Mars One. Mars One is a private, unpolitical organisation with nonsubjective to set up a human colony on the planet Mars in 2023. They hope to do a immense media spectacle to assist them fund their enterprise and make a world Television show that would convey populate the life on Mars.The undertaking has been wholly self funded in last 18 months and has merely late received minor sponsorship. The support largely came from Bas Lansdopr ‘s last venture Ampyx ( a company working on developing a novel air current energy engineering ) when he sold his bulk involvement and Arno A. Wielders nest eggs.

The company has of recently been exposed to limited media attending and made its presence known on-line via web site ( an informational portal on Mars One mission and advancement, every bit good as an online store for Mars One memorabilia that helps fund Mars One aim ) . Mars One has gathered a squad of assorted industry experts and attracted legion advisers ( including a Nobel Prize laurite ) and embassadors.Mars One plans to carry through its mission through the integrating of bing engineerings developed by private aerospace corporations that have demonstrated expertness in infinite travel.

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They do non wish to relay on engineerings in development and have no desire to make R & A ; D or fabricating themselves. They have already contacted major aero infinite providers and revived letters of involvement. For each constituent necessary to do this undertaking a world they have found at least one possible provider.Mars One has developed a concern program and conducted a feasibleness survey that predicts costs of 6 billion dollars. They hope to make this amount by raising adequate capital to fund a world Television show that would get down in mid 2013 and would follow the full procedure from developing possible settlers to a successful landing on Mars ( their concern theoretical account focuses on selling gross, one comparable to that of the Olympic games – this has non been disclosed to pupils ; Appendices A ) .

The mission to Mars cost estimation of 6 billion dollars comes with a perquisite – a one manner trip. In other words spacemans sent to Mars would potentially remain at that place for an indefinite sum of clip ( Returning the spaceman to Earth with utilizing presently available agencies is impracticable in footings of fiscal, technological and medical grounds ) . This impression has already triggered terrible contentions about viability and esthesia of Mars One undertaking.The first unit of ammunition of pre investment is afoot and the collected financess are traveling to be directed in conceptual design surveies by campaigner providers. Every proficient milepost will further increase the feasibleness of the Mars One mission and will be used to bring forth extra media exposure ( In return bring forthing more involvement from possible investors and selling gross ) .It is now the clip for Bas Lansdorp and Mars One squad to detect how the state of affairs unfolds and seek to procure farther funding for their undertaking. At the same clip it is important that they have created a sound scheme program that will guarantee their success.

Educational Aim

The instance survey is meant to trip the entrepreneurial spirit of the pupils and open them for originative thought.

At the same clip it tells a narrative of courageous new venture and shows in a clear manner that entrepreneurship is a driving force in determining our universe. On top of that pupils will be introduced to importance of strategic planning and will hold to utilize originative thought in make up one’s minding how to use the company ‘s strengths and chances to get the better of one of the cardinal issues of Mars One – funding the undertaking. The instance survey might at minutes seem to concentrate on instead technological jobs, nevertheless the cardinal concerns are of entrepreneurial nature.At the terminal of this exercising the pupils should hold gotten the opportunity to use originative thought and get better apprehension of the undermentioned subjects:Importance of strategic planning and analysis of concern ventures scheme. Subjects of relevancy include SWOT analysis and usage of SWOT schemes.Using originative thought in happening advanced ways to finance a venture and utilizing external funding options ( being introduced to different beginnings of external funding ) . Topics to discus are external funding, happening new means-ends relationships, utilizing resources at manus.Detecting Schumpeterian invention in the devising and being motivated and encouraged by entrepreneurial force behind Mars One.

Discussion Outline

This instance is appropriate for unmarried man and Masters Students in entrepreneurship or concern disposal in general and is best suited for a schoolroom of 20-35 pupils. The overall continuance is planned for 80 proceedingss, given that the pupils have already read the instance. The category is structured in 5 parts.Introduction ( 5 min. )Team readying of the instance ( 30 min.

)Presentation of each group ‘s thoughts ( 20 min. )General treatment and analysis ( 20 min. )Conclusion ( 5 min. )

Introduction ( 5 min. )

There are landmarks in the history of the humanity that change the manner we conceive the universe and force the boundaries of the human cognition and capablenesss. The reaching of the first worlds to a different planet is traveling to be without any uncertainty one of the greatest minutes for the world ‘s history. Adventurers and enterprisers from every age confronting these sort of enterprises have been called loony, dreamers, over-optimistic ; and raised uncertainties among the people about their existent purposes, being treated as swindlers and unscrupulous.

Although most of the times these biass have proven to be right and the venture fails to carry through its claimed result, sometimes it is the instance that the individual is able to carry through what was proposed and alter everlastingly the class of the history. Alexander seeking to suppress the Persian Empire, Columbus meaning to travel to India by traveling to the West, Charles Lindberg traversing the Atlantic by plane for the first clip ; and like them, many other great adventurers have accomplished immense efforts in malice of impossible odds, holding been told that it was non possible, and considered loony.So alternatively of doubting the possibility of Bas Lansdorp ‘s program to make a human settlement on Red planets by 2023, this instance survey is focused on how to accomplish the ends of this really rare sort of entrepreneurship.

Students will be asked to presume that the program is come-at-able, sensible, and rational. Another premise that will hold to be made is that the Mars One undertaking is non a fraud. Regardless of the fact that there is a slender possibility that the true purpose of the Mars One squad could be to gain money by making a media spectacle and craze, while ne’er really directing individuals to Mars ( as this scenario lacks any academic value for the field that is treated in this instance -entrepreneurship ) .So based on the premises that the program is true and that it is truly executable, the pupils will be asked to put themselves in Mars One ‘s places. Try to accomplish one of the greatest achievements for the human geographic expedition, by using their entrepreneurial spirit.

Team readying of the instance ( 30 min. )

The pupils will be divided in 5-6 groups to analyse the instance and come up with different options.Each group will be given a 2 set of inquiries to steer them through the treatment, they will hold adequate clip to speak and sum up all the chief points for the inquiries.First set of Questions:Measure the Strengths, Weaknesses/Limitations, Opportunities, and Threats in Mars One concern venture and fill in the SWOT matrix. Look in to Mars One aim and seek to place the internal and external factors that are considered favourable every bit good as unfavourable for accomplishing that aim.Strengths – Features of Mars One concern or Mars One squad that will supply them with advantage over others ( Think in footings of industry cognition, experience, fiscal capital, webs, direction and leading accomplishments, employee accomplishments, flexibleness, etc. )Weaknesses/Limitations – Features that place the squad or Mars One concern at a disadvantage relation to others ( Think in footings of high costs, high hazard, deficiency of invention, hebdomad trade name name, hard currency flow jobs, skill deficit, de-motivated staff, uniform merchandises, etc. )Opportunities – External chance to better public presentation in the environment ( Think in footings of technological invention, alteration in authorities policy, deregulating of the market, new demand, market growing, societal or lifestyle alteration, etc.

)Threats – External elements in the environment that could impede or forestall the concern from accomplishing its aims ( Think in footings new market entrants, alteration in client gustatory sensations or demands, new ordinances, economic downswing, higher input monetary values, etc. )After rating the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of Mars One concern venture determine whether the aim is come-at-able. Explain your determination. If it ‘s been concluded that the aim is non come-at-able, suggest a different aim or attack and deliberate.

( Appendix B: SWOT Analysis and SWOT Matrix )Second set of Questions:Based on the strengths and failings found, does Mars One have a profitable concern theoretical account to pull possible investors? If non, depict really briefly the concern theoretical account for Mars one ( where would the grosss come from? Can the investors expect returns and when? How will the company acquire the money to finance the consecutive missions after directing the first spacemans? ) . How would you suggest to do grosss? Use the W-O Schemes.Who are the cardinal participants in the instance that can assist Mars One to develop its concern program, and garner the money needed for the mission? How can they lend? Use your Opportunities Analysis.Use your chances and menaces analysis to measure: Who from the possible investors would you seek to near? How would you convert them to put in your undertaking? Who would n’t you even seek to reach? Why?You might happen utile this list of possible external funding parties:Bank loans, Angel Investors, Venture capital investors, Crowd support Hedge Funds, and Alternative Asset Management.The undertaking will get down to devour big sum of money from the twelvemonth 2013.

It is required to build the preparation installations in the desert, there has to be a procedure of choice for the possible spacemans and in 2016. non-manned trips to Red planets are scheduled to fix the reaching of the spacemans, etc. Is at that place any manner that the company can get down doing grosss from an early phase of the undertaking to assist fund all of the mentioned developments? Brainstorm some thoughts and depict them.

What value dosage Mars One brings, in relation to humanity, laminitiss and investors?

Presentation of each group ‘s thoughts ( 20 min. )

After the groups have debated and answered all the inquiries, they will be asked to take a individual to show their replies to the remainder of the group. The presentation should be really short ( 3-4 min soap.

) and they can utilize ocular AIDSs like slides or a composition board if they want to. ( To show their SWOT matrix )The instructor or moderator should get down a chart with the replies the pupils have given to every inquiry. At the terminal, the chart should include every possible reply expressed by the pupils.

General treatment and analysis ( 20 min. )

Having a comprehensive sum-up of all the thoughts presented by the groups, the pupils will organize a unit of ammunition table treatment for each point.

First, the group by general understanding will take the most suited thoughts for the subjects discussed, contracting the options to 4-5 per inquiry. The moderator will inquire them to do a short SWOT analysis of the options chosen. At the terminal the group should find a path to follow for Mars One in order to make Mars One aim.

Conclusion ( 5min. )

The instructor will sum up the chief issues developed in the whole procedure and give the pupils penetrations and feedback about their picks. If clip permits he or she will portion with the pupils the existent program of Mars One described as follows.Mars one intends to bring forth grosss from the earliest phases of the undertaking in several ways: Through the sale of ware of Mars One ( coffee-mugs, jerseies, chapeaus, etc.

) . Make a planetary world Television show during the whole procedure of the undertaking. The show will include the procedure of choice of the prospective spacemans that will come from all the different parts and civilizations of Earth ; the preparation procedure will be broadcasted to a planetary audience. The grosss from the world show are traveling to assist fund the costs of the mission.Bas Lansdorp is reaching really flush people that want to lend with Mars One undertaking ; there are some that are willing to donate voluntarily certain sums of money to subsidy the undertaking.

Tips for deciding the instance

The teacher should see each group of pupils and assist them with the argument giving them tips for deciding the inquiries and come up with executable options.

The conceptual model to be used is the SWOT analysis, from the first set of inquiries ( the SWOT analysis of the company ) the pupils should be able to come with advanced solutions for the 2nd set of inquiries that are related with the instance job. The instructor might utilize the SWOT conceptual model that is described on the appendixes of these learning notes.This instance is about originative thought and Schumpeterian invention, 2 of the chief features of successful enterprisers ; hence, no thought should be disregarded from the really get downing for being considered excessively hard or excessively original. The instance per Se is about a really hard and unconventional undertaking that might necessitate new and advanced attacks. However, the instructor has to promote the pupils to analyse the options they presented and the deductions they entail.Some intimations the instructor can give to work out the 2nd set of inquiries for the group argument:Make a list of possible beginnings of grosss.

Make a unsmooth strategy of the hard currency flow of the undertaking.Identify the possible partnerships.Measure the possible result of traveling to the given groups of possible investors.

Banks, Angel Investors, Venture capital investors, Crowd support, Hedge Funds, and Alternative Asset Management.Try to bring forth new thoughts of people that might desire to put in this undertaking.These are the possible investors.Angel Investor: An investor who provides fiscal endorsing for little startups or enterprisers. Angel investors are normally found among an enterpriser ‘s household and friends. The capital they provide can be a erstwhile injection of seed money or ongoing support to transport the company through hard times. Angel investors give more favourable footings than other loaners, as they are normally puting in the individual instead than the viability of the concern.

They are focused on assisting the concern win, instead than harvesting a immense net income from their investing. Angel investors are basically the exact antonym of a venture capitalist.Venture capital financess ( VC ) : An investing fund that manages money from investors seeking private equity bets in startup and small- and moderate-sized endeavors with strong growing potency. These investings are by and large characterized as high-risk/high-return chances.

Crowd support: The usage of little sums of capital from a big figure of persons to finance a new concern venture. Crowd support makes usage of the easy handiness of huge webs of friends, household and co-workers through societal media web sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to acquire the word out about a new concern and attract investors. Crowd support has the possible to increase entrepreneurship by spread outing the pool of investors from whom financess can be raised beyond the traditional circle of proprietors, relations and venture capitalists. In the United States, crowd support is restricted by ordinances on who is allowed to fund a new concern and how much they are allowed to lend. Similar to the limitations on hedge fund investment, these ordinances are supposed to protect unworldly and/or non-wealthy investors from seting excessively much of their nest eggs at hazard. Because so many new concerns fail, their investors face a high hazard of losing their principal.Hedge fund: An sharply managed portfolio of investings that uses advanced investing schemes such as leveraged, long, short and derivative places in both domestic and international markets with the end of bring forthing high returns ( either in an absolute sense or over a specified market benchmark ) . Legally, hedge financess are most frequently set up every bit private investing partnerships that are unfastened to a limited figure of investors and necessitate a really big initial minimal investing.

Investings in hedge financess are illiquid as they frequently require investors to maintain their money in the fund for at least one twelvemonth.For the most portion, hedge financess ( unlike common financess ) are unregulated because they cater to sophisticated investors. In the U.

S. , Torahs require that the bulk of investors in the fund be accredited. That is, they must gain a minimal sum of money yearly and have a net worth of more than $ 1 million, along with a important sum of investing cognition.Alternate Asset: Any non-traditional plus with possible economic value that would non be found in a standard investing portfolio. Due to the unconventional nature of alternate assets, rating of some of these assets can be hard. Alternate assets tend to be less liquid than traditional investings.

Therefore, investors who favor alternate assets may hold to see a longer investing skyline.

Presentation and unit of ammunition tabular array:

After the group work the instructor will allow the pupils to show their thoughts without step ining to non bring forth prejudices.In the unit of ammunition table argument the instructor will move as a moderator. By the terminal of this phase he might specify the group ‘s attack to the instance by consensus or by voting. And after that he should give the pupils feedback about the options they chose ( Are they accomplishable? Are they plenty? What Mars One squad is really making, etc.




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