The Teaching and Learning Activities Associated with the Various Models Essay

            Information-processing models are a family of learning by which learners make sense of the world by acquiring and organizing data, sensing problems and finding solutions for them and developing concepts and language for conveying them. There are 8 information processing models.

            Inductive Thinking. The learner forms hypotheses and generalizations based on given sets of information. Learning activities associated with this model include learning the rules of grammar, structural analysis and phonetics, and the study of communities, nations and history.

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            Concept Attainment. It is an indirect method of teaching a concept wherein which learners search for attributes to identify the said concept and give examples. This model is used for introducing new concepts to learners, reinforcing prior knowledge of concepts, or making the teacher know how much the student knows about a concept being presented.

            Picture-Word Inductive Model. The teacher uses pictures to teach vocabulary and language. It is primarily used in beginning reading classes, both for children and adults, as well as foreign language classes.            Scientific Inquiry.

The learners are brought into an actual scientific inquiry and helped through the process of collecting and analyzing data, formulating hypothesis and understanding the knowledge gained from the said activity. This method is used for science education.            Mnemonics. These refer to strategies which teachers used to guide the students’ learning and retention of concepts and information; association activities between a construct which is easy to remember to information that has to be remembered by learners. Examples include using keywords, pegwords, and letter or acronym strategies.            Synectics is a problem-solving strategy wherein members of a group of learners work together as cooperative groups to arrive at a solution or conclusion. In the classroom, it is introduced as brainstorming activities or workshop.            Advance Organizers.

The teachers present the students with an organizer, a teaching material that would relate the students’ previous knowledge with the new concept to be taught. The material could be a reading material, an image or other media. 


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