The Tale of the Golden Cockerel – Alexander Pushkin Essay

Tale is lie, but there’s a hint!For good fellows a tip.

The Tale of the Golden Cockerel. Alexander PushkinOne defines the short story as prose writing of less than 10,000 to 20,000 words (and usually more than 500 words) which may or may not have a narrative arc. Stories were of interest right from the beginnings of humanity. But the short story as we know it today didn’t emerge as a popular form until the end of the eighteenth century.

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Certainly the form has many practitioners and many styles. These days especially, it traipses about the range of possible styles and genres, flirting with all sorts of poetic abstractions and excesses. “Nonetheless, what was true a thousand years ago is still true today: the short story is a quick form set for quick action. Ephemerality dominates over longevity. There is no space, nor desire, for the weighty and lengthy examinations of the novel or epic poem. Only quick truths need apply: epiphanies, surprises, twist endings and suicides” [4].

“Once upon a time…” We all remember when mother or grandmother started their tale with these words. Fairy tales have been passed down for generations. There was always magic and the major contradiction of good versus evil. Originally, fairy tales were passed on by women as a way to teach lessons to children about life and behavior.

Later, the tales were written down by people like the Grimm Brothers to share as entertainment and as a study of folklore.One of the most favorite fair stories was, still is and definitely will be “Red Riding Hood”, a folktale that has changed much in its history. It may be a children’s story, but it contains within it themes of sex, violence and even cannibalism as modern researchers. The origins of the Little Red Riding Hood story can be traced to oral versions from various European countries and more than likely preceding the 17th century, of which several exist, some significantly different from the currently-known version.This widely known version is about a girl who travels through the woods to deliver food to her grandmother. The girl is approached by a wolf on the way, who eventually tricks her, and eats her and her grandmother. A woodcutter however comes to the rescue and cuts the wolf open.

Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother emerge unharmed.The earliest literature of which we have knowledge is that of fairy lore, and the fairy tale has survived through all the changing ages to this day, and is still as popular with childish minds as in the beginning.  Yet it has necessarily undergone considerable evolution, and the modern fairy tale differs materially from the folk tales of the ancients.It is clear that it is only experience in life and contact with the world that changes the childish viewpoint to the adult viewpoint. “When the world was young, and life’s experiences were few, men and women had simple minds and craved the same class of wonder tales that childhood has always loved.

  They were then told by professional story-tellers…

the legends and romances handed down from age to age by word of mouth…

; for it is to be remarked that even the oldest known fairy legends carried their morals, and never has a fairy tale lived, if one has been told or written, wherein the good did not conquer the evil and virtue finally reign supreme” [1].  The fairies were originally intended, and are today, to be the benefactors of mankind. and the acquaintance of our children with them can lead to no harm at all.Nor is the authorship of the oldest and most popular fairy tales known.  They belong to legendary folk lore of nations, and no man can claim them for his own.  “Little Red Riding-Hood” is found among many other tales to be folk ones of various nations, differing but slightly in form in each instance, so the authors such as Perrault, Brothers Grimm must be classified as collectors and editors of the fairy literature prevalent in their time.

Yes; there are many books to be had of the right sort; books that will entertain and delight your little ones without putting a single bad or repulsive idea into their heads.One should entreat parents, and those who present books to children, to be particular in selecting modern, up-to-date fairy tales, for in this way you will feed the imaginative instinct of the little ones and develop the best side of child nature. An adult should glance into the book himself before giving it to a child, and see that the story is not marred by murders or cruelties, by terrifying characters, or by mawkish sentimentality, love and marriage as most of the stories are..  Because some fairy tales have these faults it would be folly to withhold all fairy tales from children.

However, once Upon a Time, fairy tales weren’t written for children. In spite of their name, the popular fairy tales usually have very little to do with fairies while modern-day stories are written for children, this is the target group. Although modern parents also read fairy tales while escaping from the cruel reality.

Once upon a time, fairy tales were just short stories parents told their kids to make them go to sleep (just like the story about Little Red Riding Hood). Then people started asking questions like “What sort of parents send little girls alone into a wolf-infested forest?” and “Just how many evil stepmothers were there, anyway?” and “What do all the stories mean?” and the field of folklore studies was born. And now authors of the modern stories when writing these try to consider every aspect and predict every single possible resume which might appear in certain people’s minds. Now almost every fair story from the past has at least a thousand versions and ten thousand explanations.A story of Little Red Riding Hood teaches children to obey their parents. This is the very first resume one may make. Let’s not even discuss these explanations of the little girl character as a prostitute etc.

Folktales are important tools of historical investigation. The heroes are placed into the environment which is typical for that time when these tales were written. Modern children won’t understand how a little girl may go alone through the woods to her grandmother.

But anyway the old fairy tales still conquer the infant minds and non of the stories written about a small boy, who went to his grandfather through the streets caring a backpack with Cola and suddenly looking at a magic bird, will be a worthy substitution of fairy kings, princes, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood etc.“Two folklorists have analyzed Red Riding Hood to demonstrate that a nineteenth-century source, despite being altered from its original and unrecoverable earlier versions, can provide credible insights into an earlier period. Moreover, the variants reveal remarkable consistency. Folklorists have argued that a tale’s symbolic features are retained and transmitted through the centuries because they remain meaningful to their users and because they refer to features of the real world as experienced by the members of the storytelling communities. If this were not the case, tales would have no function and would be forgotten” [3].Although some of the lessons taught in fairy tales are still important, many of the lessons are no longer valued in modern society. For example, many fairy tales tell the story of a beautiful but helpless woman who needs to be rescued by magic, or by a man. Today, women and girls are encouraged to be more independent.

Every generation, every century has its own book of fairy tales which are actively read and correctly understood by this generation.Bibliography:1.                  L. Frank Baum. Modern Fairy Tales. Retrieved from the Web July 23, 2004. http://mywebpages.                  Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. Little Red Riding Hood. Retrieved from the Web July 23, 2004. http://mld.                  Faye R. Johnson and Carole M. Carroll, “‘Little Red Riding Hood’ Then and Now,” Studies in Popular Culture, 2 (1992), 71-84.4.

                  Short story. Retrieved from the Web July 23, 2004. 


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