The Story of Horatius Essay

A long time ago in the city of Rome the ancient Romans said, “We are through with you, King Tarquin the Proud, the Mean, the Nasty and the Unfair. Go away from our city and never come back. ” The Romans threw him out of the city. Tarquin the Proud did not like that he was thrown out of Rome.

Tarquin went to the Etruscans and said, “I need your help. My own country forbid me to reenter. They must pay for this.

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” The Etruscans said, “Of course we will help you. We’ll give you an army. ” Back Tarquin came.Rome was surprised for they had no idea the Etruscans were coming to destroy their city. Surprised the Romans quickly decided to cut down the Sublician Bridge, so the Etruscans would have no way over the Tiber into Rome. The Romans goal was to block the Etruscans from destroying their city.

So the Romans set to work cutting down the bridge. The Etruscans were fast approaching and the Romans still had not finished cutting the bridge, they needed someone to hold up the Etruscans so they could finish their job of cutting down the bridge.Horatius, a brave Roman soldier, eagerly volunteered saying, “Give me two good men to help me, and I will stop the enemy from coming over. ” All three men ran to the end of the bridge to stop the Etruscans. When the Etruscans saw that there was only three men against thousands they all laughed.

The three men killed six Etruscans while trying to stop them from entering Rome. After they killed six Etruscan soldiers Horatius felt that the bridge was shaking more and more, so he yelled for the two other men to run to safety.The two protested saying if Horatius were to die they wanted to die with him, Horatius yelled again for them to return to safety and this time the two listened. Horatius was right because once the two soldiers got off the bridge it came crashing down into the Tiber River. All the Etruscans who were on the bridge died as soon as they hit the water.

The gods saved Horatius though, and he swam back to safety, safe and sound. The Romans were greatly appreciative of Horatius’ heroism that they rewarded him with a large amount of land.They also built a statue in his honor, the statue is of a figure with one eye. The statue had only one eye because Horatius means, one eye. Early Romans could determine it was Horatius because of it only having one eye and because of its historical location. The story of Horatius is a thought provoking story of a brave man and how he saved his country. I recommend whoever reads this paper to look up more about Horatius for he is truly a heroic and honorable man.


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