Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The story about my short voyage with my Dad Essay

The story about my short voyage with my Dad Essay

My ocean trip tells the story about my short voyage with my Dad while we were on a cruise on my uncle’s yacht in the Pacific Ocean. Since I visited my grandma in Hawaii, my dad and uncle suggested that we go sailing so that I can experience the excitement of travelling by water and basking into the sun while in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean as my dad told me is the largest ocean among the oceanic divisions. Therefore traveling on it seems to be endless. But I am really excited with the trip and so tell everything here while we are on this voyage.


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Going to my uncle’s yacht along with my Dad – we sailed. The weather is clear and no foreboding of bad weather on the way. The sea is calm until we reach the deep waters. Then everything went calm. I began to feel calmness of the ocean. Truly an emotional experience while enjoying the sun. I thought I have nothing to write about this trip. Then it all happens. The birds and dolphins appeared. There is now a story. Everything went fine. Truly an unforgettable experience.

Final Draft.:

At last we are now sailing along the biggest ocean in the world, the Pacific Ocean. How blue and deep it is that looking down from our boat I could see nothing except the dark vastness of its great depth and the mystery that is underneath it. I never imagined that sailing this far and this wide would suddenly give me the feeling of freedom, serenity and the realization on the immensity of our world and richness of life. While I stand there watching the horizon and the pounding of the waves on the side of our yacht I took the comfort of laying down on a plastic folding bed and look at the sky. Thick white clouds floating up above like soft pillows seducing me to sleep with their embrace.

 Let the greatness of this ocean provide me tranquility I need for my spirit and then I closed my eyes. For a while I thought I began to drift into a dream while the feel of the cold ocean breeze touches my face and blowing my hair gently. I began to wonder how God could have made an ocean so great, so peaceful and yet so unknown. I can feel the energy now flows through me giving me strength and revitalizing my senses.

            The silent splash of waves on the side of our boat seems like the hymn of nature bringing comfort to my tired body and soul. How such a place with its manifestation of lifeless calmness could be teeming with millions or even billions of lives underneath its calm waters. As I enjoy my sweet commune with nature suddenly the light from above seems to be blocked by something large in the sky. I opened my eyes and saw an albatross flying by our boat. I cannot imagine that as we have already traveled far long enough from the shore a bird could have hanged along with us to enjoy the calmness of the ocean itself. Then I heard my father calling me with excitement in his voice. Getting up and running up to him he waved my direction into the waters and just few meters away from us were more albatross congregating along a certain spot. There was a feeding frenzy while more of them are floating, diving and swimming within a small spot where fishes also congregate. There is a feast in the ocean with which I thought for a moment ago was lifeless on the surface. The serenity and calmness of the ocean is now broken by the continuous splashing and squawking of the birds happily feeding on fishes which are themselves feeding on planktons.

Then from the side of our boat comes suddenly large creatures that jumped into the scene to join the celebration. The dolphins are here. They chase the fishes away while taking their meal at the same time. The birds flew out of the place and some of them perched on top of our boat looking disgusted with the dolphins’ presence. I am very much amused by what I see. After the feast the dolphins start to circle around our yacht and seemed to be amused by our presence. Then they began to jump in and out of the water while flipping their bodies upward from the water. How happy I am to see marvelous and agile creatures welcoming us in their domain as if telling us to enjoy their world and be with them even for the fleeting moment of the union. For a few minutes they stayed there swimming graciously near us and then one by one they swam away. The dolphins have gone on their way and I looked at the birds where they have landed and saw the last of them leave as it flew and glided away from us.

The ocean once again is tranquil and serene. The realization on the drama of life has shown its complexities and extremities. I realized that the ocean is like the whole world- full of surprises but still good enough to live with. This ocean experience can never be forgotten for it made me realize that there is joy in living even with the intricacies of life – our world is an ideal world to live in.