The Spanish Inquisition Expository Essay

Its deathly dark and you violently realize, with the groans in the distance, that you are waiting to be put to death for what you fervently believe. You weren’t the only one in this situation, there were many others; this was all due to the Spanish Inquisition. This was a hard time for all non-believers of the Catholic faith. You were either forced to admit to a false “sin” and turn to the Catholic faith or be tortured to death as an act to “purify” Spain.

Throughout The Pit and the Pendulum, there were various types of torture that were both cruel and unusual. There were also many cases of victims losing their mind while in captivity. One of the most important questions in The Pit and the Pendulum was that if all of this was even happening to the individual in the story or if they were just dreaming of events that might come to be. The Inquisitor-General would do anything to convert a person to Catholicism; if simply asking didn’t work, various forms of torture were used to convert them.One of the most important forms of torture was containment. This would leave the victim in constant confusion as he or she waited for what was to come. Another form of torture was the pendulum; this scythe-like pendulum would swing back and forth while slowly dropping towards the victim to scare them by leaving them with the choice to convert or die. (Poe, Edgar Allen.

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The Pit and the Pendulum P. 269, Columbus: McGraw-Hill 2009) This form of torture was cruel and forced a person to choose between life or death.In addition to being severely hurt due to the torture and containment, some had even lost their mind. Due to what these individuals were going through, they would start to lose their mind while realizing that there was no hope for survival. In the story ,The Pit and the Pendulum, the individual was starting to go crazy, he had just avoided death and was so unstrung that he was scared by the sound of his own voice. (Poe, Edgar Allen.

The Pit and the Pendulum P. 67, Columbus: McGraw-Hill 2009) This proves how traumatizing that the chain of events were to these innocent people; that is why this piece was chosen to represent how these people were affected by this pointless torture. Although most of the events that happened in The Pit and the Pendulum could happen, there were a few that were so crazy, so impossible, that they lead to the question of if this person actually went through this of just dreamed it all.The question of if the chain of events that happened in The Pit and the Pendulum were true seems to go unanswered.

Although the way of torture and the situations that he was put into are historically correct, how the man makes it through it all arises questions. In the story, The Pit and the Pendulum, it is stated that the man was freed from the pendulum due to mice chewing through the ropes that were tying him down. (Poe, Edgar Allen. The Pit and the Pendulum P. 72, Columbus: McGraw-Hill 2009) This seems crazy, there is no feasible way for this to happen especially in the time frame that was there before the pendulum cut them in half.

This leads to the only, non-fictional answer to the question, that is was all made-up. After all, this was a difficult period; this may have been the man’s dream, however, he may have been awaiting the foreseen doom that was to be brought to him by the Inquisitor-General. Many people were forced to go through similar situations because of their religious faith.There were various different ways of torture that were used to convert these people to Catholicism. Many chose to die with their beliefs while few chose to convert over.

The people that chose to die with their beliefs would be held in a dark cell, awaiting their death while slowly losing their mind. Even though the story is based on facts, there are many aspects that make it so very hard to believe. In conclusion, the Spanish Inquisition was a pointless act that led to the death of many innocent individuals and families.


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