The Snow Leopard Essay Research Paper LSD

The Snow Leopard Essay, Research PaperLSD Induced, Yeti, Euphoric SojournDrugs can unclutter away the past, heighten the present ; toward the innergarden, they can merely indicate the manner. Missing the pique of ascetic subject, the drug vision remains a kind of dreamthat can non be brought over into day-to-day life. Old mists may be banished, that is true, but the foreign chemical agent forms another mist keeping the separation of the I from the true experience of the One.

1This transition comes from The Snow Leopard, by Peter Matthiessen. In this transition Matthiessen describes what he has learned from the experiences he had with hallucinogenic drugs, such as ayahuasca, LSD, peyote, and psilocin. He is concerned largely with the religious nature of such drugs, and reveals that while drugs are ever harmful, they can supply a starting point for religious growing.Hallucinogens clear old mists ( 47 ) ; they let you comprehend yourself without any armor. They force you to stand bare and entirely, without any defence to your ain emotional provinces. You become really near to the unity Matthiessen describes, Then I breathe, and the mountain breathes, puting the universe in gesture one time once more. ( 198 ) However this unity is really difficult to accomplish in pattern and harder still to keep. Drugs ever leave you short of the end of unity because the drugs themselves are an obstruction, a mist that will ever halt you short of entire unity.

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Drugs will ever keep you back because they are harmful, and while you are sing a drug trip you are making nil but sing a drug trip ; the drugs can make nil but bring on that hallucinogenic province. Besides you are unable to make anything other so experience that province. This is besides a ground why drugs are able to indicate the manner ( 47 ) to religious integrity, unity. Drugs force you to populate in the present, in the sense that you are wholly consumed by the drug and are making nil except being high. This is another draw back of the doped experience you can non get away you must wait until the drug wears off before you can concentrate on anything else. You are one with the drug and its affects. If you are traveling to seek and concern yourself with something other than the drug experience that you are involved in, you will go really nervous.

An anxiousness onslaught will start to crawl over you, reminding you to concern yourself with merely what is go oning now.Drug trips besides help you to get away the fright of decease or intensify your fright to an eternal abysm. Through dark visions and minutes of pure horror and apprehension you must go forth your fright of decease or it will rule you entirely. Hallucinogenic experience can put you free by leting you to populate out the fright decease, the amuck fury at one s ain weakness that drug hallucinations seem to stand for, and in that manner let travel of a life-killing accretion of defences.

( 46 ) Just the really drug life style that most people experimenting with hallucinogenic substances live confronts decease and alleviates the fright of decease. Though when 1 does non get the better of this fright of decease and still continues to utilize drugs an overpowering dying fright will devour you.When making the most intense degrees of hallucination you feel really near to nirvana. This euphoric feeling is really lovely or hideous, but ever beautiful. This hush to which all returns, this is world, and psyche and saneness have no more significance here than a blast of snow ; such transiency and insignificance are lauding, terrorizing, all at one time, like the sudden find of one s ain transparency. ( 172 ) This feeling begs you to return once more and once more, to be lost in its toxic condition experience. It seems someway familiar. To rephrase Plato, possibly many lives ago when we followed the Gods and stood upon the dorsum of the existence this esthesis, euphory, was present.

Our memory recalls this consciousness and longs to recapture it.In decision, a hallucinogenic experience will ever be harmful and you will recognize the devastation of success ( 244 ) towards the terminal of your trip: is this truly what [ you ] came so far to see? ( 244 ) . This idea will come to you because you will go defeated in your experience, and take yourself to doubt the journey s worth. You will most probably have more experiences than one because you will hanker to recover this feeling:All sounds, and all one sees and feels, take on imminency, an immanency, as if the Universe were coming to attending, a Universe of which 1 is in the centre, a Universe that is non the same yet non different from oneself, even from a scientific point of position. ( 210 )End NoteThe Snow Leopard, Peter Matthiessen. Penguin Books 1978


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