Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The shifted the time of the attack

The shifted the time of the attack

The formation of takfirist and terrorist groups was a strategic decision taken at the joint US-Zionist committee and Saudi government about a year after the defeat of the Israeli regime in the 33-day war. The strategic goal of this strategic decision was to maintain the top military and security status of the Israeli regime in the region.The 33-day war was basically an international and regional conflict, in which the role of Israel was less than that of the international and regional parts. Shortly after the start of the 33-day war, the European Atlantic newspaper revealed that the decision to start a “violent war” against Hezbollah was linked to Hezbollah’s action on an anti-Israeli operation in the village of “Ithal Sha’b” at the Lebanese and Palestinian border on July 21, 2006 And the Hezbollah operational action against Israeli army has shifted the time of the attack from September 2006 to July 2006. Later, the Zionist regime announced that the full cost of the war was given to the Israeli government by an Arab state. Subsequent documents indicated that the Saudi government paid for the war to eliminate  Hezbollah after they  joined the meeting with the Presidents of the Security Forces of Israel and Saudi Arabia, Dagan and Bandar bin Sultan. Another point was that the Israelis were not interested in a new war since their recognition of Hezbollah’s capabilities and intelligence, and at the same time there were many signs that since the ninth day of Israel decided to stop the war, the United States the Condoleezza Rice noted Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that the withdrawal has not been foreseen. Thus, the 33-day war was actually the American-Saudi war against Hezbollah. Despite of the high level of international and regional arrangements Israel completely defeated in the 33-day war, a committee of military, intelligence, political and judicial experienced was formed by a judge, winogard, after a year of review and focus on the main reason of the defeat indicated that Syria and its special military support have been the cause of the victory of Hezbollah. Hence, the solution for this problem and the return of the Israeli security-military superiority was the “fundamental change” in Syria