The Security Plan Essay

This assignment will be on the Clifton Liquor Store located in Clifton, Colorado. This essay will explain the entire floor plan of the store. Moving forward we will discuss the threats and evaluate the risk of each threat.

We will point out the times in which the store is most vulnerable for each threat as well as counter-measures for each threat. We will then discuss the security measures the liquor store has put into place. Lastly we will point out the plans in place in an emergency situation such as a fire or a bomb threat. This particular liquor store is approximately five thousand square feet.

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On the exterior of the building there are three windows in the front of the store. The first window is located in the front west corner of the building. The second and third windows are located in the left cent of the front east corner of the building. There are four entrances into the building. The first door is located in the direct center of the North side of the building.

The second and third doors are located on the east side of the building. Now having laid out the exterior of the store we will discuss the interior of the store.When first walking in to the liquor store you look to your left which is where the three registers are located with a clear view of the entire store. Just beyond the registers are five isles of liquor and two sets of display coolers that are back to back and flush with each other making a wall in the center of the store. As you move through the store you will see another set of isles filled with liquor and two display coolers making the shape of an L in the back of the store. Behind the coolers that are shaped like an L there is an actual stock cooler in which they keep their cooled products until they put them in the display cooler.In this particular cooler there is two doors both described in the exterior plan of the building one of these doors are used for the discarding of boxes where as the other is the loading doors for the trucks delivering the product.

In the back left corner of the store there is the manager’s office which has a window that they can see out but you cannot see in. Also located in the left hand side of the store there is a wine cellar for the wines that are not stocked as well as two regular stock rooms that are for the products that do not require refrigeration and that are not stocked in the store.Lastly in the left hand corner of the store is a restroom for men/women.

Some major risks that this liquor store has is internal theft, external theft as well as fire. The internal theft is possible because this particular liquor store believes in second chances. They hire employees by their word and experience not their background.

External theft is a threat because it is a smaller locally owned liquor store. The last major risk is a fire hazard. This building is filled with alcohol from the floor to the ceiling. Having this amount of flammable liquid in an area is risk in itself.I feel that the risk on internal theft is an eight simply because there may be criminals working there that claim to have changed that really have not. Especially criminals of theft or shoplifting so criminals never shake the sticky fingers. As for external theft this is more of a four due to the security set in place that we will discuss later. The risk for a fire is a seven due to the electrical wires being scattered as well as the amount of flammable products in the store.

Of course it is apparent that all target environments have vulnerable times they are more at risk.For this particular business it would be in the early morning of opening a just before closing down the store for the night. These are the times of day in which there is less staff, fewer employees make the environment vulnerable. Some counter-measures to these risks are to always have two employees staffed at all times to ensure that one employee is not stealing from the company. This method is also a great way to prevent external theft because there are more eyes to watch the customer and to deal with a situation that may or may not occur.The counter-measure to prevent fires would to be to fix the electrical wiring as well as having fire extinguishers located throughout the store.

The actual physical security of this liquor store goes above and beyond. There are a total of twenty one cameras that are located throughout the store itself. There is also a camera that is separate above each entrance facing the door to monitor those entering and exiting. There is a camera as well as five monitors located in the manager’s office. There are five cameras that face all directions of the cash register to monitor all actions taken.There are also an additional four cameras that are located in all four corners of both stock rooms as well as the cooler. There is also a security alarm that is activated at the end of each sift and not turned off until opening the next door. The windows of the liquor store are bullet proof making them protected from breakage as well.

The Three doors located in the back of the building are all tightly secure with a metal bar that is put in the center to help prevent breaking in. Information security is very good when it comes to this liquor store.According to their employees this liquor store keeps up on information to protect them from certain security threats. They have the detailed information from past experiences that have given them the information to better protect themselves. They have established the two employees on shift to help reduce any risk. As for personnel security this liquor store currently has nothing in place other than a lock on the manager’s office door to protect their records. This particular store does face extreme employee liability issues due to the employees that are hired.

Of course I have said it is important to give criminals a second chance to continue to better their life it still poses a huge liability issue for the company making them liable in any situation. This liquor store does have departmental dependencies that require all of their employees to take minimum sick leave and vacations. Due to a small company they have a small staff. This in turn makes it difficult to cove a shift making them depend on their employees.

This liquor store has the perfect emergency plan in case of a fire. All mployees and customers will exit out the closest entrance and walk one hundred feet north of their company across the street to be safe. The best part of this emergency plan is that one hundred feet from the front entrance is the Clifton Fire Department. Best fire plan you can have.

Rather than calling the police just alert the Fire Department directly and have quicker action as well as minimal damage if there were to be a fire. As of right now they currently do not have a bomb threat emergency plan. Being a small, local business this is not something that has been thought about I’m sure.

However it would be ideal for the liquor store to research a plan for emergency bomb threats. In this essay we discussed an entire floor plan of the Clifton Liquor Store. We discussed the external and internal aspects of the store. We pointed out the physical, informational, personnel security as well as the liability issues and the department dependencies of this company. We listed three major risks that this liquor store faces as well as the levels of risk and their counter-measures. Lastly we discussed the emergency plans in place for a fire and bomb threat.References: Clifton Liquor Store Open since 1986 Owner: Les and James * Employees spoken to * Mike * James * Steve All of the above information in this essay came for basic facts.

There are neither paraphrases nor quotes from any person. The entirety of this essay is written entirely in my own words. This liquor store is one block from my home in which I got all of my information. This is why I chose to do my essay on a real target environment.

Was not sure exactly how to put the reference as to there has never been a citation generator for that nor have I seen it done.


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