Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The Screaming Avenue Essay

The Screaming Avenue Essay

The Screaming Avenue

            It was always a fascination for me to pass through the Screaming Avenue. A Street of very old buildings and houses. They were built in Victorian style where intricate architectural designs accentuated every corner. The trees were green and different flowers of different colors lined through the streets. Giving the place a touch of paradise. In front of the old buildings was a vast area of natural beauty. It was so vast that I cannot tell from which the horizon was. 100 steps away is where I lived, and my papa, my mama, my little brother Antonio, and my dog Shocker. I have been walking this street all my life. I even memorized every detail of every buildings, houses and trees. Until one night, when I came home late, the place was very different. It was cold and was enveloped by a thick fog. It seemed like I am blinding because everything was blurred and unclear. I was not sure if I have taken the right way home.

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I was cold and tired but when the story of the old folks came to my mind, a sudden rush of energy came to my body. My heart was beating fast. I felt a tingling sensation all over me. My body shivered and would not stop. So I walked hurriedly towards home to get out of the feeling that’s tormenting me. The feeling of fear of being alone in the dark and the fear of meeting something unknown. The hundred steps towards home have taken so long as fear crawled over me. Suddenly from nowhere, a silhouette, a figure appeared before my eyes. It grew bigger and bigger as it get nearer and nearer. I was stunned. I could not take one more step. I was so afraid. Then another figure appeared and leaped right through me, ready to devour me. Panic came to my mind when suddenly I heard an old, familiar voice calling my name. It was my papa with my dog Shocker waiting for me in the Screaming Avenue, one late night.