The Salvation Army Essay Research Paper Thank

The Salvation Army Essay, Research Paper

Thank God for the Salvos

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The Salvation Army is an organisation which devotes itself to people who have been disadvantaged in todays society. Their mission statement of so Salvation Army is & # 8220 ; To supply aid and resources to the Salvation Army in order that the Salvation Army is able to set up and keep an cyberspace presence. All this is done in order to foster Glorify God and to convey the cursed to Jesus Christ & # 8221 ;

History of the Salvation Army

In July 1865 a adult male named William Booth spoke to the little sum of people gathered on a hot twenty-four hours in the slums of London. This was the chances of an ground forces. Thirteen old ages subsequently, that same individual had attracted a set of combatants that, with the shot of a pen, became an ground forces.

Today, the Salvation Army is known all over the universe. Its spiritual and societal service activities have given hope to 1000000s of work forces and adult females in more than 96 states.

William Booth brought together The Salvation Army. He started his ministerial calling in 1852 but that was ne’er what he had truly wanted to make in life. W. Booth was a great adult male who wanted to do a difference.

The leaders of the church disagreed with Booths chances. They preferred traditional methods, so as a consequence, he withdrew. His married woman Catherine and he traveled throughout England carry oning meetings.

In 1865, William Booth was invited to keep a series of evangelistic meetings in the East End of London. He began in July in a collapsible shelter set up in a Quaker cemetery. These meetings were greatly successful and proved to be a proper beginning. They ended his rovings as an itinerant revivalist, and began his calling and fame as the leader of a group of dedicated people to contend for under-privileged work forces and adult females.

In Booth & # 8217 ; s fold there were cocottes, felons, gamblers, and rummies. He told narratives of hope and redemption. His purpose was to take them to Christ so he could take them to a church for farther religious aid. They were converted but the churches did non desire them. Booth didn T abandon them, he put them to work to salvage others like themselves. They preached, marched, and American ginseng in the streets, a life testimony to the power of God.

Subsequently on, in 1867 Booth had 10 full-time workers and by 1874 he had 1,000 voluntaries and 42 revivalists. Back so they served under the name & # 8220 ; The Christian Mission & # 8221 ; and they carried its streamer out of the East End of London into neighbouring countries and so to other metropoliss. With their hopeful liquors, the voluntaries had about become like an ground forces. They hailed their leader as & # 8220 ; General, & # 8221 ; a shortening of his rubric of General Superintendent. They called themselves & # 8220 ; The Hallelujah Army. & # 8221 ;

In 1878 & # 8220 ; General & # 8221 ; Booth was reading a pressman & # 8217 ; s cogent evidence of an one-year study that stated, & # 8220 ; The Christian Mission under the s

uperintendence of the Rev. William Booth is a voluntary Army.” Booth crossed out the words “volunteer Army” and penned in “Salvation Army.” In August of that twelvemonth the Foundation Deed of The Salvation Army was adopted.

That was how the name Salvation Army came approximately. It has stuck until today.

The Salvo s Down Under

The Salvation Army came to Australia when two Christian mission converts met in the Pirie Street Wesleyan church in Adelaide and decided to go on Salvation Army activities by keeping an unfastened meeting in the Botanic Park there in September 1880. They wrote to William Booth bespeaking officer leading and when the first officers, Captain and Mrs Thomas Sutherland, arrived in February 1881 they were met by an enthusiastic group of & # 8220 ; place grown Aussie & # 8221 ; Salvationists.

One twelvemonth subsequently while still in his mid-twentiess, James Barker was appointed Commander of the Salvation Army in all the settlements of the southern seas. He and his married woman Alice Barker arrived that twelvemonth.

Since so a web of 800 Salvation Army centres caring for religious and societal public assistance has been established.

Their Purpose

The Salvation Army & # 8217 ; s aim is to progress the cause of Jesus Christ in the universe on two degrees: Spiritual and Social. Salvationists all portion the beliefs of most mainline Christian Churches.

There are 1,350 officers, 34,000 ballad people and a sum of 500 Corps ( Church ) worship meetings throughout Australia. Anyone can go to meetings such as these.

It seeks to progress the hereafter of individuals by constructing stronger character, promoting Christian values, preparation in the Christian life style, advancing emotional wellness and exciting originative abilities.

In its Social Ministry, The Salvation Army engages in exigency aid and rehabilitation.

The Salvos aid Peoples such as:

+ Poor

+ Addicts

+ Homeless

+ Finding Missing Persons

+ General aid to those in demand

These are merely a few of the things that the Salvation Army participates in.

Emergency aid is the ministry of assisting individuals who are in immediate crisis in such a manner as to brace their lives and supply a better foundation for a hopeful hereafter developing get bying accomplishments and beef uping their ways to populate on their ain.

I chose the Salvation Army because I see what they do as a really admirable thing. It is non the traditional manner that the church helps people so I see it as a good thing because its non merely assisting Christians, but assisting anyone and everyone. The shield is good renown and whenever a Salvationist knocks on my door I try to back up them by doing a little contribution because if I was every bit deprived as some people that they help I d like to cognize there are people willing to assist.



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