The Restaurant Industry In Noida Tourism Essay

The general aim of the MRR is to analyze the Restaurant Industry in Noida and to make a feasibleness survey to set up a Multi-Cuisine eating house in Sector-63 in Noida.

( Noida is an industrial metropolis in the National Capital Region of India. Sector-63 is an country in Noida. There are many educational institutes, offices, residential flats in and around sector-63 )The survey would be limited to the Indian market and specifically to Noida.

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There are certain constituents of the range that are dependent on the handiness and entree to the moderately accurate information.Restaurant is an constitution that prepares and serves nutrient and drink to clients in exchange of money. Food can be eaten in the premiss or many eating houses besides offer place bringing and take-out. Restaurant can be called by the type of nutrient they offer, for illustration, a Chinese eating house, an Italian eating house, a Thai eating house.

Restaurant Industry.

India has arrived on the planetary roadmap. India has experienced addition in per capita income and the growing rate is speed uping.

India ‘s per capita income grew by about 46 % over last decennary. Increasing Disposable Income and urbanisation are a common phenomenon across all developing states. India is non untouched by this phenomenon. In a study Merrill Lynch ( which study, which twelvemonth, beginning ) estimates growing in urban ingestion at approx. 20 % yearly for at least following 5-7 old ages. One of the of import constituents of the national economic system is restaurant industry.American indians spend merely 2.

4 per centum of their nutrient outgo in hotels and eating houses.Americans and British, by comparing, spend 46 per centum and 29 per centum severally, of their nutrient outgo on off from-home repasts. This indicates that there is important range for the growing of nutrient service sector in India in the old ages to come.Harmonizing to a study by market research house RNCOS, “ With the quickly turning Indian in-between category population and altering life style, India is traveling to be one of the fastest turning nutrient and drink markets in the universe. The Indian nutrient and drinks market is projected to turn at a compound one-year growing rate ( CAGR ) of approximately 7.5 per cent during 2009-13 and would touch $ 330 billion by 2013. Besides, non merely the reliable eating house ironss but even the Indian fast nutrient market is expected to turn at a rate of 25-30 per cent yearly ” . Some of the major for these tendencies are addition in income and urban population, alteration in consumer behavior, turning population of working adult females.

Major Factors act uponing the Industry are:Fast Turning EconomyGrowth in Personal IncomeUrbanizationShriveling Household sizeTurning Number of adult females in work forceMenu Diversification

( Need TO GET NOIDA SPECIFIC DATA to lucubrate on the above factors )

Cleavage of the Noida Restaurant Industry:

The Restaurant Industry in Noida can be segmented into the undermentioned classs:

Fine Dining

Fine dining refers to the culinary art and service provided in eating houses where nutrient, drink and service is expensive and normally at leisure. Most of the all right dining or formal eating houses are located in luxury hotels or beautiful environment Parkss. These eating houses are regarded as high-end eating houses. These eating houses serve some of the best repasts and usually have best services. For illustration Hotel Radisson in Noida serves an array of different culinary arts from India culinary art to Chinese, to Thai to Continental culinary art. The economic sciences of the all right dining differs from that of the mean eating house. Meal monetary values, particularly for vino are high. The mean cheque runs Rs.

800 or more. Rents can be rather high and big budget for public dealingss are common. Because of the expertness and clip required for many dishes and because extremely trained chefs are good paid, labour cost is high. Much of the net income comes from intoxicant and drink gross revenues. Flair and dash in service are portion of the dining experience. Table, glasswork and table linen are normally expensive and the assignment can dearly-won, frequently including pictures and interesting architectural characteristics. Basically these eating houses are non my direct rivals in footings of location, placement and culinary art.

But these high-end eating houses can be set my benchmark standards to fit the nutrient quality, assortment every bit good as service. Particularly for the selling scheme and direction system would be good illustrations in mention.

Fast Food, Quick Service Restaurant ( QSR )

Fast nutrient, speedy service eating houses are now the built-in portion of Noida nutrient industry. Many large names have arrived in Noida. McDonalds, KFC, Pizza hit, Dominoes, Subway, Narulas, Sbarro, are a booming concern chance and a quickly normal portion of the urban life. Turning gustatory sensation for Western nutrient and alteration is people ‘s life styles are the major grounds for the growing of fast nutrient and QSR ironss. These, fast or QSR are turning quickly in footings of turnover and mercantile establishments. Meanwhile these QSR are the most aggressive companies in eating house industry and they besides have the most comprehensive operation and direction system if comparison to other section of eating houses.

But they are non my direct rivals in footings of operation and nutrient construct. QSR ‘s operation and direction system can be the best mention when we start spread outing. Although it seemed that a few immense QSRs wholly dominate the eating house concern. But the people ‘s wonts and gustatory sensation alteration drastically along with increasing populating status and disposable income. So there is plentifulness of room for independent insouciant dining eating houses in certain alone constructs and certain locations.

Casual Dining

Casual dining eating houses are a loanblend of the all right dining and fast nutrient constructs. A more insouciant description of the members of this section would be any constitution that does non fall under all right dining and fast nutrient sections. The insouciant dining construct involves speedy service and a more comfy atmosphere unlike the elegant mulct dining eating houses. Almost all the eating houses offer services in the specially decorated halls. These eating houses besides offer full bill of fare quality-standardized nutrient points that are cooked and served fast. These eating houses offer plentiful parts at the sensible monetary values.

Their concern hours are normally 10:00 in the forenoon to 2:00 in the afternoon and from 5:00 in the afternoon to 9:00 in the eventide.

Stalls, Street side nutrient:

Small stores and stables are the really of import eating mercantile establishments in India. At such topographic points people can acquire comestibles and really sensible monetary values. Such stables provide more of bites or full class repasts.

These topographic points are the most executable for in between repast munching. This class is non my rival.

Chapter wise decision

Macro Environment ( SPET analysis ) – Micro Market In Noida

Social Factors:

The eating house and nutrient industry of any state, part is extremely influenced by the societal and cultural traits and eating wonts of the people shacking in that state or part. So if a individual is interested in come ining into eating house or nutrient industry he or she has to take into history and must be sensitive to the societal, cultural every bit good as spiritual values followed by the society in which he/she is opening a eating house.The coming of IT, BPO and other industries in Noida has an consequence on the society and the civilization of metropolis. Because of the Industries, there are people from different parts of India life in Noida ; the criterion of life of the people has increased. Now people celebrate occasions like Birthday in Restaurants or avail the catering services of a eating house instead than fixing the party nutrient at place and forming the party at place.

Besides the party civilization in the metropolis is increasing due to more exposure to other civilizations and evidently due to more disposable income. Besides there has been an addition in the penchant for different culinary arts within the population and locals are keener than of all time to seek new culinary arts, dishes. Besides with an addition in the on the job adult females the frequence of eating out is increasing.

Political Factors:

The political scenario in any state can hold a important bearing on the behavior of concern activities, substructure development and the overall criterion of the life of the people in the state. The eating house industry is by and large affected by an economic downswing and if there is political agitation or instability, this would in bend lead to the weak concern and investing clime, which will finally impact the eating house industry negatively.

The current authorities in Uttar Pradesh ( Noida is a metropolis in the province of Uttar Pradesh ) is stable and there is political agitation or instability. The current authorities has been taking enterprises to spur economic growing in Uttar Pradesh, particularly in Noida. The Uttar Pradesh is puting to a great extent in Noida for Parkss, SEZ other things which will hike touristry and spur farther economic growing in Noida.

Besides there is an international Airport planned in Noida. The authorities ordinance related to licences and licenses required for opening up eating house constitutions, clocking limitations, limitations of foreign franchising and ownership bets, import policies, lower limit pay demand, revenue enhancements can hold important impact on the growing of the eating house industry. Noida has earned a respectable repute in running IT/ITES, BPO and name Centres. This has been possible through the authorities support and led to big figure of young person coming to Noida for occupations in the last few old ages.

Economic Factors:

Need TO GET MORE DATA for treatment

Over the last decennary the Noida has seen enormous growing. Many industries have come up in Noida, which has led to the increase income of the people. Now people have more Disposable Income so they had earlier.

More Discussion needed on the income degree, disbursement capacity, passing form of the people of Noida

Technological factors:

In the modern universe engineering plays an of import portion in every facet of the life. Even Restaurants are non untouched by the coming of engineering.

In fact in the efficient running of the day-to-day operations of a eating house engineering plays a really of import portion. Right from the securing natural stuffs, hive awaying them, cooking, functioning and charging engineering is involved in every measure. To derive competitory advantage or to vie it is really of import for the eating houses to put in engineering. Use of Technology in a eating house must non merely be limited to basic kitchen contraptions like microwave, icebox etc.

Technology besides can be used outside the kitchen like usage of recognition card machines, POS ( Point of Gross saless ) system etc. The POS ( Point of Sale ) system helps a eating house to feed in orders, look into the truth while charging to avoid mistakes, generate KOTs ( Kitchen Order Tickets ) in the kitchen of nutrient and drink readying, look into day-to-day nutrient and drink gross revenues, conduct ABC analysis every bit good as determine fast merchandising and decelerate traveling points on the bill of fare so that disciplinary steps can be adopted by the eating house director.Polonium can besides be used to track the guest satisfaction.

Restaurant besides must put in devices which can guarantee that the natural stuff and nutrient are free from any spoilage or taint because such things can halter the image of the eating house. A eating house should besides maintain path of its natural stuff stock list in order to organize with its providers more expeditiously. This can be done by puting in package. The equipments used in the kitchen must be of one of the latest engineerings and at the same clip cost-efficient and convenient to utilize and run. A eating house can besides put in Wi-Fi, cyberspace selling, amusement equipments etc. to pull more clients. There are a batch of emerging and new tendencies in the engineerings and the eating house should consequently carry on a cost and benefit analysis of following a peculiar engineering so that it finally leads to the cost-effective operations and higher client and employee satisfaction.

Since Noida is in National Capital part, the latest engineering available in India can be accessed easy.

Market Analysis

Location of the proposed Restaurant:

For the Restaurant concern location is of great importance. The location of the eating house is every bit important as great nutrient and service.

Major standards for the choice of location of a eating house are:Area demographicsParkingHandinessVisibilityCompetitionThe Proposed eating house will come up in Sector-63 of Noida. There are many offices, flats, educational institutes in the country nearby sector-63. Besides there are upcoming countries like traversing democracy, Noida extension which will hold approximately 40000 flats in following 2-3 old ages. In following 5 old ages these countries will hold about 150,000-200,000 of occupant. Sector-63 can be accessed really easy and it is seeable from the chief route.

Primary Target Market:

My primary mark market is urban professionals, office workers, yuppies, corporate offices and occupants of the Noida ( particularly Sector-62 occupants ) . There are many offices, establishments in and near sector-62.

The professionals working in the offices often visit the eating houses for squad tiffin, dinner, squad parties, and corporate parties. Besides many corporate spring catering orders for the parties organized in their campus.

Rival Analysis

The information in the rival analysis has been obtained through information from the several eating house directors, employees, visitants and general observation while patronizing the eating house.


The Asia Kitchen

Asia Kitchen is located in the H-block market of sector on land floor.


Primary Target Market: Urban professionals, office workers, yuppies and occupants of the Noida.APC ( Average Cost Per Cover ) :Seating capacity:Average screens per twenty-four hours:Average Revenue per twenty-four hours:Peak yearss:Menu:Hot selling points:Pricing:Staffing:Timing:Location:Atmosphere:Entertainment:Cost Structure:Negatives:

Lemon Twist

Lemon Twist is located in the H-block market of sector on 2nd floor. This eating house is one of the best in Noida. It is known for its high quality of Chinese culinary art. One of the disadvantages of the eating house is it really high pricing.


Primary Target Market: Urban professionals, office workers, yuppies and occupants of the Noida.

APC ( Average Cost Per Cover ) :Seating capacity:Average screens per twenty-four hours:Average Revenue per twenty-four hours:Peak yearss:Menu:Hot selling points:Pricing:Staffing:Timing:Location:Atmosphere:Entertainment:Cost Structure:Negatives:

Haldiram ‘s


Primary Target Market: Urban professionals, office workers, yuppies and occupants of the Noida.APC ( Average Cost Per Cover ) :Seating capacity:Average screens per twenty-four hours:Average Revenue per twenty-four hours:Peak yearss:Menu:Hot selling points:Pricing:Staffing:Timing:Location:Atmosphere:Entertainment:Cost Structure:Negatives:

Seven Wonders

Asia Kitchen is located in the H-block market of sector on land floor. This is the latest add-on in the list of eating house in sector-63.


Primary Target Market: Urban professionals, office workers, yuppies and occupants of the Noida.APC ( Average Cost Per Cover ) :Seating capacity:Average screens per twenty-four hours:Average Revenue per twenty-four hours:Peak yearss:Menu:Hot selling points:Pricing:Staffing:Timing:Location:Atmosphere:Entertainment:Cost Structure:Negatives:



Primary Target Market: Urban professionals, office workers, yuppies and occupants of the Noida.APC ( Average Cost Per Cover ) :Seating capacity:Average screens per twenty-four hours:Average Revenue per twenty-four hours:Peak yearss:Menu:Hot selling points:Pricing:Staffing:Timing:Location:Atmosphere:Entertainment:Cost Structure:Negatives:


There are many replacements to the full service high-end Indian eating houses from fast nutrient ironss, cooking at place to many of the street side stables. Therefore consumers do hold a significant figure of options to eat and dine apart from merely holding repasts at place.

However, due to the fast and feverish working lives, more and more people are choosing to eat out more often. The desire to eat out at a peculiar nutrient mercantile establishment is a map of how much they are willing to pass on a repast and the sort of culinary art they want to hold for a peculiar repast. Therefore, the menace to profitableness from replacements for a new entrant is high and in this respects, the industry is non favorable.

New Entrants:

Given the high growing potency in the eating house concern, the barriers to the entry for a new entrant are really less as there are really low entry and issue barriers due to easy available capital, authorities licenses and licences so about anyone can open a new eating house. But the high cost of existent estate raises the saloon for new entrants.

Besides in order to open a full service forte high terminal eating house does necessitate sound apprehension of regional Taste and the elaboratenesss required for readying. For this experient chef or cook is required which is non really easy to come by. Since a high-end eating house necessitate a greater capital investing, merely people with some apprehension of the eating house would wish to venture into something like this as compared to a little graduated table fast nutrient eating house that relatively is much easier to open and run. Therefore the menace to profitableness with respects to new entrant is average and the industry could still be considered as favorable.

The Buyers:

Apart from the above mentioned eating house there are few more eating mercantile establishments in Sector-63 and many more eating houses in the Noida and the adjoining location.

So, for the clients the exchanging cost from one eating house to another eating house is really less as there is options easy available to take from. Therefore the menace to profitableness with respects to the purchasers is high in this industry.

Suppliers in Noida:

With one of the biggest market ( Azadpur Mandi ) of India is in Delhi there are plentifulness of providers to take from. Besides there are many small towns in the locality of the Noida from where one can procure the supply of all the natural stuffs required.

Therefore these providers typically have low bargaining power. Apart from the natural stuff supplies, eating house has to look for skilled labor, chef, cook and servers. The staff that will be employed besides needs to develop adequately. Besides due to high growing of the Restaurant Industry and the cut downing size of the Earth retaining the endowment is a large challenge.

Therefore, the menace to profitableness from providers would run from low-medium but still pose as being favorable.

Potential Demand: ( non yet started )

What is the entire industry size of the eating house industry in Noida? How it has grown in last 5 old ages? How the demand is traveling to be in following 5 old ages? What are the factors that can hold an impact on the possible Demand?

Surveies and analysis: ( non yet started- will get down one time study is completed )

Survey AimsSurveies will be conducted to happen out the penchants and client demands. The studies will seek to happen out the demographic profile of the clients, the frequence of visits, the outlooks of the client, the grounds for a eating house backing, the satisfaction degree from bing eating houses, the mean cheque per individual, the willingness to pass for all right dining etc.

Key Success factors: ( started BUT non yet complete )

Harmonizing to the eating houses interviewed for this survey and the study analysis, the cardinal success factors in the eating house concern are fundamentally nutrient and drinks, efficiency of service, monetary value, atmosphere, location, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Quality and Taste of Food Beverages: The nutrient and drinks are at the Centre of the Restaurant concern. Customers chose a eating house and frequent it for the quality and gustatory sensation of the nutrient and drink it serves. It is besides of import to keep the consistence of the gustatory sensation and quality. For the same intent the work force must be skilled and caput chef is a really valuable individual in any eating house.

Besides the formulas must be standardized and documented to keep the consistence. There must be a standard process in topographic point to secure the natural stuff of highest quality. Additionally, today the clients are paying attending to the presentation, freshness and hygiene alternatively of merely looking at the handiness and gustatory sensation of the nutrient.Efficiency of Service: In Modern and fast universe when everyone is really busy, clip seems to be a scarce resource.

So in such instance the service becomes a really import facet of a eating house and can non be ignored. Customer of today is good traveled and is cognizant of the best of the best services across the Earth, which increases the outlooks of the clients. To run into the increased outlooks, the staff of the eating house must be adequately skilled and trained to supply a good and efficient service. For the eating houses that serve similar sort of nutrient and drink, service can play the function of discriminator.

The Goal of the service must be to please the client during “ Moment of Truth ” .Monetary value: To sLocation:Atmosphere:Hygiene and Safety:PTM and placement:Differentiation Factor/USP:Entrepreneurial spirit:Cost Structure:

Challenges and Hazards: ( non yet started )

What are the challenges and hazards associated with gap of a eating house?

Decision: ( non yet started )

What are the decisions drawn from the above treatment?


Entry and Selling

Entry RationalePrimary Target MarketSWOT AnalysisConstitution of the RestaurantKey Success FactorsPositioning of the RestaurantMenu MixPricingPromotion and Ad


FacilitiesBuyingQuality Control and confidenceStaffing and ManpowerKey places, makings and dutiesOperating HazardsKey Success Factors


Capital RequirementCash Flow analysisFiscal Planning and ControlDecision

Exhibits, Photos and Financials


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