The purposes of policy analysis investigations Essay

The chief intent of this policy analysis paper is to look into factors that have affected the public presentation and effectivity of the Skinny Raven Casino. The survey further is aimed at urging some policy steps that the company should take in order to keep its profitableness and better embracing by the populace. Skinny Raven Casino is a hotel composite at the xamish tribal land in Washington runing 24 hours every twenty-four hours of the 7days in a hebdomad. It is a state-of-art edifice built with the fullest account of bomber and architecture. It opened its doors in June 1998 and since so it has been executing highly good until the recent yesteryear when it experienced little diminution in its cyberspace gross in footings of the per centum of gross revenues in the last few old ages.

In the twelvemonth 2004 Skinny Raven Casino made 8.3 million dollars on the portfolio of 56.8 million dollars gross and in the twelvemonth 2006 it made 8.3 million dollars on 81.6 million dollars gross. This statistics clearly indicates that in the past old ages the casino has been come oning good but in the last few old ages the public presentation has non been impressive.This paper will therefore critically analyze direction issues, public dealingss facets every bit good as employee factor on how it has contributed to the diminution in profitableness of this concern ; it besides posits some recommendations the board and the full direction of the casino should take into consideration so as to salve the concern and do it a hub for amusement and nutrient.

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Problem statement

Skinny Raven casino has experienced fiscal job in the last few old ages due to unplug and freak out in the direction construction of the concern. It has experienced a high bend over of staff whereby at that place has been regular issue by the staff due to one ground or another. Employees who still stick to their occupations are characterized with frequent absenteeism and low morale. This state of affairs is dire because it has even compromised client service which is a cardinal component in any concern constitution no affair of which type.

The relationship between the direction and the employeesaa‚¬a„? fraternity is non affable because establishing on the sentiments of some of the employees it seems the company is non taking into respect some pertinent issues bring downing the employees for case staff who have little kids who need more clip to childcare, issues of long on the job hours and meager compensations. Increasing wellness cost is another job that has incapacitated the concern extensively because harmonizing to the comments of Tom the VP of finance and accountant, the cost has increased by 10 % in the last three old ages.


The populace

The public assistance of Skinny Raven Casino matters a batch to the environing population because this concern has resulted in extract of money into the local money rhythm pulling constitution of other concerns which greatly boosts the socio-economy of the country.

The casino employs a batch of immature work forces and adult females who are skilled and even those who are unskilled hence it greatly aids in look intoing the job of unemployment in the country. Bouncing back of the concern and its proper care of it is the illustriousness concern of the populace because it plays a critical function in their lives.


Skinny Raven Casino is the major employer in xamish tribal land and therefore the strength of this concern has great impact on the bing work force and draw a bead oning tribal members who wish to acquire occupations at that place to hike their supports. It is a fact in concern doctrine that when the profitableness of a concern is low, it is logical to hold new enlisting of employees or even to the worst some concern can fall back to staff rationalisation or retrenchment so as to cut down cost and do the concern relevant in the market. This is the fright and concern of these people because if things turn to the worst supports of many people will be affected runing from the employees themselves and their dependents

Owners and board

From the oncoming the casino is untypical concern endeavor that the proprietors invested a certain capital in it with the outlook of acquiring sensible return on investing.

With the tendency at which the concern is traveling it means that the aims of the enterprisers of doing net income will non be met. The staffs are demoralized which means that the service that the concern has been offering is questionable and gross revenues have reduced drastically. This is a great concern to these business communities because every individual who runs a concern wishes that the house is profitable and the staff is motivated. This has non been the instance because from the survey there has been increasing bend over rate, unexplained absenteeism coercing them to replace hence paying a batch of money in footings of overtimes.

Background of the job

Management and fiscal jobs have so impacted negatively on the concern and some of the root factors that build up this state of affairs are the phenomena that board started to use untrained directors who are non competent to manage critical concern elements for case the issue of human resource direction which is the bedrock of any concern. From the survey there is a clear indicant that the employees are virtually from a individual folk hence the concern has been turned in a tribal game that is played by merely a certain subdivision of people in the society.

The direction has been seeking to turn to this state of affairs through biddings and treatment with single employee but to some extent this enterprise has non yielded much because the direction seems non to be reading from the same book with employees and seeking to understand the demands and demands of the employees. The hall grade to this job harmonizing to my analysis is the facet that the staff are non motivated due to the fact that the direction donaa‚¬a„?t have in topographic point proper managerial profile that caters for the involvements of the employees. This world shoved the staff to go forth occupation therefore the state of affairs of intensifying staff bend over, low morale in them hence they can non sharply do gross revenues which has an consequence on the general public presentation of the concern.There is a desperate demand for policy analysis so to seek and come up with new schemes and redresss so as to convey back the concern to the position it was or even better because it is a possible thought and it have a great impact to many lives from the employees to the general public life around that topographic point

Alternate policies

Reform the direction squad and enhance inducement strategies for the staff

It is a common fact that successful concerns in the universe are those that are spearheaded by dedicated and competent squad leaders.

This output great success because they comprehend what they do and are people who are focused ; competent direction forces is besides really critical in the sense that they manage other people who are below them because this duty is so complicated and need people who have faultless accomplishments so as to take appropriate control of them and maintain them motivated so as to travel the concern forward and do it profitable. Incentive strategy is a really critical instrument in the direction circles of a concern ; it involves the doctrine of puting marks that the employees should hit at a given period of clip so the concern or organisation wages handsomely the best acting staff through fillips or gifts. This thought will do the staff to take the occupation with a batch of earnestness and involvement with the purpose of achieving the marks and win the inducements therefore bettering the profitableness of the concern and do the staff motivated to make their occupations.

It therefore deserving observing that behind most of todayaa‚¬a„?s successful service organisations and concerns stands on a steadfast committedness to effectual and inclusive direction of HR issues including enlisting, choice, refresher preparations, incentives/ motive and keeping of employees in the business..

Introduction of service selling and proper client service

In the service industry which is characterized by competition and other act uponing market forces a concern or company must strategically place itself so as to hold a competitory border and maximise its gross revenues. The most demanding occupations in service concerns are frontline occupations and the employees are expected to be fleet and really efficient in their executing of operational undertakings, every bit good as being gracious and helpful in covering with clients. Frontline employees affecting those in the service and cashiering are cardinal inputs for presenting service excellence and making competitory advantage for the concern. Service staffs play a really of import function in the service net income concatenation because of the fact that Customers encounter with service staff is the most of import facet of the service. From the companyaa‚¬a„?s position, the service degrees and the manner in which the service is delivered by the frontline staff can be a really of import beginning of distinction every bit good as in the procedure of specifying a competitory advantage.

It is hence prudent for any service industry and concern to develop a dedicated staff in client service through motive and respect of their service.

Reduce on the cost on wellness attention

From the comments of the VP finance and controller the cost of wellness attention cost at the Skinny Ravens Casino have risen by 10 % in the last three old ages. Health attention of employees is a cardinal public assistance issue that every concern or organisation must take with earnestness it deserves because of the fact that if the wellness of the staff is non proper it translates to cut down end product which in bend takes toll on the profitableness of the concern. Business should promote and develop its staff on preventative schemes against common diseases so as to cut down regular wellness ailments and disbursals that is incurred in seeking medical attending

Recommended policy

From my ain analysis sing the policy issues impacting the company I would urge the first alternate policy on reforming the direction squad and heightening inducements. Employees of this concern seem dissatisfied and their public assistance non taken attention of decently and this phenomenon is the cardinal cause of jobs confronting the company.

Developing a professional squad of directors will to a great extent bend around the face of the concern through proper direction of human resource issues refering the staff. Incentives is a critical enterprise in the procedure of heightening single public presentation in any organisation or company ; coming with an incentive strategy and bettering the footings of the employees will to a great extent reverse the tendency. Some might reason that direction is non an of import component in look intoing on this state of affairs of Skinny Raven Casino, but advocates of this place should cognize that direction construction is the bosom of any concern because it determines the general end product of the concern because they are the determination shapers every bit good coordinators of the concern.

Implementation & A ; support

Execution of this policy to a great per centum should be taken by the board and top direction by presenting a new civilization of nearing through constitution of the suggested thoughts and sharing it out with the employees. Support of this plan will come from the appropriation of the concern net incomes towards development

Monitoring and rating

M & A ; E are really critical enterprises in estimating prosperity or failure of a undertaking.

Skinny Raven Casino should set up regular monitoring and rating mechanisms so step and measure the advancement that they have made in reengineering the concern and aid in doing timely intercessions.


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