The Purpose Of Minor Characters In Death Essay

Of A Salesman Essay, Research PaperIn the drama, Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller, three minor characters affect the secret plan.

These characters are Ben, Charley and Howard. The minor characters help the narrative & # 8217 ; s supporter, Willy, develop extensively throughout the class of the drama ; hence, they are cardinal elements in the progressing narrative line. This narrative line blends and contrasts Willy & # 8217 ; s closest comrades, Ben and Charley.

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They represent two facets of Willy & # 8217 ; s ideals. Howard, Willy & # 8217 ; s foreman, maps in order to rise the devastation of Willy & # 8217 ; s dream. The characters Ben, Charley and Howard are influential in the drama & # 8217 ; s result and aid develop the chief character, Willy.Ben is a figment of Willy & # 8217 ; s imaginativeness that represents his idealistic position of prosperity. Ben is symbolic of the success of the American Dream. He expresses these feelings when he says, & # 8220 ; When I was 17 I walked into the jungle and when I was 21 I walked out.

And by God I was rich & # 8221 ; ( 48 ) . Ben earned his richness without the aid of an instruction or occupation. Willy is continuously misled with psychotic belief semblances of magnificence by Ben, as in when Ben says, & # 8220 ; What are you constructing? Lay your manus on it. Where is it? & # 8221 ; ( 86 ) . Ben inquiries the success of Willy & # 8217 ; s gross revenues occupation and provinces that in order to be comfortable, one must physically touch it.

Ben represents the success of the Dream and maps in order to do Willy doubt the actions of difficult work.Charley is Willy & # 8217 ; s closest friend and he displays the failure of Willy Loman & # 8217 ; s ideals. He is a really realistic character who attempts to convert Willy that his ends are all incorrect. An illustration of his efforts is & # 8220 ; The lone thing you got in this universe is what you can sell & # 8221 ; ( 97 ) . Willy believes that in order to be a success, one must be good liked ; hence, Charley explains to Willy that good concern willdo person comfortable. The failure of Willy’s ideals are once more represented with his covetous attitude towards Charley.

Charley expresses this by stating, “You been covetous of me all your life, you damned sap! ” ( 98 ) . Charley is successful due to difficult work and this has angered Willy because it is contrary to his beliefs. The failure of Willy Loman’s ideals are evident because of the success of his closest friend, Charley.Howard & # 8217 ; s character maps in order to stand for the acrimonious world from which the supporter tries to get away. The world of the state of affairs is presented before Willy when he is fired by Howard. Howard tells Willy that & # 8220 ; it & # 8217 ; s a concern, child, and everybody & # 8217 ; s got ta draw his ain weight & # 8221 ; ( 80 ) .

Howard explains to Willy that, contrary to his beliefs, the concern universe is a rough environment nothingness of compassion and penchant. Howard increases the temper of the drama when he reveals the despair of Willy & # 8217 ; s state of affairs. He tries to sell his recording equipment on the tabular array and says & # 8220 ; Sure, they & # 8217 ; re merely a hundred and a half. You can & # 8217 ; t do without it & # 8221 ; ( 78 ) . Howard is really capable of buying the machine of which he speaks.

However, Willy is far from being able to carry through such a purchase. The feeling of Willy & # 8217 ; s failure is heightened through his traffics with Howard.Through the actions of the minor characters in Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman & # 8217 ; s character develops throughout the drama. These minor characters, Ben, Willy and Howard, are influential in the result of the narrative because they provide the reader with comparings between themselves and the supporter. Through their interactions, Willy & # 8217 ; s character is able to arouse an emotional response from the reader ; hence, the minor characters are cardinal in the development secret plan. These interactions are associated with Willy & # 8217 ; s psychotic beliefs of magnificence, which pertain to success and life.


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