Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The preceded chart from C? leads to

The preceded chart from C? leads to

The preceded chart from C? leads to different expectations. First, because of the existence of some other positions in the C? government domain, it is also supposed to see adverbs in those positions especially to the left side of the C’. Second, there are two distinct licensers as I? and C?. Therefore, it can be possible that an adverb is only licensed by one of them. If licensed by I?, the adverb immediately follows the subject.

C’-adjoined adverbs are illustrated in (26) and I believe that the questions are CPs and the wh words are its specifiers and the inverted auxiliary is in the C?. Based on (25), and as illustrated in (26d), C’ adjunction puts an adverb between these elements.

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a.       Who possibly can we see now on the street?

b.      Which of the girls evidently does John like?

c.       Where supposedly can Mary buy a good shirt?

d.      CP where C’ most likely C’ should IP John visit Mary?

Secondly, there can be groups of adverbs licensing by just I? or C?. Hardly, merely or scarcely are the kind of adverbs that do not fall into the S- or VP-adverbs (Jackendoff, 1972) since they apparently describe the degree of the situations – I assume. According to Jackendoff, they can be appeared in between of the subject and the main verb – that is after the subject and before the main verb (27). They can be occurred to the right of a non-finite auxiliary (28). And the clause-initial is not permitted (29). The clause-initial position is just permitted with the adverbs like hardly, merely, and scarcely (Jackendoff, 1972).


a.       John (simply) is (simply) unable of doing the dishes.

b.      The cats (hardly) have (hardly) got the mice.

c.       Mary (scarcely) would (scarcely) worry about the exam.


d.      John and Mary have simply gotten lost in the jungle.

e.       Mary would have merely been bitten by the bees.

f.        John and Mary would have hardly worried about the exam.


g.      Simply John is unable of doing the dishes.

h.      Hardly the cats have got the mice.

i.        Scarcely Mary would worry about the exam.

(30) describes the clause-internal placement of the adverbs like merely placing them in any desired positions shown in (31).


a. adjuncts to the left of I’

b. adjuncts to the left of VP/ V’