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The flaws in United States            “With this faith, we will be able totransform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony ofbrotherhood. With this faith, we will be able to work together, to praytogether, to struggle together, to go to jail together, and stand up for freedomtogether, knowing that we will be free one day”(King). Martin Luther King Jr. Spokeabout a society in which people would live in harmony and the color ofsomeone’s skin would not be an issue.

An ideal society should be the placewhere people have a real democracy and participation taking decisions inbenefit of the nation, state, or town. The ideal democracy means that everyone mustagree with the decisions that the government takes. In an ideal society,religion is not barrier to separate people. People need to respect thediversity of beliefs of people who don’t believe in the same God but rather ona different one. People could have the same opportunities to go school and havea career.

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Also, people would strive to have a good life avoiding settling forless. In an ideal society, people are not sexually assaulted or discriminatedby their ethnicity, color language. Also, men and women respect their vows andfocus on keeping their families intact rather than separating. There is noviolence at home or children that are abused for by their parents or wifes whoare abused by their husbands. Accidents caused by drunk and distracted peoplewould not happen either. An ideal society does not exist in United Statesbecause there are discrimination, sexual harassment and corrupted government.People are not living in an ideal society in The UnitedStates because there is discrimination in the states because of the diversityof ethnicities. An investigation showed that the Ku Klux Klan had grown sinceDonald Trump took the presidency.

This clan has been known for theirdiscrimination behavior against people who are not white like them or aredifferent, like gays or lesbian. Currently, this organization is present in 22states (Trimble). This means Hispanic, Asian, and people of color are thetarget of discrimination by the Klan. The KKK is only one part of the problem,there are people without any affiliation to any kind of group, and those peoplediscriminate as well insult people that are from other ethnicities. Usuallythis discrimination is only verbal. For example, American white people who feelthat they are superior to others ethnicities, whey they see a Hispanic or aperson of color they start to insult them by screaming ” Get out of mycountry,” or “You are black, you are a slave Negro.

” This form ofdiscrimination sometimes includes violence which results with death and injuredpeople. Another wayof discrimination is by religion, there are people who can’t tolerate adiversity of religions, such as Catholics, Christians, and Muslims. Thisdiscrimination occurs most of the time with insults, but unfortunately, sometimesthere is violence. For example, the gunman who opened fire in church of SpringTexas was identified as Devin Patrick Kelly, on November 2017, killing twentysix Christians who were at their Sunday service (Bacon). The religion that ismostly targeted by racists is Muslims, and it happens because they are linkingthem with terrorist groups, so they are easy to identify because women use aveil all the time and men use a turban. Also, between Christians and Catholicsthere is discrimination, typically it is only verbal. For example, one kind ofdiscrimination between Christians and Catholics is when they began to tell eachother that they will not make it to Heaven because they believe on the ‘wrong’God.

People are also being discriminated because they are gay or lesbian bypeople who can not tolerated diversity. To them, the man must marry awoman and woman must to marry a man and anything that doesn’t go along withthat is wrong to them. According to Pete Williams author of the article “TrumpAdministration: no civil right protection for gays and Lesbian,” PresidentTrump has prohibited  gays and lesbians from being in the army because thearmy must be focused on their job instead to be concern on the medical cost andbreak up that cause this kind of people. Therefore, an ideal society can nothave any typed of discrimination, there is no excuse to justify the treat peopledifferently based on their beliefs, ethnicity or preference.By banning freedom speech, corrupt leaders are ableto control people and sometimes abuse of their power by using physical orverbal assault. This type of corrupt leaders usually prey on young people whomthey think can be silenced and they do not like when someone goes against theirwords or wishes.  For instance, everybody must to think and have samebehavior as George and Hazel Bergeron, they have an intellect above theaverage, but the government keep down them by constrains their specialabilities, like be smart and take decisions. Their son, Harrison Bergeron, waskilled because he rebelled against the government rules and wanted to bedifferent.

He convinced a girl to rule the new world with him but he was killedbefore he could continue people’s memory was erased to not remember the event(Vonnegut). People are able to see this behavior with the President Trumpagainst the newspaper or newscast. When there was a report like the women whomade a complaint against Trump for sexual misconduct, he said it was fake.Every news that he does not like he says it is fake news. He only wants to heargood news about him because this is a kind of silencing people especially sincethere is freedom of the press which he wants to take away.

            Involving in corruption, people who work inthe government try to take advantage of their positions when corruption happensthe society in general lose values as a community. People who voted for themnow have doubts about if they are trustworthy, as a consequence people stopvoting for them when there are elections. Communities and government lose out,now government needs to work hard to recover the trust of community. Forexample, in San Francisco California the senator Leland Yee in 2014 wassentenced because he associated with a gangster Shrimp Boy in money launderingand trafficking firearms (Lee).  CEOs’ and people with high power aboveothers sometimes try to take a certain advantage of their position.

They startto harass people who the most of the time are women who are under their directsubordination.  Usually this type of people ask ones for sexual favors inexchange for helping them grow economically and grow professionally. Peopleknown this behavior as sexual harassment when people permit that it happens,people lose moral values like their self-respect and the relationship betweenthose two people because the victim will never forget about the incident and ifthey did not say anything about it they will be ashamed of themselves. On theother hand, the aggressor will walk away shame free, knowing the victim won’tsay a thing. According 2016 annual report of California there were employmentsue 15,750 complaints versus Ralph and Unruh civil rights together where 187complaints (Department of fair employment and house). In 2017 the world knownabout the Harvey Weinstein, who was a Hollywood director, has sexual misconductbehavior with several woman who were tired of this abuses they decided to talkand denounced the Mr. Weinstein behavior (Corey) Thanks to his great amount ofmoney, Mr. Weinstein is not going to be in prison.

The money is another problemthat contributes to lack of an ideal society because as the last example Mr.Weinstein was not in prison because he has the money to pay his way out.However, people who are not all millionaires, so then one shows this misconductfor sure is going to land them in jail for months or years. According to MikeAdams in his article “Why America is still a great place to live” he said thereare things that made United States a good place are: The heart of the Americanpeople because Americans work together in disasters, Americans have Freedom ofSpeech, they can express their thoughts, The cultural diversity there are awidely diversity of people sharing time together, Emergency rooms and traumacare, they are the best in the world no one like this service. The health foodindustry, Food labeling requirements, Creative expression and Hollywood, andBetter treatment of animals. For this reasons United States is one of the bestplaces in the world. All of this thingsthat Mr.

Adams mention are part of the laws that The United States. Animalprotection does not happen only in United States, there are several countrieswith laws that protect animals, like United Kingdom, New Zealand, Austria, andMexico. Health care is part of the benefit that people have this is a right nota privileges, and the service that people receive in hospital is so differentfrom rich to poor people is not equal.

People can see that in general hospitalwhere the people wait two three hours to   receive attention. Freedom speech is inthe constitution of the United States, and there is in the first amendmentwhich says everyone is free to express their opinion without governmentrestrains, but this privileges is only for rich people and people with power.Martin Luther King Jr.

Who was arrested for protest the treatment toward peopleof color versus Joe Arpaio who is known for racist act against Latinos, hetreated people like animals. After a Judge found guilty to Joe Arpaio, the PresidentTrump pardoned him. With these examples people can see the difference of havingpower and not.Consequently, Could United States beingan ideal society? Lacking an ideal society by discrimination which immigrantslive every day, they have struggles when there is in front of them to anintolerant and racist people whom scream insults against them. Women who needto tolerate sexual harassment by their superiors, people who are fire justbecause they have others sexual preferences or they are ban to occupygovernment positions because one person decide who can work and who can notwork according sexual preferences. Lacking an equality freedom speech the Governmenttry to control people who want to see a difference type of Government.

Also, whenthe Government decides what news are fake and what news are true in order to manipulatethe citizens, the Government tries to silence newspaper and newscast. In addition,having corrupt leaders working in the Government the citizen can not trust onthem and lack the interaction between Government citizens. In fact, all theseissues are blocking The United States of having an ideal society.



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