The Possible and the Potential Essay

A Paper on Problems that a Teacher May Encounter in the Classroom Before a teacher stairss into a schoolroom and valorously imparts to the pupils whatever it is he/she demands to leave.

there would necessarily jobs that would be encountered. In fact. before. during and even after a lesson has been conducted and the chalk has been put off. there are bound to be jobs encountered in each measure. The art of learning really does non look to run out of jobs and yet.

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it is a glorious profession that merely the best people on planet Earth have the capableness to pattern.Out of all these inevitable jobs. there are those jobs which are more outstanding than the others—and believe it or non. can easy be solved.

In the three articles that are featured in this paper. there are legion jobs which they have pointed out and which can be solved by instructional agencies. In Holly Hansen-Thomas’ article. “Sheltered Direction: Best Practices for Ells in the Mainstream” . she points out that sheltered instruction—a signifier of direction used to learn ELL students—can besides be used in learning mainstream pupils.Sheltered direction is defined as “a research-based instructional model that provides clear and accessible content and academic linguistic communication to ELLs in pre-K–12 grade-level classes” ( Hansen-Thomas. 2008 ) .

This can assist the possible jobs that may originate in ELL schoolrooms wherein pupils of a different linguistic communication are seeking to larn English. Though Hansen-Thomas has specifically identified what are the things to maintain in head in ELL categories. the things that she besides explained can besides be applied in mainstream instruction and even other signifiers of teaching method.Potential jobs ( or things that should be kept in head to avoid the cropping up of jobs ) would center on the instructional stuffs and if the instructor is competent plenty to manage such stuffs or to even implement certain plans or course of study. This may be seen as one of the things that would impede optimal acquisition from the pupils if the instructor himself/herself is incapable of optimal teaching method. The fact that there is already something incorrect when the instructor fails to present his/her lessons well or even the scheme he/she is seeking to use would greatly reflect on the scholars.Hansen-Thomas unfailingly reiterates that people who can present sheltered direction for pupils are those instructors who specialize in such direction.

Therefore. it is imperative to develop and help instructors in their professional development to work out and to even avoid possible jobs in the schoolroom. This circumstance of unqualified instructors can be seen as a job since clip. money and attempt would be wasted on all parties concerned—the instructors. scholars. parents and the educational establishment.

Worst of all. the scholars would non larn anything at all or if they do. it would be a deceptive signifier of cognition or accomplishment.

On the other manus. a different job is discussed in the article of Amanda O. Latz. Kristie L. Speirs Neumeister.

Cheryll M. Adams. and Rebecca L. Pierce entitled “Peer Coaching to Improve Classroom Differentiation: Positions from Project CLUE” .

Latz et Al. ( 2009 ) discusses in their article about the lessening in teacher distinction. This may present a job because such method is needed in run intoing all the demands.

manners and degrees of the pupils. It is normally known that non all people are likewise and this same goes on how pupils learn. retain learning and desire acquisition.

Because of this diverseness in students’ demands. desire to larn. degree of larning. manner of acquisition and other factors such as historical/cultural background. gender and age.

there is a demand to turn to everything ( no affair how daunting and impossible it may look ) while implementing a scheme that would be just to everyone. This is a job for both the educational establishment and most particularly for the instructors since it would imply much appraisal. research and preparation—and such factors are precisely the grounds why harmonizing to Latz et Al.

. fewer people are utilizing distinction on their instruction.This lessening in distinction would greatly present a job for the pupils since their individualism as scholars are non met and addressed.

When this happens. of course. lone pupils who are targeted in the aims of the instructors would to the full take advantage of whatever scheme implemented by the instructor.

This would intend that those pupils who are holding jobs in school due to behavioural jobs. psychological/ mental/ emotional instability and even those who are gifted and talented to the point that they are non larning decently due to the inappropriate larning degree they are in would ne’er be solved and addressed.The deficiency of proper attending to their differences would turn out insensitiveness and possibly even laziness on the teacher’s portion. Latz et Al. ( 2009 ) sees peer coaching as the reply to back up and catalyse learning distinction since it would let aid from the all the instructors to come together and collaborate to measure the individualism of the scholars and come up with a game program that would let them to turn to that individualism.In the 3rd and concluding article wherein Nancy Padak and Cheryl Potenza-Radis ( 2010 ) showed an illustration on how instructors successfully motivated readers who are fighting in their attempts to read on the same degree as everyone else.

In the article entitled “Motivating Fighting Readers: Three Keys to Success” . Padak et Al. ( 2010 ) explained that there are pupils who are holding troubles in reading since they are either non motivated to read or they are ashamed of their incapableness to read on the same degree as everyone else.This state of affairs is non new and can be seen as a menace to the acquisition of a kid. Since the kid would hold such insecure impressions about himself/herself. he/she will make anything to writhe out of a state of affairs that would entitle him/her to read in public.

even to the point of being withdrawn or aloof to everyone else. Furthermore. this would develop a psychological consequence on the scholar which would render him/her with the thought that he/she is stupid or incapable of larning when in fact.

such job can be addressed. In the same article. Padak et Al.( 2010 ) pointed out that the reply to such job lies in a contributing environment prepared by the instructor.

the zealousness and attempts of the instructor to actuate and to learn the pupils to read and in conclusion. a everyday execution of a scheme that the pupils would bask and greatly profit from. Reading is one of four macro-skills that is considered as a life-long accomplishment needed for personal growing and mundane communications—if an person can non read or is hindered from enthusiastic reading the inclination is that the individual’s over all character would be greatly affected.To stop.

there are still many other illustrations of possible jobs that may go on in the schoolroom and it is non up to the instructor entirely to turn to or forestall the onslaught of such jobs. It is up to the instructors. scholars.

parents. educational establishment and even the authorities and the society to travel on work outing and forestalling such jobs. After all.

a most educated scholar who has received optimum capacity for larning would most likely mean a most efficient and valuable member of society in the future—and would non that be a pretty image to visualize?Mentions Hansen-Thomas. H. ( 2008 ) . Sheltered direction: best patterns for ELLs in the mainstream. Kappa Delta Pi Record.

44 ( 4 ) . pp. 165-169.

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