The Piano Lesson Essay Research Paper DoakerBerniece

The Piano Lesson Essay, Research PaperDoakerBerniece and Boy Willie & # 8217 ; s uncle is a railway cook, seeking to maintain the peace while attesting to the yesteryear.

Boy WillieA few short coevalss removed from the African who carved the piano, he comes to Pittburgh from Mississippi on a missionto sell his piano in order to purchase a piece of the land where his ascendants slaved.LymonBoy WIllie & # 8217 ; s spouse Citrullus vulgariss is dying to complete the concern and get down his new life in the North.BernieceBoy Willie & # 8217 ; s sister, Doaker and the action of the drama reside in her house.

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She refuses to allow her piano be sold.MarethaBerniece & # 8217 ; s eleven year-old girl is get downing to larn piano.AveryA sermonizer who is seeking to construct his fold while be givening to the psyche of its members. He besides courts Berniece.Wining BoyDoaker & # 8217 ; s brother, Boy Willie and Berniece & # 8217 ; s uncle is a piano player, drinker, gambler, and connexion to the household & # 8217 ; s yesteryear.GraceA immature, urban adult female whom Boy Willie and Lymon each attempt to pick up.

DrumheadThe Piano Lesson is set in Pittsburgh in 1936, and all the action takes topographic point in the house of Doaker Charles and his niece,Berniece. The characters in the drama, some of whom havemigrated to the industrial North while others stayed in the rural South,are the kids and grandchildren of freed slaves, and apparent throughout the drama is a teleological connexion with the clip ofbondage.The cardinal struggle in The Piano Lesson is more easy delineated than in any other of Wilson dramas. Boy Willie and his friendLymon have traveled north to Pittsburgh to sell a truckload of Citrullus vulgariss. Boy Willie besides intends to sell the household piano & # 8211 ; apriceless heirloom into which his gramps had carved the history of the household since the in-between transition. He intends to utilizethe money from the piano and the Citrullus vulgariss to purchase a package of land where his ascendants slaved.

The chief obstruction BoyWillie faces is Berniece, in who & # 8217 ; s house the piano sits. Although the piano is small played, she does non desire to sell it because ofwhat it portrays and represents about the household & # 8217 ; s history.Besides on phase are Doaker and Wining Boy, Boy Willie and Berniece & # 8217 ; s uncles, who tell with authorization the history of the pianoand the household. While Doaker is a railway cook, and appears to be stable in this occupation, his brother Wining Boy is a transientinstrumentalist, gambler, and alcoholic. The household & # 8217 ; s youngest coevals is seen in Maretha, who largely merely observes the strugglestwirling around her.


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