Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The person to ever make a solo

The person to ever make a solo

The lost generation was the time in American History that established a literature repetition. The reason this generation was called the lost generation was that after the time of war these writers were seen as irrelevant. This generation produced people like Ernest Hemingway, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Sherwood Anderson, and John Steinbeck.  Charles Lindbergh’s claim to fame was that he was the first person to ever make a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. He flew in his plane Spirit of St.Louis to Paris France.  The failures of Fitzgerald’s father in his business and his family having to rely on his mother to get money for the family. This has been implied a lot into the works of his books. An example is The Great Gatsby.  Fitzgerald was known for spending money as soon as he got it. His father’s alcoholism that his children saw Fitzgerald put into his stories.  Jack Dempsey was a famous boxing champion from Manassa, Colorado. He defended his title five times over six years until he ran into Gene Tunney. Tunney beat him to take away his title. Dempsey went for a rematch against Tunney. In the seventh round Dempsey knocked down Tunney, Dempsey forgot about a new rule where he was to return to a neutral counter which gave Tunney an extra five seconds to recover. This caused Dempsey the fight and he was defeated. All of Dempsey’s fans said that he was the winner and it was not his fault for losing the fight.      The prohibition helped contribute to the rise of organized crime because since alcohol was illegal everywhere people needed a place where they could go and be able to drink. This lead to the mob leaders such as Al Capone and Bugs Moran all started creating places called speakeasies. These were places where people could go and party in big cities like Chicago and New York. These places were hidden as simple places in a town. These places lead to crime rise because if you crossed up anyone high up in power or the head then you were in a load of trouble. Between 1927 to 1930 over 500 gangland murders took place. In order for me to tell you some influential people of the Harlem Renaissance, I must tell you what it is about. The Harlem Renaissance was a time during the 1920s that the ideas and influences of African Americans were making amazing advances in the town of Harlem, New York. These influences were not just in jazz music but in politics, literature, and the arts. People like Marcus Garvey who founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Who their goal was to bring pride back to the African American race. By far the most influential writer of this time was Langston Hughes. He was known for his writings of the middle-class African Americans and the hardships they had to face. He is also known for his Jazz-like rhythm writings. The most influential musician was Louis Armstrong. He is known as the greatest to ever pick up a trumpet and play jazz music. He issued the idea of solo playing instead of play with a big band. He also brought scatting into music which is saying words but them not making sense and going along with the music. A characteristic that Henry Ford had that helped him succeed in life and his job was that he valued the idea of Human Capital. This quality can be defined as so by Dictionary.com, the collective skills, knowledge, or other intangible assets of individuals that can be used to create economic value for the individuals, their employers, or their community.  An example of this from Ford’s life has been validated by tons of people. He would often up people’s pay to five dollars an hour and move hours up to an eight hour day. This pay raise and more hours offered motivation for the workers to be able to produce more cars. This did not affect the amount of money the company had because Ford lowered the prices which meant more and more families had cars.    During the 1920’s the idea of travel by airplanes where very limited. Very many people were hesitant to getting on a plane and making a trip to places. Really the only ones who used planes to transport things were goods and mail. The Canadian government was one of the first people to use the idea of “Air Mail” which was a quicker way to transport mail across their own and other countries. It wasn’t until later in the 20’s that planes got bigger to the point that they could be trusted to carry people from place to place. Although planes were not big at this point in time we all know the incredibly reliable things they are now. Trains, on the other hand, were incredibly important during this time. Instead of driving yourself from one point to another people trusted trains to get them too and from. It is shown that a lot of train companies went bankrupt but this was nothing to the American people because as soon as companies went bankrupt other were coming into the game of transportation. Train’s were the easiest way possible for a person to get from a place like New York to Los Angeles without having to drive themselves. Trains during this time had become such a main point of traveling that they now started putting different types of cars like dining cars, passenger cars, and even sleeper cars for those going on overnight trips. This is the 1920’s the safest and easiest way to get from A to B.    On January 16, 1920, the United States Government passed the 18th amendment. This amendment put a temperance on alcohol for everyone in the United States. This put a real hurt on those who benefitted from the sales and distribution of alcohol. The main idea of this was for the government help families not be broken up by alcohol and for their not to be so many alcoholics in the United States. There were three social issues that I found that was linked to the movement, organized crime, alcohol companies, and consumption.    The biggest issue about the prohibition was once the government put these actions was that the crimes of organized crimes went up. In a study of more than 30 major cities in America, organized crime went up 24% during this time.  These crimes weren’t to steal liquor or anything like that it was actually to distribute the goods of alcohol. What happened was saloons and bars turned into what was known as, “speakeasies” these were places where people knew that they could go and get alcohol without getting in trouble. It was one of those things that everyone knew what was going on in these places. The distribution of alcohol gave the American people the great criminal Al Capone. He was known as the most popular person to get bootlegged alcohol in the city of Chicago. He stationed his supplies on the north side of Chicago this made it easier for him to supply and handle things in case anything went wrong.     A social issue that happened was the factories that made alcohol. There was no money to be made because these companies were allowed to make any alcohol, this did not allow people to work for money which but some in unemployment. These alcohol companies had to make some form of money so what they did was sell the syrup needed to make their own alcohol. This allowed the making of bootlegged alcohol. The making of alcohol was not seen as legal but it was easier to make it yourself than it was to try and get bootlegged alcohol. These companies tried to make money during their dying time as an industry. A lot of these men and women who worked in these factories were laid off because they had too many people working on so many little projects that did not need the care of more than maybe one or two people. These caused the unemployment rate to rise which put more and more people in the depressed state. Which is ironic because depression causes people to do things like drink and crime so that they can have a way to support their family.     The last and I personally think is the craziest social issue is the idea of consumption. Before alcohol was banned the estimated consumption rate of alcohol in 1925 was up only up to 60% of Americans in the United States. This was actually not a lot at this time in history. This time in American history people were drinking alcohol like it was milk. The problem wasn’t that alcohol was banned it was more of the idea that it was a stand to those in official power that yes they could take away their freedom of buying and making of alcohol but people were still going to find ways to get it and consume it. The seen cause of families being torn during this time was due to alcoholism, the prohibition was some form of way that the government could save the American family and save American people. Studies show that the death rate during the time of prohibition was only 10-20%. The entire level of consumption varied over the time of prohibition. The idea of consumption was a sort of stand towards the government and those against the sale of alcohol. Even though this was a tough time for many alcohol companies it was a good time to be a farmer in the state of California due to The Volstead Act, these farmers were allowed to continue to farm grapes and to create wine. These farmers would create these bricks of wine that if put with water and left in a place for a certain amount of days that it would turn into wine. This was a big thing because it allowed the sale to priest, ministers, and rabbis. This allowed them to be able to use this wine only for the Sabbath and other holy days.    Of those involved in seeing the movement of prohibition succeed the people who wanted to see the idea and reform succeed was the government. The United States government wanted to put an end to the stereotype that all Americans were drunks and alcohol who did not care about their families. They wanted a way to be able to affect the average American family without force. This was very hypocritical because many government officials admitted to drinking alcohol and buying alcohol from bootleggers. President Warren G. Harding admitted and was proven by many other visitors that he kept a bar in the White House stocked for anyone visiting and for his own personal use. This was seen by the American people as very hypocritical because the American people could not buy it then how can their President, the face of the country, be able to not only drink it but admit to buying it during a time of temperance. This brought a lot of hardship to those who agreed with the idea of prohibition but made it harder for those people to apply it because everyone from police officers, judges, and even state officials were buying from bootleggers and consuming alcohol.