The Peanut That Made My Life Complete Essay

The Peanut That Made My Life Complete            Life always has a way of changing the lives of people. For some reason, there are certain things that occur in life beyond what we expect. These experiences also make people see things that are beyond their reach. I know, because I myself have experienced this sometime in my extraordinary life.

            A few years ago, my parents gave me a (BREED OF DOG) dog. He was one of the cutest and friendliest dogs I have encountered in my life. I decided to name him Peanut, primarily because it fit him/her perfectly. He became an instant part of our family, and was well loved by everyone. He loved to run around the house and welcome everyone who came by. Through our many moments together, I decided that it was necessary for Peanut to be trained. I was no professional in this area, so the act itself was a great deal from my end.            I started my great endeavor by buying books, asking experienced pet owners and doing research on how to train dogs.

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I concentrated on the basic training that would also be beneficial in our home. Since Peanut came into our home as a puppy, I made sure that he only urinated and defecated in specific areas in the house. I started by setting barriers and limiting the areas as to which Peanut would be accustomed to. I made sure that the whole area was filled with newspaper. Eventually, I decreased the newspaper laid on the floor. With this, I noticed that Peanut only urinated and defecated in the areas covered with newspaper. Although this may be a small thing for many, I felt successful.            Eating was never a problem for Peanut.

Even as a puppy, I made sure that I used the word “eat” whenever I would give his food. In addition to this, I praised my dog for every good deed that he did. When he urinated in the newspaper, I would say, “good boy/girl”, and then pat him/her in the head as a sign of my praise. There were times that I almost gave up teaching Peanut some of the basics in life, but as I see him following me, I become inspired to continue on with life.I remember this one incident at home. We were hosting a party, and there were a lot of people. Peanut was crazy playing with everyone, but when I called him/her, he/she quickly responded.

I told her/him that it was time to “eat” his/her lunch. She/he barked as a sign of approval and followed me to her/his bowl. A good dog that she/he was, the guests were impressed. The most impressive act Peanut showed was in the presence of the other dogs. The other owners present in the party apologized to me because their dogs left litter in different parts of the house. Peanut, on the other hand, isolated his/her litter only in the area where newspaper was laid. This was the clear manifestation of my dedication, patience, and hard work in training Peanut into becoming one of the most extraordinary dogs this country has ever had.

            Looking back, I cannot help but wonder how I was able to accomplish training Peanut. I was no professional in this field, but I was more than that. I loved my dog dearly, and I was willing to do whatever it takes to make him one of the best. Training a dog is similar to going through the different experiences that life has to offer. Much patience, understanding, and determination are some of the factors needed in facing the realities of life.I also have my own imperfections, and like normal people, I fall down and commit mistakes. There are certain things that happen in life that are not clear in my head, and these sometimes cause confusion in my mind. This may be similar to how a dog would be trained into becoming an extraordinary pet.

Like people, they stumble and fall. They also get hurt, which can be seen when our pets are lonely and sad. The only difference I have with Peanut is the fact that for every fall, I rise up and try to become a better individual. Like how I patiently taught Peanut to isolate his litter in newspaper, I am ready to face the challenges life has in store for me no matter what.

Peanut may seem like a normal dog for many. Personally, he is not only an entertainer, a companion, a friend, and a family member. Peanut made me believe in myself – he made my life complete.


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