The Pathology Of Crime Criminology Essay

Pathology is the survey of a peculiar subject- a disease.

It is the diagnosing of an abnormalcy through careful scrutiny of the components of the morbid organic structure.When offense is considered to be a disease, an abnormalcy among worlds, so, Pathology of offense can be called the survey of offense ; the psychological and general facets of it, by careful scrutiny of the assorted components and factors of offense such as- break of bing societal norms and values, mental unwellness, emphasis, disorganisation in society, anti societal psychopathic mentalities, physical upsets etc.Through my paper on this topic, I hope to cover thoroughly all the societal factors that affect society, offense in society and besides understand and sketch the blank between bing Torahs against offense, those geared towards the upliftment of society in general and the world faced by us, the common adult male.

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I besides aim to unearth some potentially comprehensive, matter-of-fact and utile ways to cut down offense rate on a whole and measure the effectivity of traditional penalty.What is Crime?A ‘purist legal position ‘ of offense is defined as a misdemeanor of a condemnable jurisprudence. Irrespective of the moral or societal indignation or ethical inappropriateness of an act, it can non be termed a offense unless it straight or indirectly is conflicting upon a certain act passed.In this sense, offense becomes a ‘sociopolitical event, instead than a clinical status, a clinical or medical condition- which can non be treated or diagnosed. ‘ – In the words of Mr. Vernon Fox,1985.

In this traditional mentality on offense, an Actus Reus – a condemnable act and a guilty intention- Mens Rea ; are the indispensable elements of a offense.But offense can non be restricted in such a manner entirely to the Acts of the Apostless defined. Criminologists must analyze the deviants-the felons, every bit good as the socio cultural contexts that define them.A batch of erudite people and bookmans in the Fieldss of Sociology, psychological science, neurology every bit good as high legal experts and jurisprudence shapers opine that – ‘every condemnable act is the consequence of unnatural behaviour of the person concerned ‘ . This is where it becomes imperative for us to understand the pathology of offense.

Hence the inquiry, what precisely is pathology?Pathology and its relationship with offensePathology can be defined as the scientific survey and word picture of an anomaly/ disease/ abnormalcy in a certain field of involvement.condemnable diagnosticians, more normally known as criminologists ; trade with the survey, construction, alterations and operation of a society on the footing of offenses and the interdependent relationship between offense and society. As in, how society at big is affected by assorted condemnable pervert behaviour, how values, mores, Torahs, folkways in bend keep altering or seting to the general consensus of society at big and how this in bend affects waxy immature heads towards aberrant inclinations.An interesting tendency to observe would be the generalization towards the credence of offense as an abnormalcy in society. This credence shows us that in a Utopian environment, the construct of offense ceases to be. This ‘pathology ‘ shows us that we believe offense is basically a perversion of human character, something that must be remedied or rectified ; Removed from the heads of those who pattern it.We can associate the reason behind that of a pathological felon to that of a pathological/ compulsive prevaricator. A pathological prevaricator does n’t ever cognize when he/she is lying.

The prevarication becomes a portion of his/her world. This is due to certain mental jobs. It has besides been found that there are some anomalousnesss in the construction of the encephalon of a pathological prevaricator. It is wired otherwise compared to regular healthy encephalons. This throws visible radiation on the psychological facets of offense. It could possibly be curable one twenty-four hours. These thoughts led to the survey of phrenology, in which encephalon size and form were used to find criminalism. There is an immediate and overpowering demand for more medical research on the topic.

Contradicting positions -Durkheim really states that ‘ offense should be seen as something functional and necessary for society instead than something pathological, and a symptom of a morbid society. ‘He bases his statement on that fact that offense has been ubiquitous of all time since society came into being. He says all societies, saloon none, have experienced offense. Therefore, harmonizing to him, offense seems to stand for a status of normalcy.He says a offense is a offense because it offends values, non because it is basically incorrect. He thinks offense strengthens a societies ideals and values because they are reaffirmed every clip person is prosecuted for a incorrect making.Of class, his positions are non widely accepted and are opposed by many, due to the obvious gaping cringle holes in his account. Crime is ne’er a good thing and it does n’t beef up a society.

It reflects on the moralss and ethical motives of the community, true ; and it might be historically ingrained in our civilization but that does n’t do it right. It is still something that can, and should be curbed.Therefore, on the footing of deficiency of strong statements saying otherwise, we can presume offense is inherently a pathological status.Factors responsible for offense.

The most basic inquiry that comes to mind when discoursing the criminology or pathological facets of offense would be the 1 that points to the grass root degree of it all. Why does offense be?What leads people to take part in such ethically and morally incorrect workss, and travel about mistreating the really values they grew up with?Psychological conditions.EnvironmentSocial disorganisationLack of instructionLack of a strong support systemsocietal change/ Evolution- Regression.Negative liberalisationEconomic FluctuationsDissolution of spiritual, matrimony and household establishmentsNo conformance towards societal norms, ethical motives.Changing position of certain religious orders of societyDissociative societal procedures and strugglesLack of empathy and personal moralss. Effect of mass mediaThe aforesaid grounds are some of the chief factors for the ground offense exists. Undertaking the turning phenomenon of offense can merely be done by first taking attention of the economic, societal and psychological issues related to do spikes in offense.We have to understand that the bulk of socialisation procedures are completed by the household, in the primary phase.

If the procedure of sociality is done right, with the household emphasizing on the ingraining of the right values, norms, civilization and broad thought, the base for a healthy society can be accomplished.For this, it is indispensable for households to be tight knit and functional. The environment given to the kids has to project safety. When there is an absence of a healthy environment and a household system, it has been statistically proven that there is an addition in the hazard for delinquency.Most offenses can be averted when the simple distinction between rights and wrongs, and human empathy are clarified and made highly clear.When there is a fright of a higher authorization which undertakings absolute ethical motives and rigorous penalty for those who break this codification of morality, there is a decrease in the happening of offense.

Therefore, faith, though marginal irrational, plays an of import function in controling offense ; when interpreted the right manner.Tendencies In CrimeAge and offenseCrime rate by and large declines with advancement in age. Most wrongdoers caught come under the age bracket of 16-25. Experts say ‘ the age-crime curve likely reflects diminishing parental controls, a peaking of equal influence in the teenage old ages, and so increasing household and community controls with age.

‘Sexual activity and offenseOf all the demographic variables present, gender seems to be the most addled.Most discourtesies are preponderantly done by males, save those of flesh trade. More than 83 % of today ‘s flagitious offenses are committed by males. But the fairer sex seems to be proclaiming equality in this field, excessively.A batch of junior-grade offenses, traffic misdemeanors and other minor offenses are easy going the female sphere of offense.

Attached following is a graph, to exemplify both.arrests_by_age_sex.jpgSocial category and offenseA huge bulk of those arrested or labeled as a condemnable belong to the lower strata of society.

Though some bookmans say that the functionary information shows this lone because those belonging to the higher categories can normally acquire away with offense by corrupting or deriving favours from the authorization figures, there has been a rise in white collar offenses and the similar, which may shortly even out the curve.Minority groups/ Race / Regionality and offense.Peoples belonging to the minority groups and less dominant races or those who belong to other parts ( those who migrate in hunt of better life conditions, work etc ) normally belong to the poorer subdivisions of society.

This, coupled with the fact that the grownups in the household are excessively busy eking out a life to take attention of the instruction and moral good being of their wards, could hold a direct consequence on the fact that a batch of reprobates and condemnable wrongdoers belong these backgrounds.Besides, there is an implicit in disdain towards the privileged batch because racial profiling and favoritism is rampant. This in bend creates conflict between the two groups and might arouse the poorer subdivisions to aim the privileged batch.These assorted tendencies in offense aid us understand the social attack to it and the group consensus. Targeted intervention can be done.Typology of CrimeCondemnable typologies are ways to seek and sort types of offense and felons.

It can be based on assorted standards like:Type of offense committed.Chemical reaction of society towards said offense.What the jurisprudence and legislatures province.Criminal calling of the wrongdoer etc.There have been many efforts made to sort felons under one binding system but no such attempts have paid off boulder clay day of the month.For illustration, Schafer ‘s LIFE TREND typology of felons ( 1982 )is as follows-Occasional felonsProfessional felonsAbnormal felonsAccustomed felonsConvictional felonsThough apparently comprehensive plenty, this typology was rejected, merely like many earlier because it did non wholly sort every condemnable type.

The really scientific discipline of typology has been under heavy unfavorable judgment becauseSpecific discourtesies vary with clip and topographic point.some wrongdoers participate in more than one type of offenseMost discourtesies are normally inter linked and can non be over simplified by seeking to do them look more distinct than they are.No individual typology is utile to group all wrongdoers.But the typology of Criminal behaviour systems is still widely taken into consideration.It is as follows-Violent personal offenseoccasional belongings offenseoccupational offensecorporate offensepolitical offensepublic order offenseconventional offenseorganized offenseProfessional offenseThis sort of typology is done on the footing of behaviour and type of offense committed, for doing the legislative and judiciary procedure easier, by simplifying the categorization.Figure3.

1 Use of Typologies in CJS-Final.jpgSome of the most jarring and convoluted offenses of all time recorded in History occurred sometime over the past century.Gruesome slayings, violent colza and assault charges, extortion, art offenses and media copy cat offenses have been the fury.THE TATE-LABIANCA MURDERS, 1969 ; THE LANA TURNER AFFAIR, 1958 ;THE BRINKS JOB, 1950 ; THE BLACK DAHLIA, 1947 ; THE MONA LISA, 1911 ;THE LINDBERGH KIDNAPPING ; THE Lufthansa rip-off etc are all globally celebrated offenses that literally shocked people. To cognize that fellow worlds were capable of such freaks was n’t a comforting idea. The recent jemmy saville instance is besides terrorizing, in many ways.But there has been a steady diminution in violent offense, globally.

Though experts are baffled for the ground behind this, a batch of criminologists think it has something to make with turning consciousness and simple precautional methods being cultivated in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life.There is really research to back up this claim. Apparently more than 40 % of offenses in a society are the merchandise of easy chance.In India, a ample figure of offense consequences from the easy chance and due to miss of effectual thought on offense bar.LEGISLATURES AND ACTS IN INDIA, RELATING TO CRIME.


By this act, people above 21 who wish to get married a individual below 18 or those who aid and solemnise this matrimony are apt for penalty. ( Imprisonment for more than 3 months and mulct ) .

The Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act, 2005

The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961

The Juvenile Justice Act, 2000

Under this act, juvenile wrongdoers ( those under 18 old ages of age ) are rehabilitated and protected. Reformation in the chief standards.

Prevention Of Terrorism Act 2002

Though there are a myriad of such Torahs, statute laws, acts being passed often, there is still a goggling span between them being recognized and being implemented expeditiously.

Laws made for the public assistance of the people or certain subdivisions of the society are extremely misused or taken advantage of by people with dishonorable purposes, therefore doing it unapproachable for those in existent demand of it.


Upliftment and protection of adult females has ever been on the docket for our jurisprudence shapers.

There have been voluminous alterations in bing statute laws and Acts of the Apostless being passed in assorted subdivisions for the same.Art 15 ( A ) ( vitamin E ) – To abdicate patterns derogatory to adult females or their self-respect.304 B IPC – Dowry torment and decease.312-318 IPC – Causing abortion and abortion ; without consent.359-374 IPC – Kidnaping ad abduction375-376 ( D ) IPC – Sexual offenses497 IPC – Adultery494 IPC – Bigamy453 IPC – Cohabitation by use /deceitThe bar of sati act 1829Hindu widow remarriage act 1856Immoral traffic bar act 1956These are really few of the thorough list available. But we do non see most of these Torahs making their coveted aim.

Preventive Measures, Punishments.

The job of offense is a socially constructed job. It ‘s about socio economic position and condemnable victimization, in most instances.Richer families are more likely to be victims of some offenses, such as offenses against belongings, trespass etc.

Poorer families are more likely to be victims of serious intrusive offense such as burglary, mugging and domestic force.Statisticss besides confirm that minority cultural groups are besides victimized more than regular people.Lapp goes for immature people, whose opportunities of being physically molested, mobbed, assaulted etc lessening with addition in age.By understanding these demographics and using the theory of offense of chance, there is a construct of ‘Situational Crime bar ‘ .What is situational offense bar?

Making alterations to edifices and streets to do them safer

Asking the constabulary for aid

Using common sense to halt felons

Using neighbours to look out for offense

Working with people from different bureaus

By being practical, smart, resourceful and maintaining a vigilant oculus on our milieus, this theory claims to be able to cut down upto 50 % of the offenses.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20theory/theory.

htm )Young person and offense -Four million people use illicit drugs each twelvemonth, of which about 56 % are aged 16-24.Most wrongdoers who use drugs commit offenses to finance their drug usage. Police crackdowns on traders and users have had no impact on drug handiness or degrees of offense.Hence, appropriate drug intervention, psychological aid and efficient rehabilitation plans must be made available.


The construct of offense and punishments and legal power evolved as society civilized over centuries.They were originally considered to be private personal businesss. The pained party had to seek compensation or private retaliation. Later, discourtesies were merely against the male monarch and subsequently yet, the topics.When compensation developed, mulcts were levied on behalf of the male monarch ( province ) , therefore doing the province the wronged party, much like what it is today.The purposes behind enforcing punishments to counterbalance the wronged parties, though honest, does non function its intent. Peoples can non reconstruct lost self-respect, regard or award by supplying pecuniary compensation to the victims.

Though it may assist some of them start over in life. what about the deplorable households of the incorrect actor, who have to will their ownerships and demands in life to pay for a error they did n’t even do.And the really construct of imprisonment besides does non truly do much sense to a forward rational mind.Paraphrasing one of them, ‘There is a logical contradiction at the bosom of the thought ( imprisonment ) which is that, you are taking people off from society, off from the observant universe, and off from all the influences of people who keep the norm, and seting them in a topographic point where they will merely be blending with people who have broken the norm and so anticipating that some good will come out of it. I think, the grounds accumulated over many old ages is that, what you create is a anarchic society.

‘Criminals /Delinquents should non be treated as immorality.’Psychoanalytic Theory: The psychoanalytic theory, instead than seeking the causes in biological procedures or anomalousnesss, – efforts to look into the head of the person. Harmonizing to Friedlander, classical Freudian psychoanalytic accounts of delinquency focal point on abnormalcies or perturbations in the person ‘s emotional development from early childhood.

The Idaho is the unconscious place of all irrational, antisocial and instinctual urges, which must be controlled and shaped for successful version to life within a society. This is done through the development of the self-importance, or the witting and the rational portion of the head and through the superego, or the scruples, which serves as the moralising portion of the head.The basic premiss of his attack to offense is that, – delinquent or condemnable behavior is, by itself, unimportant. It is merely a symptom of the psychic struggle between the Idaho, self-importance and the superego – originating from unnatural ripening or control of inherent aptitudes.The intervention and policy deductions of psychoanalytic theory are direct and obvious. Criminals and delinquent wrongdoers should be treated, non as evil – but as ill individuals, who can fundamentally, non be held responsible for their actions in any rational or governable sense. Therefore, penalty of wrongdoers will stay mostly uneffective and will merely arouse more guilt and unhealthy psychological reactions.

## Kate Friedlander, 1947.Emile Durkheim. ‘Decision


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