The Outsiders Movie vs. Book Essay

In El Dorado California, once called Mud Springs, lived two twin sisters Elisa and Elizabeth. These 11 year olds lived with their grandmother Myra whom took care of them since they were 4 years of age after their parents passed away in a tragic car accident. They lived humbly in a small log cabin. Elisa and Elizabeth’s favorite pass time was to play in the forest; they loved acting and playing as magicians attempting to do magic tricks.One early evening right before dusk, they were playing in the forest dressed as magicians with their black gowns and top hats using tree branches for magic wands, and as they waved their wands they saw a very strange shadow.

This shadow was also surrounded by very bright light. Suddenly a voice began to speak; Elisa and Elizabeth were shocked and a little scared too. The echoing voice said “by dawn tomorrow you shall have real magic powers for the rest of your life.

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” The next morning the girls felt very strange but with lots of energy.They felt like they had a long restful night’s sleep and both couldn’t stop wandering about what they had experienced in the forest the night before. Did they wake up with magic powers? Was that voice of the shadow real? A few hours later, the girls went to their special place in the forest and played magic as usual. But there was something different about their game, every time they swirled and waved their hands with their magic wands their hands and arms would sparkle and glow. Elisa and Elizabeth felt thought something was wrong, they were scared thinking what was happening to them.The girls ran desperately back home and locked themselves in their room so grandmother wouldn’t hear them.

They stared at each other confused and surprised they couldn’t believe what they had just seen. As the girls stared at each other thy tried waving their arms and hands again and again their hands and arms would glow and sparkle. Shocked to see this, Elisa and Elizabeth began to laugh. They weren’t sure what to do.

The night became very cold and grandmother asked the girls to go find some logs and lumber to light the fireplace in the cabin.After supper that evening, grandma and the girls prepared the lumber to start the fire. Grandma Myra then realized she didn’t have matches. Now Myra had to walk a two miles away to the nearest convenience store to buy matches. Elisa and Elizabeth had to stay alone in the cabin until grandmother came back. When grandmother left, Elisa started singing and chanting and playing around with Liz by the fireplace. As Elisa danced and waved around the fireplace chanting magic words sparks began to flicker around the lumber in the fireplace. The louder they shouted and the more they waved and yelled Alakazam Shazam!!Alakazam Shazam the more spark continued to light up! These powerful words flared fire in the fireplace! Elizabeth and Liza were extremely surprised! Grandmother came home and was puzzled to see the fire lit in the fireplace.

She asked the girls how they lit the fire and Eliza and Elizabeth just looked at each other and giggled, they couldn’t stop laughing. Grandma looked at them seriously lifting one eyebrow she said “young ladies you have some explaining to do. ” But Eliza and Liz just said “grandma just be thankful we can be warm now, Liz we worked our magic and now we have heat to keep us warm. Grandmother was so tired from the long walk that she just stared at the girls with confusion and walked away to bed.

Elisa and Elizabeth stayed up a little longer; they talked for hours about their new discovery. Right before going to bed Elizabeth tells Elisa they must turn off the fireplace to avoid any accidental fire. Elizabeth said to Elisa “if we were able to start the fire in the fireplace, don’t you think we can put it out too? ” They looked at each other and the same thoughts crossed their minds. Elisa and Liz held hands tight, stood in front of the fireplace and Elizabeth waved her hands side to side, both chanted Alakazam Shazam!Alakazam Shazam! Alakazam Shazam! and suddenly a very cold breeze started whirling around them and into the fireplace! The fire was shut out and the fire place began to freeze! That same night Elisa and Elizabeth were talking trying to fall asleep.

Elisa asks Elizabeth “what do you think would happen if we united our powers? ” “Let’s unite our magic powers” said Elisa. Elizabeth thought this was a crazy idea, she said “don’t you think something bad could happen if we do that? ” Elizabeth said “Elisa, please let’s go to sleep, it’s been a long strange day and night, I’m exhausted. The following afternoon, Elisa finally convinced Elizabeth to go play in the forest. Elisa had an idea to trick Elizabeth into uniting their magic powers. Elisa said to Elizabeth “come, let’s wear our magic’s costumes and let’s try to say our magic words and pull a rabbit out of our hats.

” As they prepared their magic trick both girls held hands strong and began to turn in circles chanting their magic words “Alakazam shazam! Alakazam Shazam! Alakazam Shazam! The girls started spinning together, suddenly it became very windy and fir began to flare up around them.But the fire did not feel hot at all. All of a sudden the girls started to rise up in the air surrounded by sky blue colored light and a cold wind. Their eyes were closed as they were so scared of what was happening. As they rose, a portal opened.

Once they reached all the way into the portal they opened their eyes wide and realized they were inside and island. As they explored their surroundings they see a huge banner that read “Welcome to the Enchanted Island” The land looked like Noah’s ark – full of animals! But all these animals were talking! This island was magical!Elisa began to feel fear, she tells Elizabeth how scared she is and that it seems like all the land is about magic. Elizabeth replies “Don’t worry sis, soon we will get out of here. ” There was a mystery about the Enchanted Island. A prophecy said that once one went into Enchanted land there was no way out. There was no way out unless the Black Queen was defeated. The Black queen of Enchanted was mean and powerful she turned all those people into animals! Yes! All these talking animals in Enchanted were once human beings. Several hours later Elisa and Liz bumped into a talking beaver named Castor.

Castor was shocked to see human beings in the land. Immediately he knew that the Black queen had not seen them yet and wasn’t aware of their arrival to Enchanted. “Where are you from? ” asked the beaver. Elizabeth answered “we are from El Dorado, California. ” “I knew it! You’re from the other world, from beyond! I knew it! ” yelled the Castor the beaver. “Did you know about the prophecy here in Enchanted? ” asked the beaver.

Legend says that those who come from the outside world cannot leave Enchanted unless they defeat the Black queen. Elisa is now worried and screamed “How in the world are we supposed to do that?We must go back to grandmother! ” “How can we get out of here or defeat that witch! ” Castor the beaver explained to them that the only way to defeat the Black queen was to destroy the large black pearl she had which contained all of the bad magic spells and powers of the black queen. “How can we destroy the black pearl? ” said the girls. By taking away the black pearl and destroying it, you will be taking away the queen’s powers and destroying all the bad spells which make her indestructible and powerful now. Elisa smiled but asked “and where is the black pearl? ” The beaver responded, the witch, the Black queen has the pearl hidden.As the twins continued to explore the island, they came across a rabbit. The rabbit asked “are you young ladies lost? ” “Yes we are” said the sisters. We don’t know where we are, we’re not from here…and the sisters explained how they arrived at Enchanted.

Then the rabbit asked “How do you think you will get out of here? ” “Well, by destroying the black pearl” said Elisa. The rabbit said that was impossible! Many had tried to destroy the pearl to defeat the Black queen but failed. The rabbit told them of his story and how he got to Enchanted and also attempted to destroy the pearl but failed and the mean queen turned him into a rabbit.Elizabeth then said “We must think of a plan to get rid of the black pearl so you can be human again and return with us to the real world where you belong. Elizabeth asked the rabbit “do you have magical powers? ” The rabbit said “Yes I do! ” Then Elizabeth happily yelled “Why don’t we all work together and join our powers to defeat the terrible queen! ” Union makes the strength agreed all three.

The twins and the rabbit worked hard to come up with a plan to capture the black pearl and destroy all the bad spells and defeat the queen. The team created the strong Power of Three as they called themselves now.Together they made it to the queen’s castle; the rabbit cautiously and quietly went in through a window found the pearl while the queen was asleep. Elizabeth then started chanting the magic words in a low tone not to awake the queen. “Alakazam Shazam! Alakazam Shazam! wind and fire, fire and breeze freeze the queen in return for our freedom! ” The queen and the pearl were frozen, now the twins could take the black pearl away and destroy it! The rabbit and all the other animals in Enchanted Island returned to humans again and the twins and the rabbit happily returned to the world where they belonged.


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