The Outsiders Essay Research Paper Chapter FiveSixSeven12

The Outsiders Essay, Research PaperChapter Five/Six/Seven12.

Ponyboy liked his hair so much because it looked like Soda s and it besidesmade him look tufa.13. Johnny thought that Dally was gallant because Dally merely takes whatcomes his manner. Like when Two Bit broke the school Windowss and the hairthought it was Dally, Dally merely took the blame and ne’er ratted on his friend.14.

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Ponyboy understood the manner Johnny felt and that was the best manner tostress it. I think the verse form ment everything must alter and that goodand bad doesn T last forever.15. Ponyboy, Johnny and Soda were the lone 1s of the pack whounderstood things like that and appreciated them.16.

Dear PonyI don t understand whats traveling on, but I miss you and I am really regretfulabout hitting you the other dark. The hair is after you and Johnny they thinkyou guys killed a socs. Is it true? Dally seems to be the lone 1 who knowswhat s traveling on, but you know him, he wont even state us.

Please come placePonyboy I miss you.17. It made things more intense so the Greasers had to walk in groups sothey wouldn t be jumped by the socs.

18. Johnny didn T privation to pass his life running from the bulls merely becausehe defended himself.19.Juvenile DelinquentsBend HerosPonyboy Curtis and John Cade were brought into infirmaries yesterdayafter doing an heroic deliverance of several immature school childrnut in a combustionabandoned church.

The constabulary have been looking for these two male childs forabout a hebdomad because they are wanted for the slaying a affluent male child namedBob. The two immature work forces were returning to the church they had been concealingout at when they saw the fume and all the childs outside. They heard thatthere was still some childs in it and they ran indoors and heroically rescuedthem. Ponyboy is now out of the infirmary with non serious Burnss, but John isstill in the infirmary under serious status.

As for the slaying charges, theyhave been dropped. After speaking to John, Ponyboy and friends that Bob waswith at the clip, We have come up with this ; John and Ponyboy were in apark during the center of the dark when Bob and several of his friendsarrived in their auto, rummy. They were angry because Ponyboy and John werehanging out with their girlfriend s. They assaulted Ponyboy and John andtested submerging Ponyboy. John had no pick but to knife Bob which endedup killing him.

John is presently in infirmary, but he lives with his female parent and his male parenton the east side of the town.Ponyboy is presently populating with his two older brothers since hisparents died in an car wreck ; Sodapop and Darrel. Darrel is is oldestbrother and he is presently working two steady occupations.

Sodapop is themediate brother an he s working in one occupation. Their is talk that Sodapopand Ponyboy may be put in surrogate places, but nil is for certain.


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